Monday, April 11, 2011

Guns Guns And More Guns

A few days ago I read a post over at Psycho Carnival (check the blog roll of you want to visit that blog) about the AA 12 a fully automatic shotgun that can really fuck up your day in a hurry. Now I love guns and things that go boom and all that wonderful stuff that spews hot death. And after reading the post I began to feel a little nostalgic and started thinking about my time in the army and more particularly the weapons I got the shoot, and the shit I got to blow up and get paid for.

So for this post I though I would share some of the toys I got to play with.


This is the primary weapon of the Canadian infantry, it's bread and butter if you will. The C7 is pretty much identical to the M-16 in almost every way, the A1 that is, the upgraded A2 looks very different. It fires 5.56 x 45 NATO rounds, and in general it's a light and shit simple weapon to use. We also have a more compact version called the C8 which is used by tank crews and I think the navy and JT2 (joint task force 2 which is essentially our special forces)

This is a C7A1 on a firing range in Ontario being fired semi and full auto. The C7A2 has a collapsible stock and some changes near the barrel to allow more attachments.

M203 40mm Grenade Launcher

This is a attachment to the C7 and one of my favorite toys of all. It's a single shot grenade launcher that will fuck up the day of whoever is on firing end of this weapon. Not just that but the added extra couple of pounds actually helps improve the accuracy of the weapon making you that much deadlier. Either way it's good times had by all........well almost all.

These are Americans firing this in Iraq or Afghanistan but we use the exact same weapon.

C9 Light Machine Gun (LMG)

We use two of these per section. A section is similar to an American squad but ours have 10 people per section, makes up about 40 percent of the it's fire power. It uses 5.56 ammo and can use either a 30 round magazine or a 200 round drum. Personally I never cared for using the drums since they had a tendency to get snagged on brush and fall off leaving you with about 200 rounds of ammo dangling off your feet. I always broke mine up into 50 round belts to help control my rate of fire. The standard ammo also comes with tracer rounds which have a magnesium tip that lights up to help you get a good estimate of where your rounds are going. This is a machine gun after all so it's considered an area weapon.

C6 GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun or Heavy Machine Gun)

I fucking love this gun. It's a Belgium machine gun that fires 7.62 mm ammo and has a range of about 600 meters when fired either from the shoulder or on a bi pod. When fired in an SF role (Stationary fire I think) which uses a tripod and a compass like site it can reach out and hit targets up to about 1800 meters. I saw someone once hit a full grown cow with a burst from one of these and it blew it to fucking made me all misty eyed.

This is a C6 set up in a defensive position on a training ex so he's shooting blanks but you get the idea. Also the soldier who filmed this was killed in Afghanistan.

And now for the stuff that goes BOOM


What's more fun that a 1 pound metal object you can throw at somebody? a 1 pound object that you can throw at somebody that explodes. If your within about 150 meters of one of these your pretty much going to have a bad day. For those who've never used grenades Hollywood bullshitted you big time. They don't create massive fire balls as this video shows.

M-72 / 84 mm Carl Gustov

This is a one shot disposible rocket launcher that was developed during the Vietnam war. The NVA used to turn the used rocket tubes into morters, they were handy that way. It'snot as powerful as other systems out there but it's still handy for lightly armoured targets.

The Carl Gustov which I don't know where the fuck that name came from is an even bigger rocket launcher used to bust bunkers and heavier targets.

In this video the first rocket launcher is the M-72 the second is the 84 mm Carl Gustov

This is a better view of the 84 mm. Though I have to say these two firing it are kinda fucking slow in their weapons drills which means their probably recruits, but at least their drills are correct.

There are even more that I got to play with but I don't want to make this post into a fucking novel so here's a little summary video with some easy listening music to help get you the right mind set. Cheers

Random Hottie Of This Post

Brooke Burns

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Hmm. My guess is that the Carl Gustov is what the Libyan rebels most need right now.

The Wolf said...

I think they could use a lot of things. I think right now some training and leadership. But deffinitly some heavy firepower.

Kelly said...

Did I see bodies flying out of either side of that fuel tanker?-- Talking about the M203 vid clip. It sure looked like bodies. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. :) More importantly, this is a very entertaining post on what weapons you have fired. I envy "the toys" you have played with. I'd like to have that rocket launcher next time traffic gets backed up on the highway. That would be nice.

Sorry I didn't make it here before you had another post after this one put on the blog. Between my self-imposed blog challenge, worries over my wife's health and a lonely friend who's been just a bit too needy for my time, nowadays, I'm having difficulty keeping up. Perhaps if I had a couple grenades and that 84 mm Carl Gustav load, my friend would crap his pants, stay away and give me a little break. Gosh, I'm a nice guy. :) Speaking of nice, thanks for the Psycho Carnival shout out at the beginning of this post. Cheers to ya, dude, for that. I like the video with the easy listening music. Pretty sweet explosions and shit going on. heh heh. It would be nice if you could target practice some of these weapons on child molesters, serial killers and rapists. At least the fuckwads would be contributing to society, a little, instead of taking away from society.

The Wolf said...

No need to apoligize Kelly I've been burning the candle on both ends myself with trying to get my website to rank well and make money, working on this blog, my videos, looking for work, and trying to get in better shape.

These weapons are too good for sick fucks like child molesters. The bayonet range where they could slowly bleed out on a sunny winter day is much more fitting I think.....but hey that's just me.


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