Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Changes Coming To The SNAFU Report

So I haven't written on here for awhile, and no the rumours about me and the goat are completely false. But I do have something I need to get out there.........I'm going to be shutting this blog down.

I'm going to be shutting this blog down because I'm going to turn it into a website. I think the time has come to expand this little shinanigan into something more then what it could ever be as a blog. This won't be happening for a little while so I'll still post on here now and then but if all goes well it should hopefully be up and running in a month or two. I'm not sure how things are going to look just yet, I just started playing with templates and design ideas and all that magical shit.

So all that being said I do have a favor to ask. I need feedback lots of feedback. I want to know what you would like to see on the new site, everything from how the site should look, how I can improve it what I shouldn't bring over from the blog, even the fucking colors and stuff. The more feedback the better I can make the site.

As the site is getting put together I'll post updates to give you an idea what to expect. Also let me know between now and before the new site is launched if you would like your link added to it.

And that's all I have to say about that

Friday, June 17, 2011

WTF Vancouver

Seriously WTF is with the ignorant douche holes of Vancouver? In case you didn't see the news, YouTube or any of the 15 billion social media sites the city of Vancouver decided to have a little riot. Hey fuck it we host a winter games why not burn some shit?

And why did this happen, OVER THE FUCKING STANLEY CUP a fucking trophy because our hockey team didn't win. So instead of being mature and celebrating the fact that the local team (The Vancouver Canucks) broke a steaming pant load of team records, won some trophies, and were rated the number 1 team in the NHL in the regular season decided that flipping cars, looting, and making Canadians and Vancouvorites look like grade a ass bandits was more appropriate.

But you know what makes it even worse? Sure the assholes who caused the riot are scum, and the people who joined in are no fucking better. No what really pisses me off is that surrounding a couple thousand shit turbines was thousands more dumb glassy cock jawed ass wipes standing their like dumb fucking idiots taking pics on their cell phones and crackberries, or worse encouraging those assholes to smash the city apart. And for all the people who go on about it being a small group of anarchists or Americans, or drunken out of town types, yeah that and probably is all very true. But the vast majority of the assholes standing around doing nothing were locals.

What the fuck people? If I was downtown in the thick of it I would be doing what I could to try to stop it, and there were a few who did try to their credit. And to those my hat goes off to you. But for the rest there's no fucking excuse. If your not going to try to do something to stop the bullshit, then clear the fucking streets and let the police deal with the punks and not worry about your stupid ass causing shit.

I am fucking enraged I'm embarrassed and disgusted with this unnecessary bullshit. Way to go Vancouver, way to take all the good things that happened since the winter Olympics and piss it all away. Thanks for making the rest of the world think were a bunch of drunk idiots.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starsky And Gut

I saw something today on my morning dog walk that disgusted and pissed me off. As I'm walking the seawall a family was walking towards me, mom, dad and what I assume is their kid unless they stole him or some shit like that but who the fuck am I to say that's wrong. Anyways this kid had to me no more then 12 and gasping for air while clutching his chest.......why BECAUSE HE WAS/IS A DISGUSTING FAT BODY. Now this kid was way the fuck overwieght not just a little chubby like what some kids get before a growth spurt. Not this kid not fucking tubby no fucking way this kid had to be pushing at the lighest 250lbs, which is fine if your like 6,2 and built like a football player, not 5 ft fuck all.

Now I'm not Dr. Phil or some fucking childhood parenting expert.....shit I don't even want kids unless I need a chimney cleaned, but what the fuck is wrong with these fucking parents. Are they too fucking stupid or perhaps too fucking lazy to tell little lard ass to put the fucking Hagen Daz down, get the fuck out of the chair, stop playing Call of Duty or whatever the fuck the kids play, and get outside and fucking exercise.

I'm going to sound like an old man here but what the fuck is wrong with them. When I was a kid growing up on the island I was in the woods all the fucking time. We built forts, explored, hit each other with sticks, and made explosives.......yeah you read that right we made homemade explosives and blew the shit out of stuff, and I was fucking good at it. I wasn't on the fucking X-box eating chocolate bars and sucking up oxygen through my ass all fucking day when it was sunny outside, and I turned out okay..........sorta.

Don't these fucking puke peice of shit parents know that if you let them do this shit now they'll grow up with health problems as adults, not to mention low self esteem, lets face it the ladies don't dig fat dudes unless their wallets are fatter or at least that's how it is here in Vancouver, but that is a tale for another day. Or perhaps it's because these so called parents are too fucking self absorbed with their own pretentious narcissistic bullshit to notice Timmy resemlbes Jabba The Hutt. Perhaps if they got their collective heads out of their fucking asses, put down the crack berry's and took a loot around they would smarten the fuck up.

Perhaps I'm asking for too much.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Return Of Fuck You Friday

It's been a long time since I last did fuck you Friday here in my little corner of the universe. I've decided to start doing this again because..........well there is frankly a lot of shit that pisses me the fuck off. Yeah I know I'm a jolly fucking soul full and not bitter in the least (caugh bullshit caugh)

1. Fuck You Blogger

What the fuck Blogger or perhaps Google is the shit turbine in this one. I love the fact that you shit out your new little button (Google Plus 1) and that your new bundle of fucking joy is plastered on every site you control. BUT CAN YOU FUCKING GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BOYFREINDS ASS AND FIX THE FUCKING COMMENT SECTION ON BLOGGER SO I AND EVERYONE ELSE CAN FUCKING SEND PROPER COMMENTS YOU DOUCHE BAG. Besides arn't you like a couple years behind on the whole social network scence considering Facebook and Twitter have had their buttons everywhere for ages. Shit even smaller sites like Linkedin have had a sharing or like or whatever the fuck button since 2010.

2. Fuck you to all the fucking tourists who park downstairs where I live and can't fucking part your car. Really your driving a rented fucking Prius the size of my left nut and it takes you 5 minutes to back it into a fucking parking stall the size of Oprah's ass. Do you require a blue hockey helmet and a fucking lunchbox you stupid shits. Learn to fucking drive or buy one of those cars that can park for you, better yet pay someone to bang your wife for you since you probably don't know how to do that either.

3. Fuck you to the yuppy fucks in Yaletown. (Vancouver) Okay ao I'm not rich (probably will never be so fucking what) I don't wear a suit, and I don't try to blow smoke up people's asses takling about stock quotes and how great I am. So don't look down at me like I'm trash. I would love to see you useless shit's actually have to do work that dosen't involve an assistant and corner office and a Starbucks within a block becaues Tim Hortin's is too fucking peasent for you, and you might get germs from the commoners if you stepped in there for a capadipshit or whatever the fuck you drink with your salad.

4. Fuck you to all the tampon companies, you know guys do have to buy this shit for their wives and girlfreinds and in my case roomate once in awhile and it would be fucking wonderful and magical if you could actually label your shit in a manner in which I can fucking understand. WHAT THE FUCK DO THOSE STUPID FUCKING FLOWERS MEAN? Is it so fucking hard to put words on your box saying something like "Hi this box contains 48 tampons your lady freind can shove up her vagina so she won't bleed like a gutted pig all over the place. On and by the way these don't stink and have those fucking fancy wings shit that you can turn into a feild expeidant aircraft and escape the impeding zombie apocalypse with." Is that too much to ask ?

5. Fuck you to the cock knobler who decided that were now going to have a referendum on the HST. (Harmonzed Sales Tax) Wow shit for brains your only half a fucking year too late because it's been going on for that long, and I love paying an extra billion fucking dollars on everything you can buy. Are you going to tax my soul next fuck stick?

6. For all the fuckers who think Vancouver isin't going to win the cup this year I say this FUCK YOU.

7. Fuck you to every pole smoking ass pirate who throws their cigerette butts on the ground. Because I just love having to walk in your filth, or having my dog walk through your filth especially when there are garbage cans and ashtrays everywhere. I also love how you shits bitch all the time about smoking bans or how everybody hates smokers. Well no shit non smokers hate you, because most of you are ignorant pigs. Pick up your fucking butts and put them in the garbage where they belong, or eat them for all I care, but don't leave them on the ground it's disgusting.

There I've said my peice and like taking a giant shit feel more relived and relaxed for doing so

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Copy Cat Update

A few posts back I mentioned a piece of shit who thought it would be a good idea to steal other people's videos and claim them for himself. Some time has passed and well what can I say the guy is being a complete fucking douche bag. Not only has the guy tried to claim the video is his, but it seems every simgle video on this guys channel isn't his.  All he's done is taken the video, sometimes added a picture at the beginning, and then at the end of every video added some religious bullshit about Christians being persecuted and all that pious crap.

Now I don't really care if somebody believes in that sort of thing, hey that's your business. Personally I don't believe in any of it and I really fucking hate when one of these my shit doesn't stink because I pray types thinks that because they read the bible and eat, breathe, and shit Jesus that they get a free license to be a grade a asshole and do what the fuck they please. Sorry douche bag but religion or not that's not excuse to be a dick, and it's definitely no fucking excuse to steal others videos to push your message. And if the guy can figure out how to add video to these videos why the fuck is he not making his own videos to get his message across?

I'm going to post this turds yutube channel url at the bottom of this post. Feel free to flag his video, or better yet leave a message on his channel and tell him what a puke peice of shit he is.

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