Friday, June 17, 2011

WTF Vancouver

Seriously WTF is with the ignorant douche holes of Vancouver? In case you didn't see the news, YouTube or any of the 15 billion social media sites the city of Vancouver decided to have a little riot. Hey fuck it we host a winter games why not burn some shit?

And why did this happen, OVER THE FUCKING STANLEY CUP a fucking trophy because our hockey team didn't win. So instead of being mature and celebrating the fact that the local team (The Vancouver Canucks) broke a steaming pant load of team records, won some trophies, and were rated the number 1 team in the NHL in the regular season decided that flipping cars, looting, and making Canadians and Vancouvorites look like grade a ass bandits was more appropriate.

But you know what makes it even worse? Sure the assholes who caused the riot are scum, and the people who joined in are no fucking better. No what really pisses me off is that surrounding a couple thousand shit turbines was thousands more dumb glassy cock jawed ass wipes standing their like dumb fucking idiots taking pics on their cell phones and crackberries, or worse encouraging those assholes to smash the city apart. And for all the people who go on about it being a small group of anarchists or Americans, or drunken out of town types, yeah that and probably is all very true. But the vast majority of the assholes standing around doing nothing were locals.

What the fuck people? If I was downtown in the thick of it I would be doing what I could to try to stop it, and there were a few who did try to their credit. And to those my hat goes off to you. But for the rest there's no fucking excuse. If your not going to try to do something to stop the bullshit, then clear the fucking streets and let the police deal with the punks and not worry about your stupid ass causing shit.

I am fucking enraged I'm embarrassed and disgusted with this unnecessary bullshit. Way to go Vancouver, way to take all the good things that happened since the winter Olympics and piss it all away. Thanks for making the rest of the world think were a bunch of drunk idiots.

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