Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snafu Update New Domain Name

Hey everyone just a quick update on the new site. I got a new domain name for the site so if you want to check it out you can find it by visiting this link below. I've got a couple posts on there now and getting a lot of the bugs fixed up. It's not 100% but it's getting there.

The Snafu Report

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Video And A Look At The New SNAFU Report

It's been forever since I last posted on here. As I mentioned in my last post everything is getting moved over to a new website. I've finally had some time to actually get things started and now have something that is starting to look like..........well something. I'm still working out a lot of bugs and have to add a shit load of stuff but I wanted to give you guys a look at what I've got already. That way if you think it looks like shit or you have any suggestions it's easier to do it now rather then when everything is 100 percent. 

I also have a new video out finally. This one is to my all time favorite movie Falling Down which is on the new site as well and you can watch it there in all it's glory.

I'll also be adding links in the next day or two so if you haven't already and you want your link added to the new site you can either drop a comment here or the website. I also ask that if you want to keep following my antics you link the new site to yours, I'm only going to be posting a couple more times on here to let you know about any updates and then it's finished. I'm not going to delete it but I won't be doing anything to it.

And finally you've probably heard about Google+ it's a new social network thingy like Facebook only a little different and no fucking needle dick Zucin or Zeppelin, or however you say his last name. If you haven't it's brand new and still in testing and you can only get on it right now by invitation only. Fortunately I got an invite so I can invite anyone who would like to be added to this new site. It's through email only until it goes public so if you want on there send me an email and I'll send you an invite.

Here's the link to the new SNAFU Report let me know what you think 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Changes Coming To The SNAFU Report

So I haven't written on here for awhile, and no the rumours about me and the goat are completely false. But I do have something I need to get out there.........I'm going to be shutting this blog down.

I'm going to be shutting this blog down because I'm going to turn it into a website. I think the time has come to expand this little shinanigan into something more then what it could ever be as a blog. This won't be happening for a little while so I'll still post on here now and then but if all goes well it should hopefully be up and running in a month or two. I'm not sure how things are going to look just yet, I just started playing with templates and design ideas and all that magical shit.

So all that being said I do have a favor to ask. I need feedback lots of feedback. I want to know what you would like to see on the new site, everything from how the site should look, how I can improve it what I shouldn't bring over from the blog, even the fucking colors and stuff. The more feedback the better I can make the site.

As the site is getting put together I'll post updates to give you an idea what to expect. Also let me know between now and before the new site is launched if you would like your link added to it.

And that's all I have to say about that

Friday, June 17, 2011

WTF Vancouver

Seriously WTF is with the ignorant douche holes of Vancouver? In case you didn't see the news, YouTube or any of the 15 billion social media sites the city of Vancouver decided to have a little riot. Hey fuck it we host a winter games why not burn some shit?

And why did this happen, OVER THE FUCKING STANLEY CUP a fucking trophy because our hockey team didn't win. So instead of being mature and celebrating the fact that the local team (The Vancouver Canucks) broke a steaming pant load of team records, won some trophies, and were rated the number 1 team in the NHL in the regular season decided that flipping cars, looting, and making Canadians and Vancouvorites look like grade a ass bandits was more appropriate.

But you know what makes it even worse? Sure the assholes who caused the riot are scum, and the people who joined in are no fucking better. No what really pisses me off is that surrounding a couple thousand shit turbines was thousands more dumb glassy cock jawed ass wipes standing their like dumb fucking idiots taking pics on their cell phones and crackberries, or worse encouraging those assholes to smash the city apart. And for all the people who go on about it being a small group of anarchists or Americans, or drunken out of town types, yeah that and probably is all very true. But the vast majority of the assholes standing around doing nothing were locals.

What the fuck people? If I was downtown in the thick of it I would be doing what I could to try to stop it, and there were a few who did try to their credit. And to those my hat goes off to you. But for the rest there's no fucking excuse. If your not going to try to do something to stop the bullshit, then clear the fucking streets and let the police deal with the punks and not worry about your stupid ass causing shit.

I am fucking enraged I'm embarrassed and disgusted with this unnecessary bullshit. Way to go Vancouver, way to take all the good things that happened since the winter Olympics and piss it all away. Thanks for making the rest of the world think were a bunch of drunk idiots.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starsky And Gut

I saw something today on my morning dog walk that disgusted and pissed me off. As I'm walking the seawall a family was walking towards me, mom, dad and what I assume is their kid unless they stole him or some shit like that but who the fuck am I to say that's wrong. Anyways this kid had to me no more then 12 and gasping for air while clutching his chest.......why BECAUSE HE WAS/IS A DISGUSTING FAT BODY. Now this kid was way the fuck overwieght not just a little chubby like what some kids get before a growth spurt. Not this kid not fucking tubby no fucking way this kid had to be pushing at the lighest 250lbs, which is fine if your like 6,2 and built like a football player, not 5 ft fuck all.

Now I'm not Dr. Phil or some fucking childhood parenting expert.....shit I don't even want kids unless I need a chimney cleaned, but what the fuck is wrong with these fucking parents. Are they too fucking stupid or perhaps too fucking lazy to tell little lard ass to put the fucking Hagen Daz down, get the fuck out of the chair, stop playing Call of Duty or whatever the fuck the kids play, and get outside and fucking exercise.

I'm going to sound like an old man here but what the fuck is wrong with them. When I was a kid growing up on the island I was in the woods all the fucking time. We built forts, explored, hit each other with sticks, and made explosives.......yeah you read that right we made homemade explosives and blew the shit out of stuff, and I was fucking good at it. I wasn't on the fucking X-box eating chocolate bars and sucking up oxygen through my ass all fucking day when it was sunny outside, and I turned out okay..........sorta.

Don't these fucking puke peice of shit parents know that if you let them do this shit now they'll grow up with health problems as adults, not to mention low self esteem, lets face it the ladies don't dig fat dudes unless their wallets are fatter or at least that's how it is here in Vancouver, but that is a tale for another day. Or perhaps it's because these so called parents are too fucking self absorbed with their own pretentious narcissistic bullshit to notice Timmy resemlbes Jabba The Hutt. Perhaps if they got their collective heads out of their fucking asses, put down the crack berry's and took a loot around they would smarten the fuck up.

Perhaps I'm asking for too much.

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                 Gina Philips

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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Return Of Fuck You Friday

It's been a long time since I last did fuck you Friday here in my little corner of the universe. I've decided to start doing this again because..........well there is frankly a lot of shit that pisses me the fuck off. Yeah I know I'm a jolly fucking soul full and not bitter in the least (caugh bullshit caugh)

1. Fuck You Blogger

What the fuck Blogger or perhaps Google is the shit turbine in this one. I love the fact that you shit out your new little button (Google Plus 1) and that your new bundle of fucking joy is plastered on every site you control. BUT CAN YOU FUCKING GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BOYFREINDS ASS AND FIX THE FUCKING COMMENT SECTION ON BLOGGER SO I AND EVERYONE ELSE CAN FUCKING SEND PROPER COMMENTS YOU DOUCHE BAG. Besides arn't you like a couple years behind on the whole social network scence considering Facebook and Twitter have had their buttons everywhere for ages. Shit even smaller sites like Linkedin have had a sharing or like or whatever the fuck button since 2010.

2. Fuck you to all the fucking tourists who park downstairs where I live and can't fucking part your car. Really your driving a rented fucking Prius the size of my left nut and it takes you 5 minutes to back it into a fucking parking stall the size of Oprah's ass. Do you require a blue hockey helmet and a fucking lunchbox you stupid shits. Learn to fucking drive or buy one of those cars that can park for you, better yet pay someone to bang your wife for you since you probably don't know how to do that either.

3. Fuck you to the yuppy fucks in Yaletown. (Vancouver) Okay ao I'm not rich (probably will never be so fucking what) I don't wear a suit, and I don't try to blow smoke up people's asses takling about stock quotes and how great I am. So don't look down at me like I'm trash. I would love to see you useless shit's actually have to do work that dosen't involve an assistant and corner office and a Starbucks within a block becaues Tim Hortin's is too fucking peasent for you, and you might get germs from the commoners if you stepped in there for a capadipshit or whatever the fuck you drink with your salad.

4. Fuck you to all the tampon companies, you know guys do have to buy this shit for their wives and girlfreinds and in my case roomate once in awhile and it would be fucking wonderful and magical if you could actually label your shit in a manner in which I can fucking understand. WHAT THE FUCK DO THOSE STUPID FUCKING FLOWERS MEAN? Is it so fucking hard to put words on your box saying something like "Hi this box contains 48 tampons your lady freind can shove up her vagina so she won't bleed like a gutted pig all over the place. On and by the way these don't stink and have those fucking fancy wings shit that you can turn into a feild expeidant aircraft and escape the impeding zombie apocalypse with." Is that too much to ask ?

5. Fuck you to the cock knobler who decided that were now going to have a referendum on the HST. (Harmonzed Sales Tax) Wow shit for brains your only half a fucking year too late because it's been going on for that long, and I love paying an extra billion fucking dollars on everything you can buy. Are you going to tax my soul next fuck stick?

6. For all the fuckers who think Vancouver isin't going to win the cup this year I say this FUCK YOU.

7. Fuck you to every pole smoking ass pirate who throws their cigerette butts on the ground. Because I just love having to walk in your filth, or having my dog walk through your filth especially when there are garbage cans and ashtrays everywhere. I also love how you shits bitch all the time about smoking bans or how everybody hates smokers. Well no shit non smokers hate you, because most of you are ignorant pigs. Pick up your fucking butts and put them in the garbage where they belong, or eat them for all I care, but don't leave them on the ground it's disgusting.

There I've said my peice and like taking a giant shit feel more relived and relaxed for doing so

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Amanda Tapping

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Copy Cat Update

A few posts back I mentioned a piece of shit who thought it would be a good idea to steal other people's videos and claim them for himself. Some time has passed and well what can I say the guy is being a complete fucking douche bag. Not only has the guy tried to claim the video is his, but it seems every simgle video on this guys channel isn't his.  All he's done is taken the video, sometimes added a picture at the beginning, and then at the end of every video added some religious bullshit about Christians being persecuted and all that pious crap.

Now I don't really care if somebody believes in that sort of thing, hey that's your business. Personally I don't believe in any of it and I really fucking hate when one of these my shit doesn't stink because I pray types thinks that because they read the bible and eat, breathe, and shit Jesus that they get a free license to be a grade a asshole and do what the fuck they please. Sorry douche bag but religion or not that's not excuse to be a dick, and it's definitely no fucking excuse to steal others videos to push your message. And if the guy can figure out how to add video to these videos why the fuck is he not making his own videos to get his message across?

I'm going to post this turds yutube channel url at the bottom of this post. Feel free to flag his video, or better yet leave a message on his channel and tell him what a puke peice of shit he is.

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Diane Lane

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<iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/N1-25s4uwFQ?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>iframe>


Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger Why Are You Being A Fucking Crack Whore To Me

Not sure if I'm the only one that this is happening to, but I've noticed recently Bloggers comment section has gone retarded. Not the "Have you seen my baseball" hilarious fucking retarded. No instead it's the drooling " I made poopy in my pantaloons" fucking retarded.......WHICH FUCKING STINKS.

What's been happening is every time I decide to comment and I use my Google account it keeps going back to the log in thingy, even if I'm already logged in. So unless that blog has the option of using you're name and URL I can't comment. Seriously what the fuck is this Mickey Mouse shit Blogger, have I not been good to you. Have I not created several blogs using your site oh I don't know like fucking 8 of them now. Sure only one (this one) I still write on but fuck give me a break.

Perhaps Blogger got wind about me thinking of moving this blog to another blog hosting site or even turn this into a website and got jealous and decided to be a bitch. Perhaps somebody in the upper echelons of Google, since Google practically fucking owns the Universe and will probably start tattooing property of Google on everyones ass decided to fuck with my chi. Perhaps this is an attempt by the government to fuck with my shit before they haul me off to fight martians or some shit like that. Not that I have any problem fighting martians, those slimy fuckers with their tentacles and bug eyes.........assholes. Well not all of them those green skinned women are kinda hot, I could go Captain Kirk on them.....but I'm still going to pull their hair call them a bitch and not return their phone calls afterward.

So in closing Blogger sort your shit out, your acting like a fucking douche canoe and in need of a boot to the testicles.

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Carrie Ann Inaba

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Music To Sooth The Savage Beast

They say music soothes the savage beast, I'd say that's a pretty true statement If I ever heard on. That's right up with some of the shit Yoda said about paths and the dark side and all that, which is pretty good considering the source is a fucking puke green puppet. But getting all serious and misty eyed and stuff, music plays a huge role in my life. Not because I can play instruments or sing but the ability it has to lift my broken spirit when I feel like giving up. It was music that kept me going when I was re-coursed twice when I was in training in the army. About 40 weeks of boot camp isn't just training its a fucking endurance test to say the least. It was music that got me through years of abuse and the years of aftermath that followed. It was music that kept me from pulling the trigger on my step dad's 306 that was pointed under my chin. And music keeps me going today when I just want to crawl under a table and claw my eyes out to end the pain I feel.

For this post I want to do something a little different rather then bitch or rant about something that pisses me off. Instead I want to share some of the songs that inspire and keep me going. For those who have followed this blog for awhile you might even be a little surprised by the song choices.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Copy Cat

I was recently looking around YouTube to look for new videos to check out and try to get some ideas for my next fan video which I'm a little stuck on. As I was browsing around I came across a video that was uploaded by some random unknown fucker. The video was a fan video to the Mad Max trilogy using the song We don't need another hero by Tina Turner. I thought to myself "Hey this might not be too fucking bad" and decided to watch it. What I found was that this shit head had uploaded and claimed for himself a video I know he didn't fucking do because it was created by a guy who inspired me to create videos, and a guy I talk to on a regular basis on YouTube.

All this guy did was simple upload the video and add a two second clip of a Mad Max movie poster at the very beginning of the video, apart from that everything was the exact same. The guy didn't even make an attempt to remove the original editors watermark or make any changes to the video. Now what kind of lazy shit smear can't be bothered to make their own videos. I mean for fuck sake's you can splice together a half assed attempt in a half hour if you don't give a shit.

Now I know some fucker is probably thinking "Wolf your a fucking hypocrite you didn't create those videos you posted,  you just re edited parts and put music to them. What's the fucking difference?

Well to squash that fucking question to the ground there is a big difference. First obviously I never made Star Wars, or Mad Max or whatever future videos I do. There fan videos meant to show my appreciation to my favorite movies. And yes there made without whatever directors permission but making them is almost a form of advertisement for them, so in a way mine and other fan videos benefit them by getting people thinking about them. Not to mention because of copyright they can place ads on those videos and make money from them where I can't. A big difference from somebody who sees a video they like takes it and claims it as something they made themselves.

Here are the links to the two videos the first is the original created by Neckisstiff, I've shown a lot of his videos on here and there some of my favorites. Check it out and if you have a YouTube account subscribe to his channel. I also told him about the copycat, so hopefully the guy either gives him credit. But if he's a dick I'll post an update so you can flag his video and try to get it pulled from Youtube.


This is the link to the shit heads video. Notice that apart for the very beginning it's identical.


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Christina Hendricks

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Star Wars Map Of The Problematique

For this video I wanted to do something to my favorite trilogy Star Wars. And no not the fucking visual cluster fuck that was episode 1, 2, and 3 with that gay salamander Jar Jar Binks and Hayden I can't act worth shit Chritensen (who single handily ruined Vader........fucking asshole). No instead were keeping it old school so I used the original kick ass trilogy.

For this video I used a song called Map of the problematique (hence the title) by Muse. It's a song that if you do some looking on YouTube will find it attached to all manner of fan videos to Star Wars, all of them to the prequels which is another reason why I chose this song.

Anyways hope you enjoy the video, please let me know what you think of it or any suggestions for future videos.

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Carrie Fisher (back in the day)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Want This Under The Tree For X-Mas

Okay so it's kinda early to start talking about what I want from Santa, that pinko commie bastard who gave me black socks last year. Black socks are you fucking shitting me cupcakes here? As If I don't already have 10 million pairs of them already. I specifically asked for 100 million dollars in unmarked bills, Lucy Liu, and a gold plated toilet seat and I get socks you dick!

Anyways getting back on target here I figured if I get the word out early maybe that fat fuck and his reindeer will get it right this year. Otherwise I will personally go to the North Pole and fuck him up. Let's see how that fucker makes Timmy a G.I Joe Fortress when I take a golf club to his knee caps, but I'm not angry.

For this year I'm keeping it simple I want a Gepard GM6 Lynx anti material rifle. It is a semi automatic Hungarian .50 cal sniper rifle that bridges the gap between sniper rifle and assault rifle, basically if an M-16 was on leave in Hungary got drunk and did the nasty to a sniper rifle this would be their bastard offspring and who doesn't love bastards? This rifle is designed to take out anything from troops who would become red mist if hit by a round, to light armoured viechles, bunkers, and even helicopters up to 800 meters away. Kinda makes me all misty eyed thinking about what kind of damage this would do to a bus full of pedophiles soaked in kerosene in an open field in the countryside.

I think that sums it up nicley.

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Anna Paquin

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hurray Hurray The First Of May Osama Bin Laden Was Greased Today

If you haven`t been paying attention to the news in the last couple of hours that piece of shit Osama Bin Laden ate some lead in Pakistan today and is now worm food. I have to say I`m kinda jealous that I never got the opportunity to put a bullet in that motherfuckers face, and I hope whoever did gets a medal or two for doing it that`s one less scum bag taking up precious oxygen.

I know his death won`t bring back the 155 and counting Canadian soldiers who have died as a result of operations in Afghanistan since 2002, or the thousands of soldiers from NATO and around the world who combat terrorism, but it does.....well at least to me anyway give me the feeling that their lives weren`t in vain.

But warm fuzzy feelings aside let`s not get ahead of ourselves and think that it`s game over. Osama Bitch Laden was a key figure but he`s not the whole enchilada. Those who worshipped that piece of shit will make a martyr of him and many will try to take his place. I`m also positive the bleeding hearts will go off an a tangent about how he should have been captured and brought to trial. Or that the U.S shouldn't`t have gone into Pakistan to get him. To them I simply say this Why the fuck wasn`t Pakistan looking for him if he was hanging out near a mansion catching up on the latest gossip about the royal fucking wedding. Why the fuck were they not stomping his guts out.

Anyways getting back on point I`m glad the fucker is dead, and I hope the rest of them follow a similar fate very soon.

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Hope Dworaczyk

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Want Me To Spam For You.....Fuck You

Today I got an email from a site called Infolinks. I you've never heard of this site it's an affiliate advertising website that offer contextual advertisements for your website or blog. These words that are randomly selected within your content and are changed into links. When your mouse scrolls over them a little window above the word pops up displaying and advertisement. If they click on the add you get to make some money. I use this and a few other forms of advertising on my website to try and generate some cash.........hey why the fuck not I figure.

Now I like this site and I'm starting to see my numbers improving, what bothers me is this email. They've created some lame super hero type bullshit character who's suppose to randomly go around to websites and give tips or some shit about how Infolinks can make money for their site.......okay fair enough up to this point. In this email they showed a video (it'll be below) of this character going to none other then Perez Hilton's fucking blog. And wait it gets better still. The computer animated fuck stick starts bag licking about how great the site is and how Infolinks can make Perez a tonne of cash. But here's the best part of the whole fucking deal.....THEY WANT INFOLINKS USERS TO COMMENT ON HIS BLOG AND TELL HIM THAT HE SHOULD SIGN UP TO THIS SITE.

I fucking hate spam, I don't want some fucking glue bag trying to spam shit to me. I've been lucky on this blog so far and have only had two incidents. The first was for some Asian porn site, and while these fuckers must have read my mind since I have a weak spot when it comes to Asian women ( As if the pictures of Lucy Liu weren't an indication ). And after a couple hours of "examining" this site I deleted their comment, it wasn't even that good of a site there are better ones that are free. The second was some dip shit with a blog advertising about bashing women which really pissed me off because I think that's total crap.

So here's a fucking site that wants me and everyone else to send off spam for their benefit, I don't think so. I'm sorry but I'm not going to do it and get people pissed off at me and possibly block future comments from me because I sent them one of these messages. The only reason why there doing this is because they know that if they did it themselves they would get shit on. People remember spam and not in the good way, people would unsubscribe and avoid the site altogether and they would loose money. So instead they insulate themselves and get everyone else to do their bullshit for them.

I'm not going to unsubscribe but I sure as fuck am not going to do this and anybody wanting to use this site to generate income might want to think twice. The video below dosen't show it, but on thier website it cleary shows that they want you to visit this site and leave a comment telling Perez Hilton all about the wonders of Infolinks and all that shit.

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Olivia Wilde

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charlie Sheen Music Video

This is just a quick post, I found this video on YouTube and it's been stuck in my head ever since. So I figured it's worth sharing, enjoy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Guns Guns And More Guns

A few days ago I read a post over at Psycho Carnival (check the blog roll of you want to visit that blog) about the AA 12 a fully automatic shotgun that can really fuck up your day in a hurry. Now I love guns and things that go boom and all that wonderful stuff that spews hot death. And after reading the post I began to feel a little nostalgic and started thinking about my time in the army and more particularly the weapons I got the shoot, and the shit I got to blow up and get paid for.

So for this post I though I would share some of the toys I got to play with.


This is the primary weapon of the Canadian infantry, it's bread and butter if you will. The C7 is pretty much identical to the M-16 in almost every way, the A1 that is, the upgraded A2 looks very different. It fires 5.56 x 45 NATO rounds, and in general it's a light and shit simple weapon to use. We also have a more compact version called the C8 which is used by tank crews and I think the navy and JT2 (joint task force 2 which is essentially our special forces)

This is a C7A1 on a firing range in Ontario being fired semi and full auto. The C7A2 has a collapsible stock and some changes near the barrel to allow more attachments.

M203 40mm Grenade Launcher

This is a attachment to the C7 and one of my favorite toys of all. It's a single shot grenade launcher that will fuck up the day of whoever is on firing end of this weapon. Not just that but the added extra couple of pounds actually helps improve the accuracy of the weapon making you that much deadlier. Either way it's good times had by all........well almost all.

These are Americans firing this in Iraq or Afghanistan but we use the exact same weapon.

C9 Light Machine Gun (LMG)

We use two of these per section. A section is similar to an American squad but ours have 10 people per section, makes up about 40 percent of the it's fire power. It uses 5.56 ammo and can use either a 30 round magazine or a 200 round drum. Personally I never cared for using the drums since they had a tendency to get snagged on brush and fall off leaving you with about 200 rounds of ammo dangling off your feet. I always broke mine up into 50 round belts to help control my rate of fire. The standard ammo also comes with tracer rounds which have a magnesium tip that lights up to help you get a good estimate of where your rounds are going. This is a machine gun after all so it's considered an area weapon.

C6 GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun or Heavy Machine Gun)

I fucking love this gun. It's a Belgium machine gun that fires 7.62 mm ammo and has a range of about 600 meters when fired either from the shoulder or on a bi pod. When fired in an SF role (Stationary fire I think) which uses a tripod and a compass like site it can reach out and hit targets up to about 1800 meters. I saw someone once hit a full grown cow with a burst from one of these and it blew it to fucking pieces........it made me all misty eyed.

This is a C6 set up in a defensive position on a training ex so he's shooting blanks but you get the idea. Also the soldier who filmed this was killed in Afghanistan.

And now for the stuff that goes BOOM


What's more fun that a 1 pound metal object you can throw at somebody? a 1 pound object that you can throw at somebody that explodes. If your within about 150 meters of one of these your pretty much going to have a bad day. For those who've never used grenades Hollywood bullshitted you big time. They don't create massive fire balls as this video shows.

M-72 / 84 mm Carl Gustov

This is a one shot disposible rocket launcher that was developed during the Vietnam war. The NVA used to turn the used rocket tubes into morters, they were handy that way. It'snot as powerful as other systems out there but it's still handy for lightly armoured targets.

The Carl Gustov which I don't know where the fuck that name came from is an even bigger rocket launcher used to bust bunkers and heavier targets.

In this video the first rocket launcher is the M-72 the second is the 84 mm Carl Gustov

This is a better view of the 84 mm. Though I have to say these two firing it are kinda fucking slow in their weapons drills which means their probably recruits, but at least their drills are correct.

There are even more that I got to play with but I don't want to make this post into a fucking novel so here's a little summary video with some easy listening music to help get you the right mind set. Cheers

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Brooke Burns

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scum Bag Criminals

A couple days ago two little shit smear punks received life sentences. The two teenagers who lived in Victoria (that's on Vancouver island here in Canada for those who don't know) raped, murdered, mutilated, stuffed in a freezer and then burned the remains of a 16 year old girl. Now I'm not going to mention their names or display their pics because frankly seeing or hearing their names disgusts and enrages me. And while I'm very happy these turds have gone to jail, a couple things are leaving a rather bad taste in my mouth.

For starters in Canada a life sentence is 25 years, depending on the judge someone who's convicted can be eligible for parole well before that, and in the case of these two in about 10 years. That's of course if they don't launch an appeal and get a limp dick spineless judge who will give them a lighter sentence. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I doubt these two are going to be that lucky but you never know.

But this isn't what really pisses me the fuck off. It's what the victims are going to have to go through. As if the brutal death of their daughter wasn't bad enough, now if there is an appeal they get to go through that all over again. Given the slow nature of the Canadian legal system this could take years. Not to mention the flood of emotions and greith that will be ripped open when these two are up for parole and the fight to keep these two shits behind bars for as long as possible.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a complete load of bullshit. I understand that in the legal system they have a different way of looking at things. It seems they care more about those who commit the crimes rather then the victims. Sure these two little shits go to jail, sure they loose their freedom, fuck they'll probably be beaten and raped occasionally....but so fucking what they didn't have to do what they did let them fucking rot. No instead they go to jail and have the tax payers pay for their life. No matter how bad prison is for them they still get to have some semblance of a life. The girl they killed doesn't even get that. Because of what they did her family didn't even get to have an open casket funeral to say goodbye, instead they burned her body like you or I would burn garbage.

Why do we have to pay for these fucks who are never gong to add anything to society. There not even human fucking beings, there scum. Fuck even one of the kids dad is currently in jail serving a life sentence for a similar crime, I bet he's real proud of his piece of shit son maybe they can share a bunk and practice not dropping the soap with each other to pass the time.

I'd write more but I've spend enough time thinking about these pieces of shit that I have a headache and feel sick to my stomach.

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Julianne Moore

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Nut Jobs And Grammer Nazi's

Today I found a couple of interesting comments I thought I would share with you guys and what I think of each of them. The first one is from Yahoo Answers. For those of you not familiar with this site it's a question and answer site that can be used to help promote your website or your blog. I use it all the time to promote my website The Razors Edge. Normally I tend to stick to the computer and internet related questions, but now and then I like to wander over to the pollitical or religious ones for a good fucking laugh. That's when I found this question/ statement below;

Rejoice believers in Christ!! Is this not something to be heralded?

Last night God spoke to me!! He told me that he still love his children! You are not forgotten and don't lose faith!!!! He graciously told me the the end of times was soon!! He gave me a new list of rules to follow and great wisdom that I wrote down, it was amazing and like a constant epiphany to hear his true voice!!

I've written my own Gospel!! You'll all hear HIS great word soon! He told me so!!

God is good!
Ummmmm okay WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? If I was this guys family I would be fucking worried because people like this tend to end up taking a fucking axe to their heads in the middle of the night because God turns out to be some demonic fucking dog telling them to "purify the world of sin" or some shit like that. Naturally this means that said nut job has to hack anyone and everyone who happens to be unlucky enough into tiny bit sized chunks.
And besides that I really fucking doubt that if God exists ( and I have serious doubts that there is a God but fuck it that's just my two cents on the issue) that they would waste their fucking time telling some insignificant butt wipe like this turd? I mean think about it let's say hypothetically that there is a God who created the entire fucking universe and every little thing in it. The universe last time I checked is pretty fucking huge and probably teeming full of aliens of every shape, size, and color. Why the fuck with all that going on would he/she/it talk to any one of us. That's like being in the middle of taking a shit but stopping everything to whisper poetry to a housefly........doesn't make any fucking sense.
And lastly if this was the case why the fuck are you wasting time telling people on Yahoo Answers who only want to find out what some celebrity shit head is doing, or asking stupid questions that they should know the answer to like "If I stick a fork in an electrical socket will I get a shocked? And will I get super powers from this?" NO YOU SHIT STAIN YOU WON'T GET SUPER FUCKING POWERS APART FROM BEING THE STUPIDEST FUCK ALIVE.
If this was true why the fuck isn't this sack of hammers on his way to the Vatican to tell the fucking pope?
The second was a comment posted today on a blog called Two Foul Mouthed Fuckers. Those of you who remember this blog will know that this was a joint blog between myself and CB ( The Crazy Brunette Chick ) who is no longer blogging. Because of this, that particular blog is now collecting Internet dust........well that was until today. I got a nice little email showing me that someone posted the following comment below;
ResCogitans said...


you're = you are

your = possessive

x4 wrong in one post. wow.

sorry am a bit OCD grammar nazi and a bit pissed at mo :)

actually no i'm not sorry. if some asshole like me doesn't point out shit then how will people know what they are doing wrong!?

no really sorry. bye.

don't drink on an empty stomach.

ResCogitans...........what kind of retarded name is that to start with. Why the fuck before you comment you take a look at the archive to see that nothing has been posted on this site for months and that the post you commented on is from September of 2010. THIS IS A DEAD BLOG YOU FUCKING TWAT WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WASTING TIME COMMENTING ON IT??

Also who the fuck are you to go off on small grammar errors, are you the fucking mythical spelling police? Either way shove it up your ass until you can taste the rainbow you fucking sperm dumpster I didn't give a shit if I miss used you're or you are or whatever the fuck. I think it's time you take a serious look at your priorities and refuckulate them to match the real world.

Do you not have something better to do then sit on your ass stuff Doritos down your throat and fucking bitch at me about a minor grammatical error. FUCK YOU, how about you go outside and have a life instead of sitting in your parents basement masturbating to pictures of He-Man, not the 80's movie He-Man starring Dolf Lundren or however you fucking spell his name either. No the animated cartoon He-Man. By the power of Greyskull you annoy the fuck out of me. You don't even deserve to be punched in the face, you deserve to be bitch slapped an spat on.

And that's all I have to say about that. Also don't forget to vote on who you think is the biggest douche bag. You have until April 10th to nominate who you think is the biggest douche bag . And if you haven't yet check out my latest video Robocop So Cold.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Video And This One Is About Cyborgs And Stuff

It's been too fucking long since my last video, so here is my latest one for your viewing pleasure.

For this one I used Robocop 1 and 2 which are a couple of my favorites movies from when I was a kid, possibly because of all the violence and blood and good times had by all. Not to mention there is hardly any fucking good Robocop videos on YouTube, this is seriously fucking wrong on so many levels. I mean for fucks sake this movie is epic. How many other movies does somebody get literally blown to shit in such a violent way only to be brought back as a bad ass cyborg super I will fuck your shit up cop. If I ever find myself in a situation like that I would want to come back just like this.........well as long as I still had everything below, I mean how the fuck am I suppose to fuck toasters and waffle irons without that?

Anyways the song I chose was So Cold by the band Breaking Benjamin and was inspired by the movie 28 Days Later. Listen to the lyrics and you can totally hear the references relating to zombies which is why I like this song.

Anyways hope you like it and let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you haven't seen my other videos I have most of them posted on the videos page of this blog. You can also go to my YouTube channel ( snakeeyesx1vp  ) to see them there.

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Here are a couple other completly random videos I thought you might enjoy as well

Monday, March 21, 2011

1st Annual Douche Bag Awards

This month marks the 1 year anniversary of this fine little blog of mine. I mean fuck can you believe it's been a year, though I'm positive this event will be a milestone in human history. First we discovered fire, then split the atom, and now this blog......okay that's just a tab bit grandiose but you get the drift.

To celebrate this anniversary I will not do the following

1. I will not give you fuckers money, sorry what can I say I'm a cheap asshole deal with it.

2. I will not give away shit, again refer to number 1

3. I will not engage or, or have engaged on me sexual relations with farm animals. However mythological creatures are acceptable. Besides unicorns are fucking sexy, or at least a donkey painted white with a carrot glued to their forehead.

What I will be doing is something a little different, the first annual Douche Bag Awards. How it works is like this. Below will be a bunch of categories (kinda like the Oscars but without the fake transparent bullshit) those who win well get a lovely award, well not really an award per say more like a nice half soaked piece of paper I found in a dumpster and I'll scribble something on it in crayon. This will then be rolled into a fine little scroll and sealed in whatever sticky substance I can find on the street to be delivered to the shit stain who deserves such a grandiose fucking award.

On top of that I won't be doing the nominations, I leave that up to you guys. Leave in the comments who you think deserves what award and who ever is nominated the most wins.

And The Categories Are

1. Most likely a coked out transvestite

2. Probably a nice guy but I still want to punch him in the nuts

3. Deserves to be fed feet first into a wood chipper

4. If I hear this bitch one more time I will start a shooting spree in a fucking mall

5. Please eat shit and die as fast as humanly possible, I mean seriously I will pay you to stop traffic with your face

6. The worlds biggest oxygen thief

7. This bitch needs to shut the fuck up and make me a sandwich

8. The poster child for abortion

9. It's because of this person I drink

10. Why were you born ?

11. Will the mother ship please pick you the fuck up already

12. Shut your fucking face already

13. Sure your famous now but in a couple of years you'll be living in a dumpster giving hand jobs for crack

And finally

14. The world's biggest douche bag

Leave in the comment section below who you think deserves what. Leave as many comments as you want and pass the word I want to see a shit load of suggestions. I'll post who won what by April 10th so that gives you lots of time to nominate whichever skid mark you think deserves this.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tourist Stuff

If your wondering where I've been for the last week I've been spending some time in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, soaking up some sun, and comsuming my fair shair of Tequila. (You would be too if you looked at some of the deals for hotels and airfare online before spring break it was fucking dirt cheap)

Now Cabo was fucking outstanding, the hotel staff were fanfuckingtastic, the weather was fucking outstanding and hot, and the booze went down smoother then a well trained escort (Or so I've been told at least). But while everthing on the Mexican side of things was great there was one thing that irratated the shit out of me... THE TOURISTS. For my entire stay the hotel has been filled with just Canadians and Americans and I have to say there were thngs both groups did that made me shake my head and ask "What the fuck is wrong with these ass tards?"

Don't get me wrong there was some people who I met who were pretty fucking on the level, but it seemed as if both counties shipped every possible asshole, fuck tard, reject, and dumb ignorant fuck it could to get some breathing space for a week or two. So I thought I would put it all into a nice neat little list of stupid ignorant shit you should not do, say or ask when you go on your next vacation.

First The Canadians

1. To you fucking flakey weird fucks from Toronto WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. Every one of you that I met down here was fucking off hinged in some way. Either you would give me a look like I was a fucking purple headed alien when I said hi. Or you would bullshit about how fuckng great you are, pretend to be freindly and then fuck off and never speak to me or those I was with again. What the fuck happend to having a normal fucking conversation assholes?

2. To the fucking ass clown who thought he was a big shot (You know who you are with your fucking cowboy hat pretending your from Texas) I don't give a runny shit if your richer then astronauts, in fact nobody fucking cares for that matter. SO quit fucking acting like your God's gift to the world. MInd you I should thank you for one thing, the girl who worked the lobby bar has a nice ass and becuase you were throwing her money left and right I got free reign to stare at it. But for fuck's sake I didn't want to do it sober, let the rest of us get some fucking booze.

3. And last but not least I don't care how fucking nice and polite you are. DOn't come up to me and ask me personel questions about my life, what I do, who I do it with, and how when I've never met you before. Perhaps your lonley and just wanted to talk, and if that's the case you could have simply said "Hello" or "Hi". Of course I would have been way fucking nicer to you if you weren't a 70 year old man. Sorry fucker I don't swing that way.

And Now For The Americans

1. First off read a fucking book, a map, or use the internet once in awhile other then to look at what fucking shit Charlie Sheen is spewing about. (I should point out that not everyt American was this fucking rude just a handful who really got on my nerves) I am not the following

a. A lumberjack
b. A fur trader
c. An Eskimo

I do not live in a fucking igloo and eat fucking seal meat all day while praying for one day without snow so I can fix my fucking dog slead. I know what country music is, I know what Wall-Mart is (we have them too and we hate them just as much as you do). And the reason why I don't say "eh" at the beginning of every sentence ,and "aboot" instead of "about" is becuase I'm not a fucking retard you shit stain. It's a fucking sterotype, sure there are some that do but myself and every one of the thousands of Canadians I know DON'T FUCKING SOUND LIKE THAT.

2. Learn to fucking tip for fucks sake. The staff don't exactly make a shit load of money so one or two dollars here and there isin't going to really hurt you. DON'T BE SO FUCKING CHEAP.

3. I don't fucking care how fucking great you think you are, but when I can hear you brag about what kind of car, stocks, 20 something year old with fake tits your banging because you discovered Viagra, or how many homes you own over the fucking music at the pool it's time to learn to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Nobody but you cares we all think your an asshole or full of shit or both, so keep it the fuck down....please.

4. While I think it's great that your proud of America and I think you should be, don't shove it in my face. I'm as proud to be Canadian as you are American, but I don't want to fucking hear how fucking much better you think you are over anyone else. Perhaps you should do some reasearch online because we Candians tend to live longer, are heathier, are happeir (well except for me perhaps but fuck it) and people around the world kinda like us better. Perhaps that's why I was getting my drinks before you.....just a thought.

Anyways that's all I have to bitch about for now until I get back home and some other asshole decides to fuck with my oxygen.

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If your wondering why there are mre spelling errors then normal, it's because Blogger's spell check is being fucking retarted and highlighting almost every word so I can't tell which ones are correct or wrong.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Rich Bitch

Today I got a wonderful email that went a little something like this:

Dear Mr. Wolf

The Yahoo Lottery Corporation is pleased to tell you that you've been selected and won 1 million dollars. All you have to do is send us a blank cheque with your signature and we will wire you the money right away.


Mr. S Perm Dumpster
Yahoo Lottery Corporation
Some shit hole butt fuck middle of nowhere country you've probably never heard of
www.this is a fucking scam@ fuck you.whatever.

This isn't the exact message but I'm typing this on me net book and it was saved on my desktop, my version has more of that certain something something.

Do these shit heads really think I'm so fucking stupid that I would send a blank check with my signature, why the fuck don't I staple my balls to my fucking forehead while I'm at it as well. I love how they ripped off the name of a major search engine....one of the 5 largest I believe and only dwarfed by mega search giant Google. I love how they couldn't fucking use a spell check and the mis-matched word placement of some jerk off with a basic grasp of English. And my favorite is that it was addressed to some bullshit office in Nigeria. Geez  the last time I checked the only shit that comes out of Nigeria is fucking bullshit scams trying to suck money out of North Americans. Well maybe not just bullshit scams, theres also blood diamonds, drugs, smuggled weapons, human trafficking, and the occasional genocide just to keep things interesting. So I guess I'm just a tiny bit skeptical that millions of dollars with my name on it are just across the ocean.

Not that I wouldn't love to have a few million, I would only use the money for good........who the fuck am I kidding it's all hookers and fast cars and gold plated toilet seats (who doesn't want to feel to touch of a precious metal on their ass when they take a shit......and why do they call it taking a shit anyway? I'm not taking it anywhere, I'm not going to a restaurant with it and buying it fucking dinner, I'm confused)

Getting back on point here, to those who make these scams, to those who are fucking parasites who pray on those who are naive and not savy to the fuck tards on the Internet I only have one thing to say to you FUCK YOU, YOU SLIMY TWINKLE TOED CROSS EYED CHICKEN FUCKER.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Justin Bieber Your A Limp Dick Raging Homosexual And Other Famous People I Want To Tell Off Part 3

So many ass clowns so few words, It's time once again for me to tell you what I would love to say to the faces of famous people who piss me off with their bullshit antics and shenanigans. To see part 1 and part 2 click on the links.

1. The Cast Of Jersey Shore

If there was ever a fucking poster child for abortion it's this bunch of orange fuck tards. What the fuck is wrong with you people. I mean seriously here's your life story, some crack whore shat you out, and now you drink and party and pass STD's around like their fucking Halloween candy. And for fucks sack lay off the fucking tanning your in your twenties and you look like your in your 40's. It's because of shit heads like you that I want to buy a gun, a bottle of vodka and fucking end it. The only good thing about you you fucking turds is that the aliens will never invade because they saw your show, thought we were all as fucking retarded as you are and didn't want to catch a raging case of crabs from Snooki. And by the way Snooki you look like a fucking bridge troll, do you eat small children off camera under an overpass.

2. Tom Cruise

What the fuck happened to you. You went from Tog Gun to Scientology and jumping around like a pogo stick was shoved up your ass. Its a shame really, I enjoyed many of your movies. Top Gun for instance was a favorite of mine as a kid. Taps, a lesser known movie starting George C. Scott another fine movie. Fuck even you as a one handed one eyed NAZI in Valkyrie wasn't half bad. But apart from that you sir a fucking douche canoe of epic proportions. Let me break this down for you.............THERE ARE NO FUCKING ALIENS HIDING BEHIND THE SUN TO SAVE YOUR SORRY ASS YOU FUCKING DICK. Smarten the fuck up...........DIET COKE.

3. President Barrack Obama

What the fuck is this bullshit you want to tax Canadians who come to the U.S via air or sea, are you sniffing airplane glue you fucking twit. Let me see, now I'm not a financial fucking analyst who can refuckulate taxes like a motherfucker, but it doesn't seem like a smart idea to tax a country that provides so much money to begin with. That's like being a regular at a restaurant only to get charged an additional fee just because your a regular customer. Yeah your fucking smart numb nuts. If that's your best plan for getting the U.S out of it's current financial troubles you need to have you ass booted out of office faster then a fat kid running after an ice cream truck.

4. Keisha

Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck cares? Please fuck off now........I'll give you a dollar.

5. Ben Mulroney (Son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and host of ETalk daily)

You metro sexual bitch, I want to slap you in the face until you cry and pee yourself. First I hate your fucking dad for creating the GST (Government Sales Tax) and the fucking fiasco that was the free trade agreement. Yeah we became a stronger country out of it, but we got fucked hard in the process. For that shit I'm holding you personally responsible. Also I fucking hate your bullshit fake fucking smile that you plaster all over Canadian T.V, you fucking make me want to puke you fake bitch. Please do me a favour and see how many freight trains you can stop with your face.

6. Steven Tyler

Remind me If I ever see you and I have a teenage daughter to keep her the fuck away from you, your a fucking creepy perv. Seriously is that the only reason why you became a judge on American Idol, funny how the age limit dropped a couple years when you showed up, coincidence me thinks not. Sure you fronted Aerosmith which I think is a kick ass band, but your fucking ancient don't perv on teens it's fucking gross. Seriously you should fucking be watching reruns of Matlock and getting excited over a game of gin rummy not drooling over a 16 year old you fucking pervert. Can you even get it up anyway? You know what don't answer that the thought is disturbing enough in itself.

7. Ryan Seacrest

And speaking of American Idol you fucking shit eating grinning ass wipe. You just had to create all those other fucking visual disasters called reality T.V. You just had to fucking create a reality show around those oxygen thieves the Kardashians or however the fuck you spell their name. I would punch you in the throat but I don't want your panty waste germs on my hand. So instead I'd rather just spit on you because it's more degrading.

That's it for this one I would bitch out more but I need a sandwich and I think I have to poop.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fuck You Yahoo Answers

One of the things I've been doing to try and get my website (The Razors Edge) noticed is using Yahoo answers. If you've never used this site or even heard of these fuckers here's how it works.

You answer or ask questions on whatever topic. Every time you answer a question you get two points. If they choose your answer as the best answer you get an additional ten points, I know fucking exciting shit eh? The more points means you go up in level and can answer more questions. It also means that if your answers are chosen to be the best answer any link you use as your source will be displayed at the top for everyone who looks up that question or find it's online. Basically this gives you back links to your site, more links more traffic and all that wonderful stuff.

The other day when looking for some easy points I came across this question "Facebook is simply crap.... Do you agree?" So I answered, fuck it it's an easy two points I figured and it's not like I had anything better to do.

Today though I got a nice little email from the assholes at Yahoo telling me my answer violated their terms and I would be deducted ten points for doing so. My answer to the question was this;

"The only thing I see that's crap is your grammar. Seriously the slang makes it harder to read"

This is because the little fuck face who wrote the question couldn't even spell words properly and used some type of fucking ghetto slang making himself (I'm assuming it's a he but who the fuck knows these days) look like a complete fucking retard. I think my answer was pretty nice considering what I should has said was something like this;

"Hey fuck stick learn to fucking spell and form a proper fucking sentence you ass clown. What's the matter did you snort too much fucking coke, or were you two busy giving hobo's hand jobs behind a dumpster and had to type with one one. How about you wake the fuck you, read a book or two and stop being such a fucking oxygen thief"

And as for the soft cock ass pirates at Yahoo......FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF. How about you screen those who post questions that make them look even more fucking stupid then what they are and give me bonus points for pointing out the fact. How about you also drop the politically friendly, nobody can say shit to anyone who might cry and piss themselves fucking attitude. Sure this little bitch is probably 14 and wants to be all cool by thinking he's a gansta, but seriously fuck off. I'm still going to use Yahoo answers because I do get some good traffic from that site, but fuck me do they have to be so fucking sensitive.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Wolfman What Have You Done (New Video)

For my newest video I wanted to do something with werewolves. Not the gay ass Twilight shit either, fucking sparkly fucking vampires that prance in the forest.... FUCK THAT SHIT. So for this video I chose to use The Wolfman, staring Benicio Del Toro (not sure if I spelt his name right) Emily Blunt, and Sir Anthony Hopkins (that's right he's a knight because he's that fucking awesome).

Anyways for this video I was originally going to use some Rammstein for the music, in particular the song du riechst so gut meaning you smell so good which is one of my favorite videos from that band (I put it on this post as well). I scrapped it though and went with the song What Have You Done Now by the band Within Temptation. I couldn't upload any of their videos for some reason but definitely check them out, of course it doesn't hurt that the lead singer is pretty fucking hot.

All that being said check out the video, hope you like it and let me know what you think.

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Kate Mara

Again My video is banned in Germany for now, I guess the Hoff is still angry at me

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are You Fucking Kidding Me

The other day while I was out walking my dog I noticed some punk ass little fuck running from the local grocery store. It was pretty clear this shit smear stole something, unfortunately before I could get to him he was long gone.

But this post isn't about how much thieves piss me off, it's about the so called security guard companies that are in a word a joke.

Following this punk was an extremely overweight over the hill man who didn't even speak English. He had no (at least that I could) cell phone or radio or even a fucking paper cup to call anyone for help. Does anyone else notice the problem here? How the fuck can a security company properly safe guard a business, keep potential thieves out, and customers safe when they hire fat old people who don't even have a decent grasp of the English language?

But then again I shouldn't be surprised because these companies not only pay shit wages, but offer almost nothing in the way of training. I can't speak for the rest of the country but here in Vancouver the highest wage I've seen is between 13 to 15 dollars. Basic security training is also only a week of classroom activity, it involves no training when it comes to self defence, and any training in terms of dealing with hostile individuals is stuck at what if scenarios that leave you feeling pretty much fucked.

I took their training a few months back and I can tell you from first hand experience that I was the only guy in the room who had a fucking clue how to handle someone who could be dangerous or armed. Of all those in attendance only myself and one other had a solid grasp of English. The rest had broken English and were pretty much fresh of the boat immigrants. No before you go calling me a fucking racist or any of that shit, I'm not, but think about this long and hard. If you were partnered with someone who barley understood you and you were in trouble or trying to pass directions how effective do you think they'll be. Simply put they won't, and frankly it's a fucking miracle that so far no one has been killed.

So here's my two cents on what I think is needed to pull this industry out of it's fucking ass.

1. Stop hiring people fresh off the boat who don't know English. Concentrate on getting people with previous military or police experience, or those with the right mind set.

2. When you pay shit wages you get shit results, so bump up the wages to at least 18 an hour to start.

3. Actually have decent training courses that includes some basic self defence training, and provides training that will actually fucking prepare people to handle things when the shit hits the fan.

4. Now I know guns will probably get more people in shit then without but fucking give them something other then sweaty used slash resistant gloves that are over ten fucking years old and full of holes and won't stop a wet fart let alone a knife or needle. How about a baton or maybe some fucking ninja stars. Fuck I could defend myself better with a rotten fucking potato then what these guys get.

Of course those fuckers won't listen to anything I would have to say and would rather keep things the way they are and pay people shit and not give a flying fuck, but hey what the fuck do I know.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Dating Sites

I'm just going to come right out and say I don't get some of the shit that goes on in dating sites. Now don't get me wrong I think there actually a good thing, especially when your socially awkward such as myself. It's a good way to break the ice, and if you don't like the fucker or fuckette it's a fucking cinch to block and ignore them. But there is some shit on there that pisses me off, so I thought I'd make a list to display my frustration. Hey who says I don't share.

1. Fucking avatar pics of flowers and shit

Is it so fucking much to see what the fuck you look like. Don't get me wrong those that tell you they'll show you theirs if you show them yours is pretty smart. Apart from that who the fuck wants to see some stupid fucking flowers, or a fucking happy kitten. Fuck off with that shit, I want to be able (as I'm sure they would want to) be able to see who I could be meeting. You can tell a lot from a picture such as how they present themselves, if they practice good hygiene, if they have all their teeth. You can't tell a fucking thing from a pic of a sunset, fuck the sunset show me your face.

2. A few extra pounds translation your Jabba the fucking Hutt

Okay this one really pisses me off. Be fucking honest about your weight, I don't give a shit if you're 400 pounds just let me know so that if a meet up does happen I don't go storming out because you told me a load of bullshit. I know people are sensitive about how much they weigh, I also know very well how it feels because I was damn near 300 lbs at one point and was very fucking embarrassed by that, so I understand that. But isn't better to be honest right off the bat?

3. Do you drink, smoke, shoot crack, eat small children.........prefer not to say

I fucking love these questions because when you say "prefer not to say" or something along those lines your basically admitting that you do. Fuck why else would deny it if your trying to hide the fact that you do, use your fucking melon.

4. Copy and paste

What's fucking worse that a fucking avatar of a bunny........a pic of a different person all together. For fucks sake do you really think that pic of Cindy Crawford from 1996 looks anything like your bridge troll ass. I had this happen once when I went to meet this girl who claimed to be 5'5 shoulder length blond hair, and a fit physic. Only to discover she was 5'3, was as fucking wide as tall, and looked like a hobbit.

I know there are guys who pull this shit too and frankly it's fucking embarrassing all the way around.

5. Your pic is from 1984

I'm almost fucking positive that unless you've been in cyrogenic suspended anifuckingmation since that year and you just woke up that you look nothing like that faded grad pic you posted. Camera's are fucking cheap, buy one and use a new picture.

6. Stalkers

I've only had this happen a couple times when I've used these sites in the past, though I'm sure this happens to a lot to women from creepy guys. One of the times I kept getting constant message on the site (I never gave me email thank fuck) that would go all day long. After a couple days it went from questions like "Do you want to meet so we can hook up" to "I'm going to cut out your eyes out with a knife". Needless to say that account was deactivated pretty dam quick. The second time was a year later and this woman actually flew from Ontario to Edmonton to try to find me. She got my number (which I never gave her) and started calling my fucking apartment telling me how she was going to kill me........oh what fun. Then silence for a week then she calls back and demands I buy her a plane ticket back to Ontario.....yeah fuck that.

So to the fucking creepy Fatal Attraction fucking wannabes before you go psycho fuck off.

And that's all I have to say on that.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

NHL Guardians........What The Fuck ?

First off I love hockey it's a great fucking sport, hey I'm Canadian after all and hockey is in our blood. The only thing I don't like about hockey is a lot of the bullshit politics and crap that the NHL shits out on a plate and thinks its wonderful. There latest little attempt at mass marketing and making money is with the new NHL Guardians.

Now if you haven't heard of them this is what it boils down to. They got Stan Lee, you know the fucker who created characters such as Spider Man to come up with super hero's that represent every team in the NHL. Each team gets a character named after the team, that wears the colors of the team and has different attributes and all that shit. Think of it like The X-Men only a lot more gay.

Seriously I know this shit is to get kids in skates and interested in hockey, but I also know this is a cheap stunt at trying to squeeze more cash out of mommy and daddy so little Timmy can have some action cards, or a shirt or some shit like that. Knowing those fuckers I'd bet money your going to see either a cartoon or video game based around this.

If the NHL wants to get people in seats and attract people to hockey especially Americans then there are better fucking ways to go about it. Not to mention these "super heroes" are fucking lame. Like what the fuck are they supposed to defend against, old gum on seats, or that the stadiums shitter doesn't plug up. Or how about making sure the ketchup dispenser is full and in functioning order, that's pretty important shit......NOT.

Frankly if you were in need of a super hero who would you want to save your ass. Some guy called The Toronto Maple Leaf who looks like he's spewing brown vomit from hos fucking hands or Batman. Yeah I think the answer to that question is pretty fucking simple.

If you haven't seen what these charecters look like here they are.

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Lisa Marie Scott

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tagged And Bagged

Don't worry it's nothing contagious. Kelly over at Psycho Carnival tagged me the other day for some sort of survey type thingy in which you all get to know my inner thoughts..........maybe that's better left locked in a fucking closet and forced to eat fish heads all day. Anyways I'm suppose to also tag 4 others who in tern tag 4 others and so on, which is exactly how the zombie apocalypse is going to happen. Well I'm going to change the rules up a little bit, instead of tagging 4 others I'll simply post the questions below the random video and if your partake in the joy the go for it.

Here are my answers

1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals, or are they members of your family?

I have a dog named Bear and yeah that fucker gets treated better then how I treat most people. This is because of two reasons. One most of the people that I've met in person are backstabbers, assholes, cock jawed shit turbines and generally in need of a good backhanded bitch slap. This isn't to say their all bad or that I hate people it's just that I seem to be a magnet for shit heads.

The second reason is a little more on the personnel side. Because of stuff that's happened in my recent history that little ball of fluff (He's about 20 lbs) gives me something to live for. I know it probably sounds cheesy but he seriously does. No matter what anybody ever says or does to me I know I can trust him and frankly if I didn't have my dog in my life I probably would have ended it years ago by jumping off a bridge or some crazy shit like that.

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?

This is a now brainer........Lucy Liu I'll let you fill in the blanks.

3. What is the one thing most hated by you?

Just one fuck, but there are so many ass bags, anal tasters, and other general fuck ups who deserve to be mentioned. I guess my biggest piss off would have to be dumb people. If there's nothing that pisses me off fast it's someone who is either too stupid to figure out what they did wrong, or has the brain power and simply refuses to actually think.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

Well I can tell you what I wouldn't do........miniature ponies. I mean fuck a billion dollars you better believe there is going to be some wild parties and freaky monkey sex happening at my place. I think the first thing I'd buy is a really expensive car just so I could trash it.

5. What helps to pull you out of a bad mood?

I'm still working on that one. Seriously though working out, I love to run it gets all that mental shit out of my head. Keeping my mind busy is good to, I think that's why I like editing those videos and spend long hours working on my website.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

Neither what is more blessed is to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women.

7. What is your bedtime routine?

Well I usually start off by reading some Harry Potter to a snack of milk and cookies, then a soothing bubble bath while listening to the music of the orcas............fuck that shit. I get the fuck up do my business and fall the fuck asleep. Then I get up at zero dark stupid and live it all over again. Good times had by all.

8. If you are currently in a relationship, how did you meet your partner?

Currently single unless you count the voices in my head and my imaginary girlfriend Susan in which case we met when I lost my marbles.

9. If you could watch a creative person in the act of the creative process, who would it be?

What is this mickey mouse shit?

10. What kinds of books do you read?

I like books on history mostly. You can learn alot about the world we live in today by reading about the events that shaped it from the past. Apart from that sometimes I read scribblings on public washroom walls, their very informative.

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?

As the supreme overlord of the human race, possibly of mars as well to keep those fucking little green martian bastards in check.

12. What’s your fear?

I don't think I really fear anything. I don't fear death, heights, drowning, spiders, really anything at all.

13. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the opportunity to visit outer space?

Just to be perfectly fucking clear I would give it up if I was 100 percent guaranteed to go into space. And I'm not talking about 5 minutes, I'm talking a month or more on that international space station, I'm greedy that way.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married, but poor?

Single and rich, you can find dates a lot easier when you have a fat wallet. Being poor means the wife will nag you to death about being poor, you can't afford shit, and you beg for death doesn't that sound like fun?

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Ask myself why
16. If you could change one thing about your spouse/partner what would it be?
That she wasn't a figment of my imagination
17. If you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
Something exotic, something that screams international man of mystery, something that will strike fear in the hearts of men and make women weak in the knees..........Pedro Juan Sanchez The Third
18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?
No I hold grudges to the grave. You can't forgive the things that happened to me.
19. If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months, what would it be?
The flesh from fallen angels, I've heard it tastes exactly like chicken only a little more dry and not so pious.
So there you have it there are my answers to those questions. Like I said I'm not tagging anyone to do these, but if you want to the questions are listed below the random video making it easier to copy and paste.
Random Hottie Of This Post
Tia Carrere
Random Video Of This Post

1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals, or are they members of your family?

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?

3. What is the one thing most hated by you?

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

5. What helps to pull you out of a bad mood?

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

7. What is your bedtime routine?

8. If you are currently in a relationship, how did you meet your partner?

9. If you could watch a creative person in the act of the creative process, who would it be?

10. What kinds of books do you read?

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?

12. What’s your fear?

13. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the opportunity to visit outer space?

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married, but poor?

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

16. If you could change one thing about your spouse/partner what would it be?

17. If you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?

19. If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months, what would it be?



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