Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Want Me To Spam For You.....Fuck You

Today I got an email from a site called Infolinks. I you've never heard of this site it's an affiliate advertising website that offer contextual advertisements for your website or blog. These words that are randomly selected within your content and are changed into links. When your mouse scrolls over them a little window above the word pops up displaying and advertisement. If they click on the add you get to make some money. I use this and a few other forms of advertising on my website to try and generate some cash.........hey why the fuck not I figure.

Now I like this site and I'm starting to see my numbers improving, what bothers me is this email. They've created some lame super hero type bullshit character who's suppose to randomly go around to websites and give tips or some shit about how Infolinks can make money for their site.......okay fair enough up to this point. In this email they showed a video (it'll be below) of this character going to none other then Perez Hilton's fucking blog. And wait it gets better still. The computer animated fuck stick starts bag licking about how great the site is and how Infolinks can make Perez a tonne of cash. But here's the best part of the whole fucking deal.....THEY WANT INFOLINKS USERS TO COMMENT ON HIS BLOG AND TELL HIM THAT HE SHOULD SIGN UP TO THIS SITE.

I fucking hate spam, I don't want some fucking glue bag trying to spam shit to me. I've been lucky on this blog so far and have only had two incidents. The first was for some Asian porn site, and while these fuckers must have read my mind since I have a weak spot when it comes to Asian women ( As if the pictures of Lucy Liu weren't an indication ). And after a couple hours of "examining" this site I deleted their comment, it wasn't even that good of a site there are better ones that are free. The second was some dip shit with a blog advertising about bashing women which really pissed me off because I think that's total crap.

So here's a fucking site that wants me and everyone else to send off spam for their benefit, I don't think so. I'm sorry but I'm not going to do it and get people pissed off at me and possibly block future comments from me because I sent them one of these messages. The only reason why there doing this is because they know that if they did it themselves they would get shit on. People remember spam and not in the good way, people would unsubscribe and avoid the site altogether and they would loose money. So instead they insulate themselves and get everyone else to do their bullshit for them.

I'm not going to unsubscribe but I sure as fuck am not going to do this and anybody wanting to use this site to generate income might want to think twice. The video below dosen't show it, but on thier website it cleary shows that they want you to visit this site and leave a comment telling Perez Hilton all about the wonders of Infolinks and all that shit.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charlie Sheen Music Video

This is just a quick post, I found this video on YouTube and it's been stuck in my head ever since. So I figured it's worth sharing, enjoy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Guns Guns And More Guns

A few days ago I read a post over at Psycho Carnival (check the blog roll of you want to visit that blog) about the AA 12 a fully automatic shotgun that can really fuck up your day in a hurry. Now I love guns and things that go boom and all that wonderful stuff that spews hot death. And after reading the post I began to feel a little nostalgic and started thinking about my time in the army and more particularly the weapons I got the shoot, and the shit I got to blow up and get paid for.

So for this post I though I would share some of the toys I got to play with.


This is the primary weapon of the Canadian infantry, it's bread and butter if you will. The C7 is pretty much identical to the M-16 in almost every way, the A1 that is, the upgraded A2 looks very different. It fires 5.56 x 45 NATO rounds, and in general it's a light and shit simple weapon to use. We also have a more compact version called the C8 which is used by tank crews and I think the navy and JT2 (joint task force 2 which is essentially our special forces)

This is a C7A1 on a firing range in Ontario being fired semi and full auto. The C7A2 has a collapsible stock and some changes near the barrel to allow more attachments.

M203 40mm Grenade Launcher

This is a attachment to the C7 and one of my favorite toys of all. It's a single shot grenade launcher that will fuck up the day of whoever is on firing end of this weapon. Not just that but the added extra couple of pounds actually helps improve the accuracy of the weapon making you that much deadlier. Either way it's good times had by all........well almost all.

These are Americans firing this in Iraq or Afghanistan but we use the exact same weapon.

C9 Light Machine Gun (LMG)

We use two of these per section. A section is similar to an American squad but ours have 10 people per section, makes up about 40 percent of the it's fire power. It uses 5.56 ammo and can use either a 30 round magazine or a 200 round drum. Personally I never cared for using the drums since they had a tendency to get snagged on brush and fall off leaving you with about 200 rounds of ammo dangling off your feet. I always broke mine up into 50 round belts to help control my rate of fire. The standard ammo also comes with tracer rounds which have a magnesium tip that lights up to help you get a good estimate of where your rounds are going. This is a machine gun after all so it's considered an area weapon.

C6 GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun or Heavy Machine Gun)

I fucking love this gun. It's a Belgium machine gun that fires 7.62 mm ammo and has a range of about 600 meters when fired either from the shoulder or on a bi pod. When fired in an SF role (Stationary fire I think) which uses a tripod and a compass like site it can reach out and hit targets up to about 1800 meters. I saw someone once hit a full grown cow with a burst from one of these and it blew it to fucking made me all misty eyed.

This is a C6 set up in a defensive position on a training ex so he's shooting blanks but you get the idea. Also the soldier who filmed this was killed in Afghanistan.

And now for the stuff that goes BOOM


What's more fun that a 1 pound metal object you can throw at somebody? a 1 pound object that you can throw at somebody that explodes. If your within about 150 meters of one of these your pretty much going to have a bad day. For those who've never used grenades Hollywood bullshitted you big time. They don't create massive fire balls as this video shows.

M-72 / 84 mm Carl Gustov

This is a one shot disposible rocket launcher that was developed during the Vietnam war. The NVA used to turn the used rocket tubes into morters, they were handy that way. It'snot as powerful as other systems out there but it's still handy for lightly armoured targets.

The Carl Gustov which I don't know where the fuck that name came from is an even bigger rocket launcher used to bust bunkers and heavier targets.

In this video the first rocket launcher is the M-72 the second is the 84 mm Carl Gustov

This is a better view of the 84 mm. Though I have to say these two firing it are kinda fucking slow in their weapons drills which means their probably recruits, but at least their drills are correct.

There are even more that I got to play with but I don't want to make this post into a fucking novel so here's a little summary video with some easy listening music to help get you the right mind set. Cheers

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scum Bag Criminals

A couple days ago two little shit smear punks received life sentences. The two teenagers who lived in Victoria (that's on Vancouver island here in Canada for those who don't know) raped, murdered, mutilated, stuffed in a freezer and then burned the remains of a 16 year old girl. Now I'm not going to mention their names or display their pics because frankly seeing or hearing their names disgusts and enrages me. And while I'm very happy these turds have gone to jail, a couple things are leaving a rather bad taste in my mouth.

For starters in Canada a life sentence is 25 years, depending on the judge someone who's convicted can be eligible for parole well before that, and in the case of these two in about 10 years. That's of course if they don't launch an appeal and get a limp dick spineless judge who will give them a lighter sentence. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I doubt these two are going to be that lucky but you never know.

But this isn't what really pisses me the fuck off. It's what the victims are going to have to go through. As if the brutal death of their daughter wasn't bad enough, now if there is an appeal they get to go through that all over again. Given the slow nature of the Canadian legal system this could take years. Not to mention the flood of emotions and greith that will be ripped open when these two are up for parole and the fight to keep these two shits behind bars for as long as possible.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a complete load of bullshit. I understand that in the legal system they have a different way of looking at things. It seems they care more about those who commit the crimes rather then the victims. Sure these two little shits go to jail, sure they loose their freedom, fuck they'll probably be beaten and raped occasionally....but so fucking what they didn't have to do what they did let them fucking rot. No instead they go to jail and have the tax payers pay for their life. No matter how bad prison is for them they still get to have some semblance of a life. The girl they killed doesn't even get that. Because of what they did her family didn't even get to have an open casket funeral to say goodbye, instead they burned her body like you or I would burn garbage.

Why do we have to pay for these fucks who are never gong to add anything to society. There not even human fucking beings, there scum. Fuck even one of the kids dad is currently in jail serving a life sentence for a similar crime, I bet he's real proud of his piece of shit son maybe they can share a bunk and practice not dropping the soap with each other to pass the time.

I'd write more but I've spend enough time thinking about these pieces of shit that I have a headache and feel sick to my stomach.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Nut Jobs And Grammer Nazi's

Today I found a couple of interesting comments I thought I would share with you guys and what I think of each of them. The first one is from Yahoo Answers. For those of you not familiar with this site it's a question and answer site that can be used to help promote your website or your blog. I use it all the time to promote my website The Razors Edge. Normally I tend to stick to the computer and internet related questions, but now and then I like to wander over to the pollitical or religious ones for a good fucking laugh. That's when I found this question/ statement below;

Rejoice believers in Christ!! Is this not something to be heralded?

Last night God spoke to me!! He told me that he still love his children! You are not forgotten and don't lose faith!!!! He graciously told me the the end of times was soon!! He gave me a new list of rules to follow and great wisdom that I wrote down, it was amazing and like a constant epiphany to hear his true voice!!

I've written my own Gospel!! You'll all hear HIS great word soon! He told me so!!

God is good!
Ummmmm okay WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? If I was this guys family I would be fucking worried because people like this tend to end up taking a fucking axe to their heads in the middle of the night because God turns out to be some demonic fucking dog telling them to "purify the world of sin" or some shit like that. Naturally this means that said nut job has to hack anyone and everyone who happens to be unlucky enough into tiny bit sized chunks.
And besides that I really fucking doubt that if God exists ( and I have serious doubts that there is a God but fuck it that's just my two cents on the issue) that they would waste their fucking time telling some insignificant butt wipe like this turd? I mean think about it let's say hypothetically that there is a God who created the entire fucking universe and every little thing in it. The universe last time I checked is pretty fucking huge and probably teeming full of aliens of every shape, size, and color. Why the fuck with all that going on would he/she/it talk to any one of us. That's like being in the middle of taking a shit but stopping everything to whisper poetry to a housefly........doesn't make any fucking sense.
And lastly if this was the case why the fuck are you wasting time telling people on Yahoo Answers who only want to find out what some celebrity shit head is doing, or asking stupid questions that they should know the answer to like "If I stick a fork in an electrical socket will I get a shocked? And will I get super powers from this?" NO YOU SHIT STAIN YOU WON'T GET SUPER FUCKING POWERS APART FROM BEING THE STUPIDEST FUCK ALIVE.
If this was true why the fuck isn't this sack of hammers on his way to the Vatican to tell the fucking pope?
The second was a comment posted today on a blog called Two Foul Mouthed Fuckers. Those of you who remember this blog will know that this was a joint blog between myself and CB ( The Crazy Brunette Chick ) who is no longer blogging. Because of this, that particular blog is now collecting Internet dust........well that was until today. I got a nice little email showing me that someone posted the following comment below;
ResCogitans said...


you're = you are

your = possessive

x4 wrong in one post. wow.

sorry am a bit OCD grammar nazi and a bit pissed at mo :)

actually no i'm not sorry. if some asshole like me doesn't point out shit then how will people know what they are doing wrong!?

no really sorry. bye.

don't drink on an empty stomach.

ResCogitans...........what kind of retarded name is that to start with. Why the fuck before you comment you take a look at the archive to see that nothing has been posted on this site for months and that the post you commented on is from September of 2010. THIS IS A DEAD BLOG YOU FUCKING TWAT WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WASTING TIME COMMENTING ON IT??

Also who the fuck are you to go off on small grammar errors, are you the fucking mythical spelling police? Either way shove it up your ass until you can taste the rainbow you fucking sperm dumpster I didn't give a shit if I miss used you're or you are or whatever the fuck. I think it's time you take a serious look at your priorities and refuckulate them to match the real world.

Do you not have something better to do then sit on your ass stuff Doritos down your throat and fucking bitch at me about a minor grammatical error. FUCK YOU, how about you go outside and have a life instead of sitting in your parents basement masturbating to pictures of He-Man, not the 80's movie He-Man starring Dolf Lundren or however you fucking spell his name either. No the animated cartoon He-Man. By the power of Greyskull you annoy the fuck out of me. You don't even deserve to be punched in the face, you deserve to be bitch slapped an spat on.

And that's all I have to say about that. Also don't forget to vote on who you think is the biggest douche bag. You have until April 10th to nominate who you think is the biggest douche bag . And if you haven't yet check out my latest video Robocop So Cold.

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