Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Want Me To Spam For You.....Fuck You

Today I got an email from a site called Infolinks. I you've never heard of this site it's an affiliate advertising website that offer contextual advertisements for your website or blog. These words that are randomly selected within your content and are changed into links. When your mouse scrolls over them a little window above the word pops up displaying and advertisement. If they click on the add you get to make some money. I use this and a few other forms of advertising on my website to try and generate some cash.........hey why the fuck not I figure.

Now I like this site and I'm starting to see my numbers improving, what bothers me is this email. They've created some lame super hero type bullshit character who's suppose to randomly go around to websites and give tips or some shit about how Infolinks can make money for their site.......okay fair enough up to this point. In this email they showed a video (it'll be below) of this character going to none other then Perez Hilton's fucking blog. And wait it gets better still. The computer animated fuck stick starts bag licking about how great the site is and how Infolinks can make Perez a tonne of cash. But here's the best part of the whole fucking deal.....THEY WANT INFOLINKS USERS TO COMMENT ON HIS BLOG AND TELL HIM THAT HE SHOULD SIGN UP TO THIS SITE.

I fucking hate spam, I don't want some fucking glue bag trying to spam shit to me. I've been lucky on this blog so far and have only had two incidents. The first was for some Asian porn site, and while these fuckers must have read my mind since I have a weak spot when it comes to Asian women ( As if the pictures of Lucy Liu weren't an indication ). And after a couple hours of "examining" this site I deleted their comment, it wasn't even that good of a site there are better ones that are free. The second was some dip shit with a blog advertising about bashing women which really pissed me off because I think that's total crap.

So here's a fucking site that wants me and everyone else to send off spam for their benefit, I don't think so. I'm sorry but I'm not going to do it and get people pissed off at me and possibly block future comments from me because I sent them one of these messages. The only reason why there doing this is because they know that if they did it themselves they would get shit on. People remember spam and not in the good way, people would unsubscribe and avoid the site altogether and they would loose money. So instead they insulate themselves and get everyone else to do their bullshit for them.

I'm not going to unsubscribe but I sure as fuck am not going to do this and anybody wanting to use this site to generate income might want to think twice. The video below dosen't show it, but on thier website it cleary shows that they want you to visit this site and leave a comment telling Perez Hilton all about the wonders of Infolinks and all that shit.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

The only spam comments I worry about are the ones on old posts - the current stuff I just delete. I solved the problem by moderating all comments on posts older than a month. Would you have served with female soldiers in your unit?

The Wolf said...

That's a good idea Gorilla Bananas I might start doing that myself.

I served with a few. Unfortunatly we don't have many that join the infantry, and the majority of the ones in my unit were basically guys with boobs. The armoured and combat engineer units though had a lot, and the medics it was almost 50 percent of their unit.

For the most part they were pretty good soldiers, a couple were dumb asses who were useless as shit, but then there are lots of male soldiers who are that way also.

Autumnforest said...

That's hilarious! Yeah, publicity and marketing online has really reached a snakeoil level. I get a lot of people that come on and make some vague comment about my posts and their name is something like "cheap viagra" and if you click on his name, you go to an online pharmacy. Somehow, Blogger hasn't figured out that anyone with "viagra" in their name should be banned, so now I get to run around, trash canning their fucking ad/comments. I'm fascinated by the way you put things--I feel like I can hear you speaking when you write and that's not easy for most folks to do. You're a talented author.

The Wolf said...

I guess this means Autumnforest that I shouldn't change my blogs name to Online Viagra Free Gambling And Porn? Your right though it's really getting to the the slimy door to door salesmen type level when it comes to online marketing.

Thanks for the compliment by the way.

Kelly said...

I get spammers, too. They're pretty easy to spot. That's fucked up that they want you to spam other bloggers for ya. I would tell them to fuck off. I remember the douchebag hating on women. What a ridiculous asshole he was. Have a great weekend, man.

The Wolf said...

It is Kelly it's total bullshit. They want other people to do their dirty work that way if somebody gets pissed off Infolinks dosen't get in trouble the individual blog or website owner does and their site pays the price.

I forgot to add in there as well I went to their youtube channel when I grabbed the video and left a comment about how I thought this was nothing more then spam (I was actually pretty polite) but my comment was rejected. It looked like they were too busy trying to generate buzz with fake bullshit comments from people they outsource to make this look better then what it is.

klahanie said...

Oh yeah, I know all about that crap you mention here and like Kelly notes, they are pretty easy to spot. The whole thing sucks, big time.

ResCogitans said...

computer spam pisses me off no end, but snail mail spam is even worse! i live near a gazillion takeaways and i've put a notice on my letterbox saying "post no fliers or menus, they go straight in the bin" and i STILL get hundreds of the fuckers. i feel like going to the offending place and shitting on their table.

The Wolf said...

Exactly Klahanie there's nothing wrong with trying to make money online or anything like that but resorting to spam tactics and trying to convince others to spam for you I think is pretty low.

ResCogitans you got that right internet spam is one thing but junk from realitors and other garbage not only fills your mail box it's a waste of paper. As for shitting on their table only do so after a warm meal of beans ex-lax and eggs.

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