Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hurray Hurray The First Of May Osama Bin Laden Was Greased Today

If you haven`t been paying attention to the news in the last couple of hours that piece of shit Osama Bin Laden ate some lead in Pakistan today and is now worm food. I have to say I`m kinda jealous that I never got the opportunity to put a bullet in that motherfuckers face, and I hope whoever did gets a medal or two for doing it that`s one less scum bag taking up precious oxygen.

I know his death won`t bring back the 155 and counting Canadian soldiers who have died as a result of operations in Afghanistan since 2002, or the thousands of soldiers from NATO and around the world who combat terrorism, but it does.....well at least to me anyway give me the feeling that their lives weren`t in vain.

But warm fuzzy feelings aside let`s not get ahead of ourselves and think that it`s game over. Osama Bitch Laden was a key figure but he`s not the whole enchilada. Those who worshipped that piece of shit will make a martyr of him and many will try to take his place. I`m also positive the bleeding hearts will go off an a tangent about how he should have been captured and brought to trial. Or that the U.S shouldn't`t have gone into Pakistan to get him. To them I simply say this Why the fuck wasn`t Pakistan looking for him if he was hanging out near a mansion catching up on the latest gossip about the royal fucking wedding. Why the fuck were they not stomping his guts out.

Anyways getting back on point I`m glad the fucker is dead, and I hope the rest of them follow a similar fate very soon.

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Autumnforest said...

My suggestion is to stuff his carcass, put him on display and let people throw shoes at him for an eternity.

The Wolf said...

That's a good idea Autumnforest. They could even make it a ride at Disneyland. Something like shit bag terrorist whack a mole. Of course it would have a more family appropriate name.

Gorilla Bananas said...

President Obama said he was killed after a firefight, but another news report says a missile got him. I suppose his guards might have fired at the choppers.

Gnetch said...

I hear Jack Bauer killed him. :P

Seriously though, I'm glad he's dead. Let's just hope his people won't make some sort of retaliatory actions.

The Wolf said...

I'm not suprised GB that there would be some confusion. These types of things are usually messed up by the media for the first couple of days until all the information comes in. Either way I'm glad he's dead.

Gnetch Jack Bauer is like Chuck Norris only more bad ass and angry.

I hope they don't either but the reality is their going to probably make a martyr out of him. Though it is a huge blow against them

klahanie said...

Apparently, they threw the fucker into the ocean as a sign of respect to his religious beliefs.

Dr. Heckle said...

I think they should have kept him alive so that they could shave that fucking beard, let an ostrich peck at his testicles and Carrot Top shove pencils in his pee hole. Death was too much of a reward.

Kelly said...

I'm happy he's dead, too. The DevGru unit, a very secretive special ops unit within the Navy SEALs, are the ones responsible for putting two bullets in Osama's head. They are usually the one called upon by the president,himself, to take out certain individuals that pose a threat. I think it's kind of neat how the soldiers going into Osama's luxury home had cameras attached to them, allowing the president and all the rest of the high military officials to watch the show. They showed some of this "show" on CNN. There were two reasons why they dumped his body into the water. (1) They let Osama slide into the water to become shark meat because they said if they buried him, his burial site would become a shrine for terrorists and further their inspirations for creating terror and (2) It was for religious reasons. It's too bad they couldn't have captured him and later tortured him for awhile but the DevGru unit were undergoing live fire and being shot upon by all of his guards in all directions. Bin Laden, himself, is said to be holding a gun at the time. What I find interesting is that the Pakistan military was so close to bin Laden's "hide out", that was in plain view, for two years and they say they didn't know anything about him being there. Sorry. That don't wash and soon enough they're going to be questioned about that and their very possible involvement in keeping Osama's location quiet.

The Wolf said...

@ Klahanie yeah they said it was for religious reasons, that and nobody wants that peice of shit to contaminate their soil.

@ Dr. Heckle I agree death is too good for this prick. All that being said though I'll take him being dead rather then walking around and able to cause more suffering.

@ Kelly I heard rumours it was them, glad it was too. I like the fact they brought cameras to show what was going on to help squash the would be conspiricy therorists which are bound to pop up saying all manner of shit. I agree something is also going to happen in regards to Pakistans lack of involement. I mean first they never gave the U.S permission to go into the capital to find shit laden but at the same time they did fuck all to catch or kill this prick. It's either because their military was paid off by him or they were supporting him or a combo of a little of each. Either way it's fucking bullshit and there should be a serious investigation into the matter.

Kelly said...

Oh yeah... I'm sure the investigation, from what I gather on CNN and other News sources is well underway. The DevGru special ops team are bad motherfuckers that nobody in their right minds want to mess with, from what I've read. They're like the Navy SEALs X 10. You have to go through all kinds of hell to be accepted in that special unit. I'd almost hate to see what they have to go through, knowing what the regular SEALs have to go through, in their training.


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