Monday, May 23, 2011

Copy Cat

I was recently looking around YouTube to look for new videos to check out and try to get some ideas for my next fan video which I'm a little stuck on. As I was browsing around I came across a video that was uploaded by some random unknown fucker. The video was a fan video to the Mad Max trilogy using the song We don't need another hero by Tina Turner. I thought to myself "Hey this might not be too fucking bad" and decided to watch it. What I found was that this shit head had uploaded and claimed for himself a video I know he didn't fucking do because it was created by a guy who inspired me to create videos, and a guy I talk to on a regular basis on YouTube.

All this guy did was simple upload the video and add a two second clip of a Mad Max movie poster at the very beginning of the video, apart from that everything was the exact same. The guy didn't even make an attempt to remove the original editors watermark or make any changes to the video. Now what kind of lazy shit smear can't be bothered to make their own videos. I mean for fuck sake's you can splice together a half assed attempt in a half hour if you don't give a shit.

Now I know some fucker is probably thinking "Wolf your a fucking hypocrite you didn't create those videos you posted,  you just re edited parts and put music to them. What's the fucking difference?

Well to squash that fucking question to the ground there is a big difference. First obviously I never made Star Wars, or Mad Max or whatever future videos I do. There fan videos meant to show my appreciation to my favorite movies. And yes there made without whatever directors permission but making them is almost a form of advertisement for them, so in a way mine and other fan videos benefit them by getting people thinking about them. Not to mention because of copyright they can place ads on those videos and make money from them where I can't. A big difference from somebody who sees a video they like takes it and claims it as something they made themselves.

Here are the links to the two videos the first is the original created by Neckisstiff, I've shown a lot of his videos on here and there some of my favorites. Check it out and if you have a YouTube account subscribe to his channel. I also told him about the copycat, so hopefully the guy either gives him credit. But if he's a dick I'll post an update so you can flag his video and try to get it pulled from Youtube.

This is the link to the shit heads video. Notice that apart for the very beginning it's identical.

Random Hottie Of This Post

Christina Hendricks

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Autumnforest said...

That's not at all surprising, actually. I sometimes run across my own posts reposted by others with no mention of where they came from. The dangers of online community. It fucking sucks and those people should be found and stamped with a giant "T" for theft.

The Wolf said...

Exactly and it's so easy to do Autumnforest. I mean when it comes to content there's virtually nothing stopping a person from taking what they want and claiming it as their own

Gnetch said...

Ugh!! Copy cats! They are so annoying.

Meowlissa said...

Sad but true. Definitely annoying when someone isn't creative enough to just whip up their own work.

I was in a long legal battle with a teenage cockstick who stole all of my poetry & artwork I had posted online(for YEARS) and used it for his school assignments. Lucky for me, my hippie lawyer had convinced me years earlier to get my art and poetry projects copyrighted...even then its still a pain in the nipple to battle.

The Wolf said...

Exactly Gnetch they should be burned

I can beleive that Meowlissa I haven't had the displease of having anything copied (that I know of) and I think it's pathetic. I know it's hard given the number of sites, videos and everything else online these days to be 100 percent original but to blatently copy somebody ele's work after putting so much efofrt into it because their too fucking lazy to make something themselves is fucking sad. I hope you won against cockstick

Kelly said...

i agree with ya on the copycat lazy fuck. What you and your friend do is really quite creative and like you say, your videos do promote the movies which you're fond of. When he claims your friends or anyone else's as his own, he needs to be flagged and called out on it.

As for Christina Hendricks, I want to dive into her bosom trap in the picture here and have a lick-a-thon. I liked the cheesy, but eye- pleasing Knight Rider stripper video. I'm glad no one buzzed her so she could show more skin.

I'm also glad I finally could get around to blog commenting again and hit yours up. Slowly but surely, I've been getting around to all of them the last couple days. I think tomorrow I'll be all caught up finally. Take care, dude.


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