Thursday, May 26, 2011

Music To Sooth The Savage Beast

They say music soothes the savage beast, I'd say that's a pretty true statement If I ever heard on. That's right up with some of the shit Yoda said about paths and the dark side and all that, which is pretty good considering the source is a fucking puke green puppet. But getting all serious and misty eyed and stuff, music plays a huge role in my life. Not because I can play instruments or sing but the ability it has to lift my broken spirit when I feel like giving up. It was music that kept me going when I was re-coursed twice when I was in training in the army. About 40 weeks of boot camp isn't just training its a fucking endurance test to say the least. It was music that got me through years of abuse and the years of aftermath that followed. It was music that kept me from pulling the trigger on my step dad's 306 that was pointed under my chin. And music keeps me going today when I just want to crawl under a table and claw my eyes out to end the pain I feel.

For this post I want to do something a little different rather then bitch or rant about something that pisses me off. Instead I want to share some of the songs that inspire and keep me going. For those who have followed this blog for awhile you might even be a little surprised by the song choices.


Gnetch said...

I do this too, you know? I listen to music when I feel angry, sad, or whatever.

No, I'm not emo. But still. :p

My favorite song at the moment is Pink's Fuckin' Perfect and Paramore's Playing God.

But again, I'm not emo.

GEM said...

All beautiful music. You should also check out Sarah Mclachlan live singing "Angel" featuring Emmylou Harris. It is hauntingly stunning.

Take Care

Copyboy said...

Dude! You copied my post. Ok, maybe not. haha

Anonymous said...

If you play them all at the same time it's pretty cool cacophony.

The Wolf said...

@ Gnetch I thought Emo's were those weird moody types who cut themselves and dress funny.....maybe that's goths I don't fucking know. Can't say I've heard those songs yet, I'll have t osee if their any good.

@ GEM I was going to add that one but I couldn't find a deecent video of it on YouTube.

@ Copyboy well you could use these to interrogate terrorists, but I think this would just help them sleep not drive them insane

@ But Updates very true. Also if you play them all backwards at the same time you get a really good apple pie recipe

Kelly said...

Very, very cool, relaxing music, dude. I like Celtic Woman, too. As I watched the video, I really chilled out. Something about a beautiful red haired woman singing such a haunting, beautiful song like that. The 2nd vid, Unbound, was cool as fuck, too. The music in that one tranquilizes your spirit, lifts it and sends the right messages to your brain. I like the smoking of the pipes, the dazzling women, the subliminal effects, the symbolism of the money and all of that.

Really, all of these songs were very soothing for the soul.

I listen to music like this in order to relax and understand things. It helps you in so many way to just sit still and listen to this kind of music. And like you say, it helps get you through life's ordeals. I do the same. Take care.


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