Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger Why Are You Being A Fucking Crack Whore To Me

Not sure if I'm the only one that this is happening to, but I've noticed recently Bloggers comment section has gone retarded. Not the "Have you seen my baseball" hilarious fucking retarded. No instead it's the drooling " I made poopy in my pantaloons" fucking retarded.......WHICH FUCKING STINKS.

What's been happening is every time I decide to comment and I use my Google account it keeps going back to the log in thingy, even if I'm already logged in. So unless that blog has the option of using you're name and URL I can't comment. Seriously what the fuck is this Mickey Mouse shit Blogger, have I not been good to you. Have I not created several blogs using your site oh I don't know like fucking 8 of them now. Sure only one (this one) I still write on but fuck give me a break.

Perhaps Blogger got wind about me thinking of moving this blog to another blog hosting site or even turn this into a website and got jealous and decided to be a bitch. Perhaps somebody in the upper echelons of Google, since Google practically fucking owns the Universe and will probably start tattooing property of Google on everyones ass decided to fuck with my chi. Perhaps this is an attempt by the government to fuck with my shit before they haul me off to fight martians or some shit like that. Not that I have any problem fighting martians, those slimy fuckers with their tentacles and bug eyes.........assholes. Well not all of them those green skinned women are kinda hot, I could go Captain Kirk on them.....but I'm still going to pull their hair call them a bitch and not return their phone calls afterward.

So in closing Blogger sort your shit out, your acting like a fucking douche canoe and in need of a boot to the testicles.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Music To Sooth The Savage Beast

They say music soothes the savage beast, I'd say that's a pretty true statement If I ever heard on. That's right up with some of the shit Yoda said about paths and the dark side and all that, which is pretty good considering the source is a fucking puke green puppet. But getting all serious and misty eyed and stuff, music plays a huge role in my life. Not because I can play instruments or sing but the ability it has to lift my broken spirit when I feel like giving up. It was music that kept me going when I was re-coursed twice when I was in training in the army. About 40 weeks of boot camp isn't just training its a fucking endurance test to say the least. It was music that got me through years of abuse and the years of aftermath that followed. It was music that kept me from pulling the trigger on my step dad's 306 that was pointed under my chin. And music keeps me going today when I just want to crawl under a table and claw my eyes out to end the pain I feel.

For this post I want to do something a little different rather then bitch or rant about something that pisses me off. Instead I want to share some of the songs that inspire and keep me going. For those who have followed this blog for awhile you might even be a little surprised by the song choices.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Copy Cat

I was recently looking around YouTube to look for new videos to check out and try to get some ideas for my next fan video which I'm a little stuck on. As I was browsing around I came across a video that was uploaded by some random unknown fucker. The video was a fan video to the Mad Max trilogy using the song We don't need another hero by Tina Turner. I thought to myself "Hey this might not be too fucking bad" and decided to watch it. What I found was that this shit head had uploaded and claimed for himself a video I know he didn't fucking do because it was created by a guy who inspired me to create videos, and a guy I talk to on a regular basis on YouTube.

All this guy did was simple upload the video and add a two second clip of a Mad Max movie poster at the very beginning of the video, apart from that everything was the exact same. The guy didn't even make an attempt to remove the original editors watermark or make any changes to the video. Now what kind of lazy shit smear can't be bothered to make their own videos. I mean for fuck sake's you can splice together a half assed attempt in a half hour if you don't give a shit.

Now I know some fucker is probably thinking "Wolf your a fucking hypocrite you didn't create those videos you posted,  you just re edited parts and put music to them. What's the fucking difference?

Well to squash that fucking question to the ground there is a big difference. First obviously I never made Star Wars, or Mad Max or whatever future videos I do. There fan videos meant to show my appreciation to my favorite movies. And yes there made without whatever directors permission but making them is almost a form of advertisement for them, so in a way mine and other fan videos benefit them by getting people thinking about them. Not to mention because of copyright they can place ads on those videos and make money from them where I can't. A big difference from somebody who sees a video they like takes it and claims it as something they made themselves.

Here are the links to the two videos the first is the original created by Neckisstiff, I've shown a lot of his videos on here and there some of my favorites. Check it out and if you have a YouTube account subscribe to his channel. I also told him about the copycat, so hopefully the guy either gives him credit. But if he's a dick I'll post an update so you can flag his video and try to get it pulled from Youtube.

This is the link to the shit heads video. Notice that apart for the very beginning it's identical.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Star Wars Map Of The Problematique

For this video I wanted to do something to my favorite trilogy Star Wars. And no not the fucking visual cluster fuck that was episode 1, 2, and 3 with that gay salamander Jar Jar Binks and Hayden I can't act worth shit Chritensen (who single handily ruined Vader........fucking asshole). No instead were keeping it old school so I used the original kick ass trilogy.

For this video I used a song called Map of the problematique (hence the title) by Muse. It's a song that if you do some looking on YouTube will find it attached to all manner of fan videos to Star Wars, all of them to the prequels which is another reason why I chose this song.

Anyways hope you enjoy the video, please let me know what you think of it or any suggestions for future videos.

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Carrie Fisher (back in the day)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Want This Under The Tree For X-Mas

Okay so it's kinda early to start talking about what I want from Santa, that pinko commie bastard who gave me black socks last year. Black socks are you fucking shitting me cupcakes here? As If I don't already have 10 million pairs of them already. I specifically asked for 100 million dollars in unmarked bills, Lucy Liu, and a gold plated toilet seat and I get socks you dick!

Anyways getting back on target here I figured if I get the word out early maybe that fat fuck and his reindeer will get it right this year. Otherwise I will personally go to the North Pole and fuck him up. Let's see how that fucker makes Timmy a G.I Joe Fortress when I take a golf club to his knee caps, but I'm not angry.

For this year I'm keeping it simple I want a Gepard GM6 Lynx anti material rifle. It is a semi automatic Hungarian .50 cal sniper rifle that bridges the gap between sniper rifle and assault rifle, basically if an M-16 was on leave in Hungary got drunk and did the nasty to a sniper rifle this would be their bastard offspring and who doesn't love bastards? This rifle is designed to take out anything from troops who would become red mist if hit by a round, to light armoured viechles, bunkers, and even helicopters up to 800 meters away. Kinda makes me all misty eyed thinking about what kind of damage this would do to a bus full of pedophiles soaked in kerosene in an open field in the countryside.

I think that sums it up nicley.

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Anna Paquin

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hurray Hurray The First Of May Osama Bin Laden Was Greased Today

If you haven`t been paying attention to the news in the last couple of hours that piece of shit Osama Bin Laden ate some lead in Pakistan today and is now worm food. I have to say I`m kinda jealous that I never got the opportunity to put a bullet in that motherfuckers face, and I hope whoever did gets a medal or two for doing it that`s one less scum bag taking up precious oxygen.

I know his death won`t bring back the 155 and counting Canadian soldiers who have died as a result of operations in Afghanistan since 2002, or the thousands of soldiers from NATO and around the world who combat terrorism, but it does.....well at least to me anyway give me the feeling that their lives weren`t in vain.

But warm fuzzy feelings aside let`s not get ahead of ourselves and think that it`s game over. Osama Bitch Laden was a key figure but he`s not the whole enchilada. Those who worshipped that piece of shit will make a martyr of him and many will try to take his place. I`m also positive the bleeding hearts will go off an a tangent about how he should have been captured and brought to trial. Or that the U.S shouldn't`t have gone into Pakistan to get him. To them I simply say this Why the fuck wasn`t Pakistan looking for him if he was hanging out near a mansion catching up on the latest gossip about the royal fucking wedding. Why the fuck were they not stomping his guts out.

Anyways getting back on point I`m glad the fucker is dead, and I hope the rest of them follow a similar fate very soon.

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