Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scum Bag Criminals

A couple days ago two little shit smear punks received life sentences. The two teenagers who lived in Victoria (that's on Vancouver island here in Canada for those who don't know) raped, murdered, mutilated, stuffed in a freezer and then burned the remains of a 16 year old girl. Now I'm not going to mention their names or display their pics because frankly seeing or hearing their names disgusts and enrages me. And while I'm very happy these turds have gone to jail, a couple things are leaving a rather bad taste in my mouth.

For starters in Canada a life sentence is 25 years, depending on the judge someone who's convicted can be eligible for parole well before that, and in the case of these two in about 10 years. That's of course if they don't launch an appeal and get a limp dick spineless judge who will give them a lighter sentence. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I doubt these two are going to be that lucky but you never know.

But this isn't what really pisses me the fuck off. It's what the victims are going to have to go through. As if the brutal death of their daughter wasn't bad enough, now if there is an appeal they get to go through that all over again. Given the slow nature of the Canadian legal system this could take years. Not to mention the flood of emotions and greith that will be ripped open when these two are up for parole and the fight to keep these two shits behind bars for as long as possible.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a complete load of bullshit. I understand that in the legal system they have a different way of looking at things. It seems they care more about those who commit the crimes rather then the victims. Sure these two little shits go to jail, sure they loose their freedom, fuck they'll probably be beaten and raped occasionally....but so fucking what they didn't have to do what they did let them fucking rot. No instead they go to jail and have the tax payers pay for their life. No matter how bad prison is for them they still get to have some semblance of a life. The girl they killed doesn't even get that. Because of what they did her family didn't even get to have an open casket funeral to say goodbye, instead they burned her body like you or I would burn garbage.

Why do we have to pay for these fucks who are never gong to add anything to society. There not even human fucking beings, there scum. Fuck even one of the kids dad is currently in jail serving a life sentence for a similar crime, I bet he's real proud of his piece of shit son maybe they can share a bunk and practice not dropping the soap with each other to pass the time.

I'd write more but I've spend enough time thinking about these pieces of shit that I have a headache and feel sick to my stomach.

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Kelly said...

I hope they don't get a lighter sentence in the future. They're get a light enough sentence now. I feel sorry for the parents. It's too bad the parents don't get to hand out the sentence for these pieces of raping, murdering shit. You don't want to know what I'd do with these worthless fucks. As you know, I have a very, very good imagination. Anyway, I'll turn my mind away from the grisly images that are popping in my head right now and say I love Julianne Moore. Hey, if you wanna see her pretty much completely naked, check out the movie "Chloe". She has some nice lesbian scenes with that big-eyed chick that plays "Red Riding Hood" in the movie with that same name. There now... The evil images have been replaced with nice ones. :)

The Wolf said...

Me too Kelly. I would 5 minutes alone with them each with a Black And Decker electric drill. I saw that movie and yes that scene was the best part, actually it's the only part of the movie that I remember

Autumnforest said...

Wow, that would drive me insane! I am strongly pro capital punishment and believe we do not do it enough here in the US. The world is too crowded to pay for food and lodging for life for these bastards.

The Wolf said...

I agree Autumnforest we used to have the death penalty in Canada and almost 60 percent of the population want it brought back, of course the government is too chicken shit to do so.

I agree it's not done anywhere near enough. Serial killers, pediphiles, and other sick fucks will never be rehabilitated. There scum and will never other anything of value to society. Why we keep them alive is beyond me.


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