Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Video And This One Is About Cyborgs And Stuff

It's been too fucking long since my last video, so here is my latest one for your viewing pleasure.

For this one I used Robocop 1 and 2 which are a couple of my favorites movies from when I was a kid, possibly because of all the violence and blood and good times had by all. Not to mention there is hardly any fucking good Robocop videos on YouTube, this is seriously fucking wrong on so many levels. I mean for fucks sake this movie is epic. How many other movies does somebody get literally blown to shit in such a violent way only to be brought back as a bad ass cyborg super I will fuck your shit up cop. If I ever find myself in a situation like that I would want to come back just like this.........well as long as I still had everything below, I mean how the fuck am I suppose to fuck toasters and waffle irons without that?

Anyways the song I chose was So Cold by the band Breaking Benjamin and was inspired by the movie 28 Days Later. Listen to the lyrics and you can totally hear the references relating to zombies which is why I like this song.

Anyways hope you like it and let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you haven't seen my other videos I have most of them posted on the videos page of this blog. You can also go to my YouTube channel ( snakeeyesx1vp  ) to see them there.

Random Hottie Of This Post

Kristen Bell

Here are a couple other completly random videos I thought you might enjoy as well


PhotoClasher said...

Glad to see you are still making the videos.
Good Job with the Robocop.

Kelly said...

Now I gotta hand it to ya, man. That was your fucking best video yet. I love the way you brought the humanity of Robocop, not just the violence (which is cool, too) of the 2 movies. The overlay of different videos and images was very professionally done. I like that little bonus at the end of this where the guys are playing their violins in fucked up positions. Funny, man, funny. Captions or subtitles were funny, too.

Now about all these hotties, like this blonde, for instance, you keep throwing on to your blog posts. You're causin' me to spooge in my pants when I see this shit. And I hate havin' to get up and change my pants every time I come to this site. Ah well... small price to pay, I suppose. :)

The Wolf said...

Thanks PhotoClasher I plan on making tonnes more if all goes well my next one will be a Star Wars one.

Thanks Kelly I was kinda disappointed with the lack or really good Robocop videos on Youtube which is why I made this one.

Now as for the spooge in your pants, I can't help you there. Perhaps you should just go pantless and keep a warm wash cloth on standby.

Dr. Heckle said...

Loved Robocop when I was a kid. I can't really say why now...but I did. It never occurred to me before, but having his face partially exposed was kind of a HUGE design flaw... Nah! Who shoots at faces anyway...

The Wolf said...

I never thought of that either until you mentioned it Dr. Heckle but yeah having a partially exposed face is a big flaw. If that was me and pretty much all that was left was my brain and face I would want that protected big time


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