Friday, June 3, 2011

The Return Of Fuck You Friday

It's been a long time since I last did fuck you Friday here in my little corner of the universe. I've decided to start doing this again because..........well there is frankly a lot of shit that pisses me the fuck off. Yeah I know I'm a jolly fucking soul full and not bitter in the least (caugh bullshit caugh)

1. Fuck You Blogger

What the fuck Blogger or perhaps Google is the shit turbine in this one. I love the fact that you shit out your new little button (Google Plus 1) and that your new bundle of fucking joy is plastered on every site you control. BUT CAN YOU FUCKING GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BOYFREINDS ASS AND FIX THE FUCKING COMMENT SECTION ON BLOGGER SO I AND EVERYONE ELSE CAN FUCKING SEND PROPER COMMENTS YOU DOUCHE BAG. Besides arn't you like a couple years behind on the whole social network scence considering Facebook and Twitter have had their buttons everywhere for ages. Shit even smaller sites like Linkedin have had a sharing or like or whatever the fuck button since 2010.

2. Fuck you to all the fucking tourists who park downstairs where I live and can't fucking part your car. Really your driving a rented fucking Prius the size of my left nut and it takes you 5 minutes to back it into a fucking parking stall the size of Oprah's ass. Do you require a blue hockey helmet and a fucking lunchbox you stupid shits. Learn to fucking drive or buy one of those cars that can park for you, better yet pay someone to bang your wife for you since you probably don't know how to do that either.

3. Fuck you to the yuppy fucks in Yaletown. (Vancouver) Okay ao I'm not rich (probably will never be so fucking what) I don't wear a suit, and I don't try to blow smoke up people's asses takling about stock quotes and how great I am. So don't look down at me like I'm trash. I would love to see you useless shit's actually have to do work that dosen't involve an assistant and corner office and a Starbucks within a block becaues Tim Hortin's is too fucking peasent for you, and you might get germs from the commoners if you stepped in there for a capadipshit or whatever the fuck you drink with your salad.

4. Fuck you to all the tampon companies, you know guys do have to buy this shit for their wives and girlfreinds and in my case roomate once in awhile and it would be fucking wonderful and magical if you could actually label your shit in a manner in which I can fucking understand. WHAT THE FUCK DO THOSE STUPID FUCKING FLOWERS MEAN? Is it so fucking hard to put words on your box saying something like "Hi this box contains 48 tampons your lady freind can shove up her vagina so she won't bleed like a gutted pig all over the place. On and by the way these don't stink and have those fucking fancy wings shit that you can turn into a feild expeidant aircraft and escape the impeding zombie apocalypse with." Is that too much to ask ?

5. Fuck you to the cock knobler who decided that were now going to have a referendum on the HST. (Harmonzed Sales Tax) Wow shit for brains your only half a fucking year too late because it's been going on for that long, and I love paying an extra billion fucking dollars on everything you can buy. Are you going to tax my soul next fuck stick?

6. For all the fuckers who think Vancouver isin't going to win the cup this year I say this FUCK YOU.

7. Fuck you to every pole smoking ass pirate who throws their cigerette butts on the ground. Because I just love having to walk in your filth, or having my dog walk through your filth especially when there are garbage cans and ashtrays everywhere. I also love how you shits bitch all the time about smoking bans or how everybody hates smokers. Well no shit non smokers hate you, because most of you are ignorant pigs. Pick up your fucking butts and put them in the garbage where they belong, or eat them for all I care, but don't leave them on the ground it's disgusting.

There I've said my peice and like taking a giant shit feel more relived and relaxed for doing so

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Autumnforest said...

Wow, all I can say is, "you buy your woman tampons?"

The Wolf said...

Thats the thing Autumnforest I'm single :( I usually end up doing the errands so if my roommate needs something I'll grab it for her If I'm out that includes all the girlie magazines and tampons and shit. I'm not one of those guys who gets embarrassed by that stuff so it's no big deal to me.

Gnetch said...

Dude. It takes a real man to buy tampons for a woman!!! You are awesome.

Kelly said...

I buy my wife pads. she don't like tampons. I've always wondered about those 'wings' you're talking about. When women use them on their vaginae, does it allow them to fly?

The Wolf said...

Thanks Gnetch I usually get weird evil looks from fat old women when I and up getting them.

Pads are also good for gunshot wounds Kelly as they can absord lots of blood. I keep a few in my earthquake kit just in case. As for flying I'm not sure but it sounds logical to me

Mad Jack said...

Nice to read your regular routine again. I was kind of wondering what happened to you.

So you have a roommate comma female? Where did you ever find a female that would tolerate your ragged ass for more than ten minutes?

The kindness and generosity of some women never ceases to amaze me.

The Wolf said...

Well thanks Mad Jack ya fucker. To be honest I was considering shutting the blog down and have been busy as fuck so yeah the standards have gone down a little.

My roommate I've known for years going back to my army days so she is all aware of my antics. Besides she likes having me around becuase if anyone tries shit I'll fuck them up


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