Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starsky And Gut

I saw something today on my morning dog walk that disgusted and pissed me off. As I'm walking the seawall a family was walking towards me, mom, dad and what I assume is their kid unless they stole him or some shit like that but who the fuck am I to say that's wrong. Anyways this kid had to me no more then 12 and gasping for air while clutching his chest.......why BECAUSE HE WAS/IS A DISGUSTING FAT BODY. Now this kid was way the fuck overwieght not just a little chubby like what some kids get before a growth spurt. Not this kid not fucking tubby no fucking way this kid had to be pushing at the lighest 250lbs, which is fine if your like 6,2 and built like a football player, not 5 ft fuck all.

Now I'm not Dr. Phil or some fucking childhood parenting expert.....shit I don't even want kids unless I need a chimney cleaned, but what the fuck is wrong with these fucking parents. Are they too fucking stupid or perhaps too fucking lazy to tell little lard ass to put the fucking Hagen Daz down, get the fuck out of the chair, stop playing Call of Duty or whatever the fuck the kids play, and get outside and fucking exercise.

I'm going to sound like an old man here but what the fuck is wrong with them. When I was a kid growing up on the island I was in the woods all the fucking time. We built forts, explored, hit each other with sticks, and made explosives.......yeah you read that right we made homemade explosives and blew the shit out of stuff, and I was fucking good at it. I wasn't on the fucking X-box eating chocolate bars and sucking up oxygen through my ass all fucking day when it was sunny outside, and I turned out okay..........sorta.

Don't these fucking puke peice of shit parents know that if you let them do this shit now they'll grow up with health problems as adults, not to mention low self esteem, lets face it the ladies don't dig fat dudes unless their wallets are fatter or at least that's how it is here in Vancouver, but that is a tale for another day. Or perhaps it's because these so called parents are too fucking self absorbed with their own pretentious narcissistic bullshit to notice Timmy resemlbes Jabba The Hutt. Perhaps if they got their collective heads out of their fucking asses, put down the crack berry's and took a loot around they would smarten the fuck up.

Perhaps I'm asking for too much.

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Mad Jack said...

Island? What island? Did you sink it or is it still there?

I agree with you about the parents. On a flight out of Detroit I observed a child of 10 or so years and his mother. Neither person could walk normally down the aisle between the seats, but their huge girth forced them to adopt a sort of side step, and even that wasn't easy. The kid was a real butterball, the mother was worse.

One look at the regular diet of a kid like the one you saw will give you the reason why the kid is fat. I'd think Canada would have some kind of law about this, something about child neglect or something, but evidently not - or the law isn't being enforced, which is a little hard for me to believe where Canada is concerned.

...and I turned out okay.......... sorta.

Who are you trying to kid, dog boy? You're as close to 'okay' as I am, and I know for a stone cold fact that 'okay' has been completely out of my reach for years. Shoot, my elevator doesn't even stop at the 'okay' floor anymore.

Note that this doesn't make you a bad person or anything - I'd live next door to you and count myself lucky - it just means that by today's standards you do not qualify as 'okay'.

The Wolf said...

I should have mentioned which island Mad Jack, I was referring to Vancouver Island which all the locals simply call "the island". It's kinda like how people from Newfoundland call it "the rock"

There should be a law against this sort of thing and it is child neglect, not to mention an added burden to tax payers and health care because when this kid needs a triple bypass to clear his KFC clogged arteries who gets to pay for it. The kind in question I think he was American because he had a USA t-shirt on but we unfortunately have lots of fat kids up here too, I think it's a north american problem in general.

By today's, or the last decades standards okay is deffinitly not in my vocabulary but hey fuck it who wants to be okay and "normal" I'd rather be a little fucked up and interesting

Autumnforest said...

I get you. I grew up in the woods and building tree forts, playing tennis, shooting baskets, and walking everywhere and skateboarding (I had no bike). It was a different world. When I raised my son in the 90s, he wasn't allow to just wander the neighborhood and park without supervision. Videos and computers are way too entertaining. Their brains are stimulated and not their bodies. I know a shitload of adults who, after a day at work at a desk, complain they're exhausted when they get home. Exhausted from what? A half hour commute? Sitting for 9 hours? We need to treat children like sled dogs. You don't own a sled dog without running it frequently or it gets all insane and impossible to live with. Walk your children, parents--play fetch with them!

Anonymous said...

there should be something like fat camps for those poor kids. True, nowdays you walk in the park and it's like Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

GEM said...

Hilarious!! Love this so much, so bloody funny and so true!! You say it how it is with no rose tinted glasses and pretty much what every one else is thinking but too PC to say it.

thank you!

Take Care

The Wolf said...

Your absolutely right Autumforest they need their guts run out. Get them outside or sports or something. Theres nothing wrong with computers and gaming and all that but if it's all they do it's a fucking addiction.

@ What we have in mind I agree of course some snot nosed shit is going to bitch that it's making fun of fat kids. I say it's better they learn theres something wrong and help them fix it rather then getting bullied at school for being fat.

@ GEM thanks though it's probably why I don't get along with many people in the world........of course if their douche bags why the fuck would I want to be around them

Kelly said...

Are you sure that was a kid? Perhaps they stole whatever the fuck it was from the circus- the elephant house, perhaps.

Childhood obesity gets to me, too. Parents just let their friggin' kids eat as much as they want, watch TV and play video games-or whatever- instead of encouraging them to get outside and play. I'm not saying they're all guilty of that, but damn, most kids I see these days are fat as hogs. I'm halfway tempted to put an apple in their fat jowly mouths and throw 'em in the oven for a King's feast.

Hell, back in my childhood days, when the dinosaur roamed freely about, my friends and I would make do with a big slab of cardboard box and slide pieces, with us on them, of cardboard down a grassy hillside. Great fun. Plenty of exercise walking back up the hill, too.


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