Saturday, October 16, 2010

Justin Bieber You're A Limp Dick Raging Homosexual, And Other Famous People I Want To Tell Off Part 2

Way back in July I wrote a post about things I would say to famous stupid people if I had the opportunity to talk to them face to face. (Click here to see that post) Well since there is no shortage of fucking stupid people, or famous dumb assholes out there and their ridiculous antics, I decided a second post on the matter was the right thing to do.

Here's what I would say to them again.

Kim Jong Il

"First and foremost I want to congratulate you on you're 65th workers party celebration, who would have thought that with starvation, crumbling infastructure, and a highly oppressive regime you fascist fucks would have stayed in power for so long, good job. It's great to see a slimy self centered little fucking psychopath who tries to dress like Yoda trample all those below yourself. Oh let's not forget the massive brainwashing bullshit that you've pulled over you're countries eyes. I fucking love how you claim to be this great leader and you're country is a shit hole, you don't even have enough power to keep the street lights on. And good luck trying to take over South Korea with all that antiquated shit you're armed forces use you fat fuck."

Kim Kardashian

"Dear Miss or Mrs (I don't know or care) Kardashian

Let my start by saying WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO BECOME FAMOUS? I really don't know. I heard you were in Playboy, and I heard something about a sex tape. Simply wow is that all I need to do to get famous is make an "accidental" sex tape that mysteriously gets leaked out into the Internet for every basement dwelling nerd to spank his hobbit too. If that's the case maybe I should make one........on second thought maybe, why because A. I don't fucking want to, and B. I'm not going to result to doing something so stupid to make a name for myself. What the fuck happened to being famous for something notable such as discovering a cure for a disease, or breaking a world something that was hard as hell but you sucked it up and overcame the challenge. No instead you just spread you're legs and bat you're eyes you fucking twit."

Megan Fox

"I'm not going to lie I like millions of men and women around the globe would love to do the nasty with you. But apart from you're looks and large "assets" you are frankly the most annoying overrated so called actress of the last 20 fucking years. You have no talent, and you sound like you smoke 4 packs of Malboro's a day. What's going to happen when those looks fade and theres not enough makeup or photoshop to touch you up, sure you'll be rich unless you're like many others who've become famous and blew it all on drugs and stupid shit like gold plated toilet seats.........WHO THE FUCK NEEDS A GOLD PLATED TOILET SEAT ANYWAY? Sure I bet it would be awesome to take a crap on an expensive metal, but apart from that it's just ridiculous."

Conrad Black

"Wow simply fucking wow you arrogant prick. I love how you blatantly stole millions, went to some cushy "prison" where you wrote a newspaper column and lectured other "prisoners". Only to get to walk out of jail after a short sentence. First off you should still be in jail and not some resort prison like where you ended up but somewhere like Folsom prison with guys going 25 to life for murder. I'd love to see how you'd survive in there, maybe the Aryan nation will take you in and protect you if you do them a "favour", and by favour I mean be their bitch."

Tyra Banks

"Shut the fuck up you're wasting precious oxygen."

That's it for this post, though I'm positive that will be a part three given that there is a very long list of shit turbines out there.

Random Hottie Of This Post

Natalie Imbruglia

Random Video Of This Post


The Green-Eyed Brat said...


klahanie said...

..And once again Paris (so fucking what!) Hilton has been visiting Britain. My fellow Canadian, could you like yell down to the States and tell them to take her fucking back. We don't want her.
Sorry, you know, I'd be very tempted to say similar things, face to face, to those you have mentioned in your list. Have a good weekend.

middle child said...

Is it just me or did Megan Fox used to be beautiful and now looks weird, like did she have some work done?

The Wolf said...

Thanks Green Eyed Brat

Klahanie shr must have told her there was a shoe sale in London or something, either way it sucks that she is wasting oxygen over there. Too bad there wasn't some way we could use her to suck in carbon monoxide from car exhaust.

Middle Child you know that's a good question I saw that horror movie she did fairly recently Jennifer's Body I think it's called and she looked hot.....useless but hot. Then I saw some bits of her latest movie Jonah Hex and yeah she looks like she's had some work done and it dosen't look good. I wonder how messed up she's going to look at 45

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Natalie Imbruglia is hot...who gives flying fuck about all the others.

Sam said...

This is a fucking awesome post-I especially like the bit directed at Kim Kardashian she's a slut-bucket. Love this blog!
Gary-WAIT! Can I just speak for the States for a moment and say we DEFINATELY DO NOT WANT PARIS BACK-isn't there someplace else that can take her??

The Wolf said...

I couldn't agree more with you A Daft Scots Lass. Not only is she hot but very down to earth which adds to her hotness and puts her up their with the likes of Kylie Minogue. That and their both Aussies and have sweet accents.

The Wolf said...

Yeah Sam slut bucket is the perfect description for Kim Kardashian, sure she's attractive and all (most in Hollywood are) but the bottom line is that she is famous for doing absolutly nothing.

As for Paris mabye they could send her to Mars, I mean if she acts the same way around the martians as she does around people they won't want to invade us because they'll think were all like that. Then again they might want to exterminate us if they think were all like her.

Gnetch said...

Agree with everything!!!

Also, I am so relieved that finally, I heard a real man say that Megan Fox is overrated. Seriously! I don't know what's hot about her at all. She looks like a poor man's Angelina Jolie. And I don't even like Angelina Jolie. There's a lot of hotter and more talented actresses in Hollywood.

The Wolf said...

I think that Megan Fox is kind of the flavour of the month when it comes to actress', I totally agree Gnetch that in terms of talent and beauty there are far better women then her. I'm also not a fan of Angelina Jolie especially after her last movie Salt, she looked like she was strung out on something in that.

Max Evel said...

I've been busy getting my Justin Bieber video ready for a posting. I don't like that bastard for some reason.

The Wolf said...

Can't wait to see the new video Max. Yeah theres something about that little he/she bitch that for some reason every time I see his pic I want to bitch slap him in the face until my hand is numb.

Kelly said...

Yeah, I'm coming late to the party here. I've been out with friends and family and actually having some enjoyable times.

Regarding what you would say to Kim Jong Phooey. I agree with your assessment of the fat little turd.

Kim K. and Paris Hilton and that Katy What's-Her-Name chick are all worthless, for certain. No talent, no personality and loaded down with too much make up, money and time on their hands.

None of them couldn't handle working a real job for more than a hour because they're spoiled rotten bitches. Take them and keep them. Megan Fox, herself, isn't that great looking without all the make up. I saw a pic of her without all that stuff on her face and she looked butt-ugly.

Ah, it's good to be catching up on blogs again. Especially yours.


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