Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend Shout Out

It's time again for another shout out to some stuff I thought you'd find interesting. Or at the very least will give you something to look at while you're waiting for that porn you downloaded to finish, you know the one with the cheerleaders and the goat who do things that would only be legal in Mexico and only if the police were bribed a month in advance.

Anyways for this one there are a couple of sites I'm recommending you check out. The first is a relatively new blog that was recommended to me last week called Balls, Beer, And Video Games . While this blog is not even two months old it offers something that is pretty rare in the blogging world.........A GUY'S POINT OF VIEW. In a sea of shitty pointless blogs it's nice to find one from a guy's perspective, and one that doesn't deal with touchy feely inner child shit.

The next site is not a blog or website but a YouTube channel page from a guy who goes by the alias Neckisstiff. I've been a fan of his videos on YouTube for awhile now, and can honestly say they were what inspired me to start making my own. Below are a couple videos he created.

Anyways that's it for this weekend, if you know of or have a site that you want shouted out leave me a comment below or fire me off an email.....but there are some rules.

First you don't get a shout on here if you are already linked up on my blog roll or I have you're button on the sidebar unless you were recommended previously like the blog I first mentioned.

Second if the blog, website, or whatever sucks flaming goat testicles don't send me a link. I mean seriously I won't read or visit the site if it's a site dedicated to how you collect ass hairs and make action figures out of them. It's got to a be topic of thing that is interesting. I mean fuck I'm a guy that means I have a short attention span, shorter patience, and am not amused by pink lace things unless their on some woman who looks like Lucy Liu...............mmmmmmmmmmmmm Lucy Liu.

Third if you're site, blog whatever doesn't suck said goat testicles give me a quick description of what it's about either in the comments or in an email so I kinda know what to expect.

Random Hottie Of This Post

Lucy Liu
(What who else was I going to put up when I mention her)


Gucci Mama said...

When do I get to be your random hottie, Wolfey? I'm certainly the hottest girl you know. Right?



The Wolf said...

Well Gucci there is a strict application process that all random hotties must pass before becoming a radom hottie. Of course "special favours" will speed up the process a lot ;)

Max Evel said...

I like the video mash ups even tho' I'm not a Top Gun fan.
I should be because my mom worked on the helmets for the movie, but I can't stand Tom Cruise...LOL!

The Wolf said...

I can't stand Tom Cruise either, personally I think he's full of shit, himself and his scientololigy bullshit religion can go off and find the mother ship that's hiding behind the sun. But that being said I really like the mash up this guy did to Top Gun, and I gotta admit the song is kinda catchy.

Gnetch said...

I have the same question as Gucci Mama, Wolfy. WTF are you waiting for???


Anonymous said...

Love Lucy...making small asses look sexy for the rest of us! Great pick!

The Wolf said...

Geez Gnetch are you nagging me too fucker :) As I mentioned above it's a very strict and rigourious application process. Do you think Lucy Liu just got picked and slapped on she had to fill out an application, resume, headshot, blood sample, measurments, and had to endure 3 hours of Clint Eastwood movies while I tried to make out with her.

NJ who dosen't love Lucy Liu that woman rocks and she knows how to kick ass.

Gnetch said...

Headshot? I will even give you a mugshot if that's what you want!!! :D

The Wolf said...

Okay Gnetch :)

Kelly said...

Oh yeah... I have a blog to recommend. It's called Asshole Hairs and Goat Testicles. It's an inspiring blog, chock full of hope, good cheer and just a hint of prayer worship. Join it, won't you?

Lucy Liu makes my penis hard.

Like the two videos you put up. Especially the Mad Max one. I guess you created them with that new software you talked about in an earlier post. I will check out those blogs you recommended. I'm always on the lookout for blogs that offer something more substantial than the "I took my kid to soccer practice and he cried over an ouchie he got while playing" kind of blog. Way too many of those type. I agree.


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