Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hot Mutant

Dren played by  Delphine Chanéac

Last night I watched the movie Splice, If you havn't seen this movie it's kinda like Species that starred Natasha Henstridge back in the late 90's. If you havn't seen that movie then well you're really right the fuck out of it arn't you, what are you living in a cave in the middle of nowhere? Okay so the story goes something like this. A couple genetic researches decide one day that it would be a totally awsome fucking idea to take some animal and plant DNA and mix it with some human DNA, becuase we all know that nothing possibly could go wrong when you cut and paste DNA all over the fucking place. So they figure out how to do it and BAM giant fucking CHernobly tadpole that grows into a bug eyed chernobyl Butterball turkey, and finally Miss Chernobyl 2010. Of course there are tensions a love interest and some people get killed, you know typical everyday shit.

One thing that kept going through my mind as I watched this movie was "I think I would do that mutant" well that was until she turned into a fucking he and went ape shit, I don't even know how the fuck that happened. But before that when it was a she I think I would tap the mutie if I was in that situation, I mean after all the male lead did, how bad could it be? I mean sure she has a tail with a stinger.......a fucking stinger kinda like what killed the Crocodile Hunter, you know Steve Fucking Irwin. The dude who would yell "Crickey" and leap off the front of a boat to swim after some crocs who sure as fuck did not want his happy ass near them. I mean fuck who is that crazy and or stupid to jump in the water with a fucking crocodile, I mean this is kinda how the guy got killed was swimming around some stingray's and one decides to stab him in the chest with it's stinger. You know I bet he would do the mutant, those aussies are kinda crazy that way. And like the guy in the movie he got stabbed in the chest with the stinger thingy. Of course it was after when she was a he and wanted to have a crack at the female lead (can you really blame he/she/it ?)

Okay i'm getting off topic here, anyways apart from the stinger, she also had some weird fucked up looking legs and sprouted wings now and then, wings would be a plus for sure I mean think how much faster you could get to places...........meh fuck it too much work.

Then I started thinking that this would make a really fucked up episode of Jerry Springer, perhaps the most fucked up in that shows history. I mean think about it I can see the title now "Honey I'm cheating on you with a mutant" I wonder if that would be worse. I think it would be like those guys who get dumped by a girl for another girl and arn't allowed to watch........really fucking sucks by the way happened to a guy I know not me in case you're wondering.

And what would happen if the mutant got pregnat what the fuck would that be like. I mean the good part would be that becuase she grew up like in 50 days you could send it out in the world or to the nearest traveling freak show in 51 days. Think of the thousands you would save on food, clothes, textbooks and toys, that's a small fortune I'm sure. The bad would be that it would want to drive you're car that much faster and be bringing home all the fucked up emo goth kids from school to date. Though it would be able to get a job really quickly catching rats and other small animals that are pests, and that would save a lot of money on food.

Anyways I had a point to this post, but I've forgotten what it is and my head hurts, I'm confused, and I suddenly have a craving for turkey.

Random Hottie Of This Post

 Delphine Chanéac not as a mutant

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Copyboy said...

Not just a mutant. How 'bout a transgendered mutant with 2 ex lovers? I can envision the fight scenes now.

The Wolf said...

You said it Copyboy not to mentin the mutant would have to speak all ghetto.

Gucci Mama said...

I'm still waiting to be the random hottie of one of your posts, Wolfey. ;)

The Wolf said...

Well send me a pic that you would like me to use and I'll put you up as the next random hottie Gucci

Gucci Mama said...

Fabulous! I'll send you a couple to choose from, how's that? You are my favorite bloy, Wolfey. Smooooooch!

Oh,fuck it. said...

Crickey,this was some funny shit!!!!Love it!!

The Wolf said...

Glad you like it, I am to please :)


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