Friday, October 1, 2010

Fuck You Friday And A Brand Spankin New Video

First off before I do my FUCK YOU FRIDAY, I wanted to share my latest video. Unlike every other video I made this one I used Adobe Premier Pro (CS3 It's an older program but new to me fuckers) So this one is going to be very different from the previous ones. Anyways I hope you like it, and let me know what you think. Also if you have any ideas for ones leave me a comment below.


FUCK YOU To the shit faced cock master who was moving in or out of the apartment building just down the street. You have a tiny fucking jeep, and a tiny fucking trailer with two bright red (but fucking tiny) kayaks on top. So how the fuck do you figure you can park you're tiny fucking jeep with you're tiny fucking trailer sideways on the fucking road. It's already narrow from cars parked NORMALLY on either side. Yet somehow you didn't get the memo to not park LIKE A COMPLETE FUCKING RETARD. You're wife or significant other stood on the sidewalk with a look like somebody used a cock hanger to give her a frontal lobotomy while you're sitting in you're tiny fucking jeep looking like you just raped the neighbors cat.

Here's a news flash ass wipe...ONLY EMERGENCY VEICHLES CAN PARK ANY FUCKING WAY THEY WANT BECAUSE THEIR SAVING THE LIVES OF PEOPLE NOWHERE NEAR AS STUPID AS YOU. And last I checked that tiny fucking jeep is not a fire truck. Oh you get extra dumb ass points for blocking three cars and a garbage truck while you contemplate you're place in the universe.

FUCK YOU to the taxi who rear ended a parked truck tonight. Wow they actually gave you a license, what the fuck were you doing to run into a parked veichle. It was a large pickup truck not a smart car how could you miss it? If you were talking to you're boyfriend on you're cell phone about designer shoes you deserve to have one shoved so far up you're ass you can taste it.

FUCK YOU to the creepy fat fucking mouth breather who kept giving me the evil eye. Yes I was walking behind you asshole, and unlike you I don't waddle like a fucking penguin. I also don't sound like walrus gasping for air when I breathe either. I also was not sneaking up on you to mug or kill you (though the thought did cross my mind) ,so if my walking spooked you TOO FUCKING BAD. And if you're going to stop to make sure I'm not a mugger then move the fuck out of the way so I can navigate around you're humongous ass, seriously it has it's own gravitational pull it's so large.

FUCK YOU to the security guard at the liquor store who was watching my every move. Do I really look like a thief because I'm not a smiling idiot? I came in to buy some beer and or wine, not start a conversation with somebody. Why don't you pay attention to the punk in the corner who looked like he was casing the place to steal something. Oh that's right you were too focused on me, the guy who isn't a thief or a punk but a guy just looking for some booze.

And on another note to you asshole I am twice you're fucking size, do you think that if I wanted to start some shit you would have a prayer.

FUCK YOU to the running asshole who spat on the sidewalk a few feet in front of me. Really you couldn't move over like 2 FUCKING FEET and spit over the railing into the ocean, is that so hard to do that you're scared you'll miss a beat on you're favorite Britney Spears song? No instead you have to share you're germs and spit on the ground where kids play, and other people walk as well as their dogs. I run too asshole and if I have to spit I make dam sure it doesn't go anywhere where somebody could step in it. It's called common courtesy jack ass look it up.

FUCK YOU to the other running asshole who was so important and in such a hurry that you couldn't say "excuse me" so I knew you were coming and could move over while my dog was sniffing another dog. No instead anus taster you have to shove you're way around me and almost step on my dog and almost trip on the other one's leash. Then you get all pissy because I shoved you out of the way into the railing and told you to go fuck yourself. Hey you started it asshole and I don't care how fast you can run I can run faster angry, especially when you call me a "fag" and flip me the bird from 30 feet away. Wow you really impressed me with that ass clown.

There I've said my piece for this Friday. It's been a rather stressful week so if it came off as angry well now you know why.

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Elizibeth Banks


Max Evel said...

Death Race is the coolest !

Anonymous said...

Some people can be assholes. Feedback for new video - Great clip!

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the creepy mouth breather...

Tell us how you REALLY feel!

Awesome Fuck Yous.

Ahhhhhhhhh---I LOVE Jason Statham. You made my day!

Christy said...

Great fuck yous for the day! And Death Race is awesome!

The Wolf said...

@ Max Evel yeah it's a sweet movie far far better then the original with Sly Stallone. I think the only thing that would have made this movie even better is if Jason's side kick was topless.

@ Echo Phyber thanks, I couldn't have said it better some people can be assholes indeed.

@ NJ glad I made you're day, though Jason Statham dosen't do it for me I do like the movies he's in.

@ Christy thanks, yeah it's a swet movie.

Gnetch said...

I hate it when people spit when I'm near! It's just so fucking disgusting that you can feel the tiny droplets of their saliva. Gross! People like that should be burned!

The Wolf said...

Yeah it's pretty disgusting Gnetch, and yes they should be burned. But have people spit on them to put out the flames

Gnetch said...

Yes! That's a great idea. And those people who will spit on them should not brush their teeth for 1 week.

The Wolf said...

Gnetch I like the way you think


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