Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fuck You Friday On Sunday

Okay so I know I normally do my fuck yous for the week on Friday, but there have been some things that have prevented me from doing so, meh fuck it better late then never I always say. On another and completely different note I hope to have a couple new videos for you guys in a week or two.

First and foremost FUCK YOU to the Asian woman who was practically dry humping the fucking elevator button while yammering away on her cell phone. Okay fucker you stand right in front of the elevator button and fucking bitch in Chinese (I think it was Chinese) about who the fuck knows what to who the fuck cares, but the whole time the elevator's not coming.........why you ask BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T PUSH THE FUCKING BUTTON. So I take the initiative and reach around her to push it, only to have her give me dirty looks like I was going grab her, sorry but I don't plan on wasting my fucking life away while you wait to figure out why the fuck the elevator isn't coming.

FUCK YOU to the slow ass fuckers in the parking garage who couldn't figure out what the fuck they were doing and were driving slower. Really it's a fucking parking lot, here let me break it down on what you need to do. 1. you drive you're sorry ass around until you find a spot to park. 2. YOU FUCKING PARK THE FUCKING CAR. You don't sit in the middle of the way and block it for everyone, and you don't drive so fucking slow I can feel myself age literally. USE THE FUCKING GAS PEDDLE NUMB NUTS.

FUCK YOU to the greasy shit who thought my car was the perfect thing to lean up against and have a smoke. I don't recall the side of my car having a sign that read "Please lean you're slimy ass against this car and be a complete douche bag because you think you're cool. You didn't even fucking bother to move when I showed up to drive away. So since you're too fucking cool to move I simply jumped in and drove away and laughed my fucking ass off when you fell ass first into the street, especially because it happened right in front of a bunch of girls you were checking out. Yeah you're fucking cool asshole next time use a wall to lean up against.

FUCK YOU to the fucker with the little dog who let it yap and bark like it was being fed into a meat grinder. Really you don't know how to discipline you're dog. I COULD HEAR YOU FROM THE 5TH FLOOR. Next time you're dog causes shit, instead of coddling it like a kid put it down and discipline it. Then maybe you won't drive everyone on 5 fucking floors nuts with you're bullshit.

FUCK YOU to the creepy cluster fuck who was giving me the eyeball while walking past me. Do I look like a fucking alien? Is there a third eye growing out of my forehead? If the answer to those is no then don't look at me like I am. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you, you looked at me like you had a pickle shoved up your ass.

And last but not least FUCK YOU to Telus one of the local cell phone providers here. I go in to get a new phone for a friend of mine and you fuck me over, first you waste my time and then you tell me you can't do shit for me. What the hell are you paid for exactly, you sure as fuck am not eye candy so that narrows down what your skill set is. As of today you are officially on my list of the most useless human being alive, congratulations fuck stick, this honour entitles you to fuck all and to be laughed at on a regular basis.

That is all

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Anonymous said...

Hope Sunday clears away the rust of the this long week you had.

Gnetch said...

Oooh, that's a lot of Fuck You's. I've been having a lot of people I want to stab this past few weeks. I just haven't written a post about them.

Some people just have to disappear! LOL

The Wolf said...

I hope so Echo it's been a hectic week.

Yes Gnetch it certianly is, they seem to be everywhere these days...........fuckers.

Max Evel said...

I think we should have a happy fuck you day.
Like if I see a pretty lady with big boobs.
You know... I wanna fuck you big boobie lady !

The Wolf said...

You know Max Evel that's not a bad idea, not a bad idea at all.

Kelly said...

Yeah, that's what I like doing all day. I'll drive my car around and around and around in the parking garage, stopping every so often just to piss off the backed up traffic behind me. The poor, unfortunate fuckers behind me will honk, shake their fists and threaten me with indescribable violence but, you know... it's all worth it.

LOL. I'm kidding, of course. But your telling of that situation reminds me what it's like to try to park at the Hollywood Casino's parking garage. We go there every so often for the seafood buffet. I wanna run into the morons who do that to me, man.

And about those yipping-yapping, unbearable loud dogs... They should be fed through a meat grinder. They might learn something.

The Wolf said...

I thought that would be the sort of thing you'd enjoy Kelly, it's fun for the whole family, like throwing pennies at homeless peaple. I'm sorry I was going to say something witty and extremly intelligent but I forgot what that was exactly

Kelly said...

That's okay. I got nuthin', myself. Except... BOO! Did I scare you?


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