Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Couple Ghost Stories

Happy Halloween Everyone. For this post, being my favorite time of year I wanted to share with you some real ghost stories with you that happened to me. I've been lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it to have had numerous encounters, I guess I'm just one of those fuckers who see dead people like that creepy little kid in that know the one directed by that guy about that dead guy who doesn't know he's a dead guy so by default he's scaring the shit out of some already traumatized kid because he thinks he's the kids counsellor. Anyways here we go.


The first encounter I ever had with the spirit world was when I was a little kid (sometime between 5 or 6). We lived on a small island east of Vancouver island in an old house on top of a hill. The story goes that the original owner was a world war 2 veteran who returned from war to discover that his wife not only had an affair when he was gone, but had a child with the guy. Nobody knew what happened to her afterwards, she simply vanished, the vet raised the child as his own.

Just before I was born some water pipes in the basement broke in the only part of the basement that still had a dirt floor. When my father (by the way the guy was an evil asshole but that's another story) dug down into the dirt he discovered a long wooden box. Upon opening the box he discovered human remains. Now instead of doing the right thing and calling the police he simply and for reasons I don't know to this day he simply buried it back up.

But it was only after I was born that things started to happen. At first it would be things like strange noises upstairs when no one was upstairs. Then doors would lock or open on their own, pillows and other objects would start to fly across the room both when people were in those rooms and not. I remember one occasion having a large pillow from the living room fly on it's own into the kitchen and hit me. Later on footprints would appear on the ceiling starting above the entrance of the basement and going into the bathroom, there would always be two sets, one's a woman's shoe like a high heel, the other a heavy work boot type shoe. The creepiest thing that happened was when my mother would be woken up by me talking in the middle of the night, she would come into my room only to find me sitting up in bed talking to the wall. When she asked me what I was doing I told her that I was talking to the nice dead lady in the corner.

She wasn't always nice though. The spot where her body was no one ever ventured into, there was an overwhelming sense of terror that you would feel as soon as you crossed that invisible line into that corner of the basement. I remember my brand new tricycle rolling into that spot and being too scared shitless to go after it. The last time I was in that house was when I was about 14 and the bike was still in that spot, even my so called father who didn't believe in ghosts would never set foot in there.

As for my father I haven't spoken to him in almost 20 years, as far as I know he still lives in the house, and still hasn't done anything about the body in the basement. I've tried to get something done about it, but without proof nothing will happen.


A few years ago I was dating this woman who lived about an hour outside of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada for you guys who don't know what country I'm talking about). There was always strange things happening in that house that both me and her saw all the time. We heard voices coming from inside the walls. Strange orb like lights would float along the walls, and strange cold spots would happen instantly and always in different parts of the house.

One night in particular I was staying over for the weekend. We were getting ready for bed and the whole night I felt like I was being watched, I always felt like I was being watched but on this particular it felt stronger and more sinister. We crawled into bed and hadn't been there for more then a couple minutes when I felt a weight being pressed down around my torso, it felt like a person was sitting on my chest. It started to become hard to breath and I couldn't move. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands grab my throat and start choking me. I gagged and fought for air but couldn't move, I couldn't speak or shout out but I was able to make enough noise to wake my ex girlfriend up. She grabbed my shoulders and shook me, when she did the weight and the hands went away. As I tried to regain my breath and figure out what the hell just happened I looked into the hallway to see a black figure standing in the doorway tapping it's fingers on the side of the wall. It then slide behind the wall, the whole time keeping it's fingers tapping the wall and watching me, after a few moments it vanished and I no longer felt the sinister being watched feeling.

But what really freaked me out was when I went to the bathroom right after. Looking at my reflection in the mirror I saw red finger marks on my throat. The finger marks were too narrow and long to belong to my ex girlfriend, and the angle would have been impossible for me to do to myself.

That's just a couple of dozens of ghostly encounters I've had.................SO FAR.

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Max Evel said...

Freakin' Ghosts !
All they do is try to scare people.
What's up with that? ...good stories .

The Wolf said...

Yeah no shit why do they have to do that, I mean I know they get bored. But when I become a ghost I plan on haunting important some cheerleaders locker room

Gnetch said...

Whoa! That was scary! What did your then girlfriend say about the bruises?

I've had a few experiences myself though they were not as clear as yours so I'm not sure if they were really ghost encounters or just some sort of half-asleep dreaming.

The Wolf said...

My ex didn't know about the bruises around my neck because I never told her Gnetch. There was enough spooky stuff going on in that house and at the time I didn't want to scare her by telling her about them. Though looking back I think I should have.

It's intresting that you mentioned they might have been when you were half asleep, I've read stuff on the subject that says that spirits have an easier time communicating with people when were asleep. It has something to do with our energy levels and being more open to them, or something along those lines.

Kelly said...

Mmm... nice. Not really. These are really troubling stories, dude. You seem to be hypersensitive to spirits and they seem to be magnetized to you. Some people have the misfortune to be like that. The marks around your neck, the black figure tapping, the pillow hitting you and so forth would all be enough to cause me to shit my fucking pants.

I believe you when you tell of these events. As you know, I lived in a haunted house, as well and had my own unfortunate encounters with them. Nothing compared to yours, though.

I read where spirits enter people's dreams, as well. I think they did that with me a lot times- just the way my nightmares would play out. Because of this, I was afraid to go to sleep at night, not to mention the things I saw and heard. With your evil father still living there, I wonder what the ghosts have been up to with him since you've left. Maybe he's getting a little payback for being a bastard to you. Who knows?

This was a great posting, Wolf. Sorry you had to go through all that, though. Maybe your days ahead will be haunt-free, hopefully.

Mad Jack said...

Nice blog. I lived in haunted houses twice. I was never attacked, but we'd hear noises, people walking around, windows opening and closing, stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

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