Monday, November 1, 2010

Mad Max My Darkest Days

What sounds better then roaming the post nuclear wasteland in a beat up 1973 Ford Falcon, eat dog food straight from the can, and get chased around the Australian wasteland by guys wearing hockey masks.....personally I can't think of one fucking thing. Okay that's not really true, perhaps having Lucy Liu as my personal sex slave, or ruling the world with an iron fist would be nice, shit I'll even settle for my own island in the south pacific, but all that aside roaming the wasteland in the last of the V8 interceptors is pretty fucking dandy.

Now in case you have no fucking clue as to what I'm talking about my latest little video creation is focused on my favorite series of movies MAD MAX. Notice I didn't call it a trilogy, I always thought the third movie was it's own stand alone movie due to the fact that it doesn't really tie in that well with the others.....not to mention an almost complete lack of driving stuff until the end of the movie (It's still awesome though just not as awesome as The Road Warrior)

Anyways getting back on topic here I hope you enjoy the video, and like my other ones if you have any suggestions or even ideas for future videos that you would think would like to see let me know....because knowing is half the battle or some shit like that. And before I forget one final note, for some reason all my videos have been banned in Germany lately, not sure why, guess I pissed off the Hoff or something.

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Max Evel said...

Good song choice for the video.

klahanie said...

Hey man,
Great video and I agree with Max, excellent choice of music. And speaking of Ford Falcons, you remind me of my high school days in Vancouver. A buddy of mine drove around in a bright red 1964 Ford Falcon. Ah memories.
Upset the mighty Hoff? Say it aint so....

Anonymous said...

Mad Max used to creep me out when I was little..every time it came on, I would go You just re-traumatized me!

The Wolf said...

@ Max Evel thanks that song got stuck in my head after veiwing a video where it was mashed up to the new Robin Hood movie, I think I posted it on here a few posts ago.

@ Klahanie thanks. I'll have to look up 64 Falcons I didn't even know they had them in north america. The Hoff must be pissed, I mean why else would the last 4 videos I've made be all banned only in Germany.

@ Boobies you like it :)

Kelly said...

Yeah, that's a very, very cool fuckin' car. I think most guys, while watching the Road Warrior, were fantasizing about driving a car like that around in that scenario. I always have.

Your video is very, very cool, too. I like the way you incorporated all the scenes of the movies with cool visual effects. Nice song, too. I noticed that they banned my vid in Germany, as well. Wonder what's up with that.

Take care... and great job on your video, man.

The Wolf said...

Yeah I don't get it Kelly why Germany has a hate on for videos. I checked and of the last I've made all but one (The Resident Evil one) were banned in Germany. And what I don't get is that I've used the same files in this video as my very first Mad Max video and their not banned in Germany........fuckers.

Glad you like it though, I should have a new one in a week or two.

Gnetch said...

Your videos got banned in Germany? That sucks!!

You may have Lucy Liu as your sex slave but you can never rule the world! The world is MINE!!!

The Wolf said...

Yeah I don't get it Gnetch I guess the Germans arn't all smiles and sunshine or something. Tell you what if you take over the world before me you're first order of buisness is to make sure Lucy Liu is my sex slave.


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