Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Word Mashing

It seems like everything is speeding up, I dunno perhaps it's old age setting in for me and I'm too fucking slow to keep up ( I did notice some of the hair on my chin is now grey.....on my chin of all places what the fuck is this mickey mouse shit? )  Anyways because things seem to be speeding up the attention spans of people are getting shorter. So short in fact that I've noticed more and more that people are combining words to form new ones to save that whole precious millisecond of time that they could have used for something else. Perhaps they want to squeeze an extra little sip of whatever the fuck it is their drinking, or perhaps they noticed some hot girl across the room with big boobies and they want that extra millisecond to undress them with their eyes ( can't say I blame them for that one )

So I thought I'd share some of these mash up's that I've heard around here, starting with the annoying ones

1. Chillax (chill + relax)

Easily one of the most irritating things a human being can say to another human or human like being. Seriously it sounds like some kind of medication to relieve constipation. "Here Timmy take some Chillax and you'll be shitting buckets in an hour". Chillax may relieve constipation in only some patients. Side effects may include dizziness, dry mouth, ulcers, burning pee, brain damage, cancer, zombies, ass hair, and the urge to act like a complete fucking ass clown. Consult you're family doctor or the guy selling it illegally from a van before using it. If some ass nugget tells me to chillax I will punch them in the eye.

2. Swhore (slut + whore)

Really it's not bad enough to call someone either one of these terms but you have to combine them. True you get points for using you're imagination, but for fucks sake this one just sounds stupid.

3. Swass (sweaty + ass)

Okay this one could serve a practical purpose. Say if you will that you're at a fine dining establishment and you don't want to announce to the world that you're ass is sweaty.......I mean nobody likes a sweaty ass after all. Plus using swass has a semi sophisticated manner to it, by sophisticated I mean it's like changing the channel from Jerry Springer to Maury Povich for one of his "You're not the father" episodes. You know the one where someone who slept with an entire football team is accusing one guy of being the dad. And the DNA results are in and YOU'RE NOT THE FATHER. At which point the guy does a touch down dance and shouts " I told you so " while the woman starts crying...........yeah isn't T.V great.

4. Radtastic (radical + fantastic)

Does anyone actually use this one anymore who isn't stuck in 1994?

5. Refuckulate (recalculate + fuck)

I love this word even though it's technically not a word........YET. Frankly it should be, and whatever cock knockers over at Webster's dictionary disagree with me seriously need to refuckulate their way of thinking. I even love how this word rolls off the tongue like a fine French wine outside of Paris.

That's all for now anymore and it would be considered effort

Random Hottie Of This Post

Lucy Liu
Yeah I know she was the random hottie of the last post, but c,mon it's Lucy Fucking Liu. Not to mention she's in tight tight leather, heels and firing a flamethrower. Do I really need to explain why this picture is here?

Random Video Of This Post

By the way check out this persons Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/6castor6 they have some really good videos there.


middle child said...

Speaking of old age,...I do not get hairs on my neck. Just under my chin and I pluck those immediately. I call those my witchy hairs. And fast? I can no longer hear as fast as people talk. Combining words? Just pure laziness. Our little thing is how words, after forever, are being pronounced differently. And speaking of Uranus,..have they kicked a planet off the island? Love you!

Gucci Mama said...

I love the word "refuckulate". It's one of my flaves. Anyone who ads "tastic" to anything or says "chillax" gets an automatic throat punch from me.

The Wolf said...

Middle Child I can totally understand the urgency of removing witchy hairs, and I agree for the most part combining words is kinda lazy. As for Uranus, not sure what happened perhaps it got the other planets really shitty Christmas presents like those stupid little raindeer sweaters of a fruit cake, either way I don't know.

That's why you rock Gucci

Max Evel said...

(Refuckulate) If Sara Palin can make it happen with whatever word she want's . So can anyone else.
I'm sure it can be a real word one day.

Kelly said...

Cool video. Like the music. Love all the Desperado flicks.

These idiots who make or say these stupid word combinations are lazy, I agree. The problem is, is that they think they're being really clever when they come up with this shit.

Thankfully, nobody says junk like that around here. We might be hillbillies but we do speak real words, even if we tend to leave off the "g's".


I like goin' fishin' on Tuesdays . Or- I need to be seein' if the old lady has gotten off the rag yet for a friendly poke. Or- My cousin's coochie hasn't been tastin' right for some time now. I've been wonderin' what that's about?


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