Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dumb Fuck Behind The Wheel

Okay I'm fucking pissed. Tonight I was watching the news, they were covering the recent dump of snow we just had, which by the way is pretty minimal yet the city was in shut down mode. Seriously 15 mm or about an inch and half of snow and buses shut down for the morning, schools were closed, the international airport had major delays, and even one of the sky trains had to stop for a few hours because there was too much ice and nobody seemed to know how to remove it.........BUT THAT'S NOT WHY I'M PISSED. Frankly I found all of that rather funny given that most of Canada has between 4 to 6 months of retarded fucking cold winters that make you pray for global warming.

What really pissed me the fuck off was this one story about this ass clown over on Vancouver island. Some 20 year old shit smear decided it would be a great idea even though the roads were icy and shit to do about 205 km/h that's almost double the speed limit on the island highway in good weather. And his excuse.....because he wanted to beat the oncoming snow.....WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT. The police couldn't even pursue this guy because the road conditions were too crappy for them and it would put the public in more danger, so they had to set up a road block to stop the guy. But you know what part of this really got on my nerves, it was the fact that this guy basically got a slap on the wrist. His punishment for putting dozens of peoples lives in danger was a $468 dollar fine, and the car he was driving WHICH WASN'T EVEN HIS was impounded for 7 days. Now they might be able in court to have the car removed from the owner and sold at an auction for charity but still what a load of shit.

If I gave some fucking psycho a gun and a handful of bullets and that fucker went on a shooting spree and killed some people I would go to jail for helping him. Sure I didn't actually kill anyone and wasn't there, but it would still be my gun. So why the fuck is this any different? Thankfully he didn't kill anyone but he could have very easily, and on that same highway 10 minutes after he was caught another car which was very similar even in color hit a logging truck and two people died, and they were obeying the speed limit. And yet this shit head walks away with a small fine.

If he had killed someone I guarantee you he wouldn't have been charged with murder, the ass clown who lent him the car who is probably as big of a fucking douche bag as the driver is would probably receive no punishment either. Personally I think both of these idiots should be dragged through the streets and beaten until some fucking sense is in them, and given that assholes actions, that could be a long fucking time.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Haven't they banned him from driving for a few years?

The Wolf said...

As far as I know Gorilla Bananas no. They might later on becuase he's being charged with a few things such as reckless driver and a couple others, plus they might confiscate the car. But since he was only speeding he'll probaby get a few demerits on his license.

Copyboy said...

I thought Long Island drivers were crazy!!! haha. Man that a Ivanka trump is wow!!!

The Wolf said...

Wish I could compare the two Copyboy but in my experience drivers from Toronto and Montreal are scary as hell especially Montreal where you wait about 10 seconds after the light turns green because people are still speeding through.

Yeah Ivanka is a hottie for sure she's also really tall

Kelly said...

That's the best pic I've ever seen of Ivanka Trump. I didn't realize that she looked that good.

That speeding dumbass and others who engage in driving like that in bad road conditions piss me off, too. The vehicle that you drive is a weapon. It can kill anybody just like a gun can. It's too bad they let him off so easy. He should have least been flogged or caned. Or dragged along the road with his dick strapped to the tailgate of a car.

Ah well. That's misplaced justice for ya these days.

Gnetch said...

If I had a car, I wouldn't let anyone borrow it if it would just get me in trouble. Ugh. I hate reckless, stupid drivers.

And I hate stupid laws.

Max Evel said...

I miss the snow . I like driving like a crazy person in it .


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