Thursday, November 4, 2010

And Now For Something Useful

If you use a wireless router like me it can be a royal pain in the ass when you get a shitty signal. Recently I had to move my computer to another room and now have 4 walls and a bookcase in between me and a decent signal. So I started trying some stuff out to help boost the signal, cause 8 percent to too fucking slow.....were talking watching old people fuck kinda slow, which is extremely painful in case you've never seen this.

Here are a couple videos of some things I've found that ACTUALLY WORK to help boost you're signal and they cost nothing other then some arts and crafts time (don't eat the fucking paste)

Some points I want to make with using a pop or beer can for you're antenna, when I did this I went from 8 to about 20 percent signal strength. Also because my antenna in on a long usb cable I found I got a slightly stronger signal if you put the pop can on it's side facing you're router (about 2 to 4 percent)

This next one is something you can do to you're routers antenna

Using both of these I have a signal strength of just over 50 percent, not as fast as it used to be but still pretty dam fast. This is especially important if you're searching the net looking for midget clown porn.......not that I've ever looked for midget clown porn. Now this might or might not work for you, but if you have a wireless connection hopefully this might help you out if you're connection sucks big floppy donkey dick.

That is all

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Max Evel said...

Wow !
You are on wireless ??
Wolf you have my sympathy .
I've had to make all my connects direct .
Wireless is to damn slow.
Good post .

Copyboy said...

The really bad thing is how the router companies are always changing their strength letters. "Oh you need a G one. Actually an N one is better. No wait a ..."

The Wolf said...

It sucks Max I'm not a fan of it, even on my net book the connections sucks and I'll be 10 feet from the router. First chance I get I'm going back to cable.

Copyboy that sounds about right

Kelly said...

I don't have a wireless router but the videos here makes it seem pretty feasible. Hey, I wanted to let ya know that you have been betrothed an award (The LOL Award) on my blog. Take it, put it up on your blog and choose some other worthy recipients if it so pleases you. If it doesn't, search for midget clown porn, instead.

The Wolf said...

Yeah it's actually pretty simple even if you suck at arts and crafts like myself (stupid fucking glue stick) It takes about 5 minutes to make the atachment for you're routers anteinna and about half that for the pop can. One thing I didn't mention is that you can also cut the pop down the side rather then cut off the top, this way you don't have to lean it over to get a good signal.

Thanks for the award I shall check it out and post it with pride.

Gnetch said...

Who gave you that picture of mine, Wolfy? :P


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