Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Wolfman What Have You Done (New Video)

For my newest video I wanted to do something with werewolves. Not the gay ass Twilight shit either, fucking sparkly fucking vampires that prance in the forest.... FUCK THAT SHIT. So for this video I chose to use The Wolfman, staring Benicio Del Toro (not sure if I spelt his name right) Emily Blunt, and Sir Anthony Hopkins (that's right he's a knight because he's that fucking awesome).

Anyways for this video I was originally going to use some Rammstein for the music, in particular the song du riechst so gut meaning you smell so good which is one of my favorite videos from that band (I put it on this post as well). I scrapped it though and went with the song What Have You Done Now by the band Within Temptation. I couldn't upload any of their videos for some reason but definitely check them out, of course it doesn't hurt that the lead singer is pretty fucking hot.

All that being said check out the video, hope you like it and let me know what you think.

Random Hottie Of This Post

Kate Mara

Again My video is banned in Germany for now, I guess the Hoff is still angry at me


Max Evel said...

Yeah , you don't don't wanna mess with Twilight.
They might arrest you for copyright violations.
Besides...their movies are pretty gay .
Good Job on the video .

The Wolf said...

Not to mention Max Evel that if I made a Twilight video they would complain that it dosen't sparkle enough or some other shit, either way it ain't gonna happen. Glad you like the video.

Kelly said...

I liked your video that you made a lot. Good music and well put together- all the way through. The 2nd video, the one with the red-crazyed eyed vampires and wolves freaked me out pretty good. The whole setting was creepy. But in a good way.

Good music for that one, too. The fact that it was all sung in German added to the creepy factor.

Hey, I don't think the Hoff is likin' you much. Maybe you should send him a rancid brautwurst to chomp on.

Autumnforest said...

I admit, I used to piss my neighors off when they had loud gay parties with country music and a bunch of kickers. I'd put on Rammstein really loud in my backyard. Haha. It was awesome. Your video was gorgeous and the song was ideal. I don't know how you do it, but you have the touch. And, if you did Twilight, I would hope it was a comedy because I can't see it without laughing my ass off. I like how Edward's face gets more and more white face each successive movie.

The Wolf said...

Thanks Kelly, it was the music video that first got me hooked on Rammstein to begin with. I think that song came out in 98. As for the Hoff, perhaps if I sent him some Jack Daniels and a big mac he could enjoy them on the floor in a drunken stuper. Maybe then he'll let my stuff be shown in Germany.

Thanks Autumnforest Rammstein is great for that I used to have a neighbour on the base who would bring his girlfreind over on the weekends. Her screaming and moaning would keep me up all hours of the night so I used to take my speakers and blast Rammstein through the walls. I think they broke shortly after.

Glad you like the video, I've been thinking on and off of doing a Twilight spoof like "How to make Twilight cool" and through in clips from movies like Saving Private Ryan and the Terminator. But then I would have to download Twilight and my computer would hate me. And we all know what happens when computers hate humans.

Gnetch said...

No pale, sparkly, vampire-y goodness???? *sobs*

Oh wait...

Okay. Seriously, the video is amazing, Wolfy.

The Wolf said...

Thanks Gnetch sorry to dissapoint about the sparkly fairy vampires who prance in the forest and collect flower petals and fantasize about their boyfriends.

Glad you like the video though :)

ChopperPapa said...

Dude that's a heck of a job on the video man, seriously!

As for as the German thing...well, I started to get a headache about 15 seconds in.

Copyboy said...

There's nothing like kicking back and enjoying banned video entertainment.

The Wolf said...

Thanks ChopperPapa glad you like the video. For my next one I think I'm going to do a war thembed one, I havea couple ideas I'm playing with. As for Rammsteing it's not for everyone, I got into them big when I was in the army.

Copyboy exactly.


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