Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fuck You Yahoo Answers

One of the things I've been doing to try and get my website (The Razors Edge) noticed is using Yahoo answers. If you've never used this site or even heard of these fuckers here's how it works.

You answer or ask questions on whatever topic. Every time you answer a question you get two points. If they choose your answer as the best answer you get an additional ten points, I know fucking exciting shit eh? The more points means you go up in level and can answer more questions. It also means that if your answers are chosen to be the best answer any link you use as your source will be displayed at the top for everyone who looks up that question or find it's online. Basically this gives you back links to your site, more links more traffic and all that wonderful stuff.

The other day when looking for some easy points I came across this question "Facebook is simply crap.... Do you agree?" So I answered, fuck it it's an easy two points I figured and it's not like I had anything better to do.

Today though I got a nice little email from the assholes at Yahoo telling me my answer violated their terms and I would be deducted ten points for doing so. My answer to the question was this;

"The only thing I see that's crap is your grammar. Seriously the slang makes it harder to read"

This is because the little fuck face who wrote the question couldn't even spell words properly and used some type of fucking ghetto slang making himself (I'm assuming it's a he but who the fuck knows these days) look like a complete fucking retard. I think my answer was pretty nice considering what I should has said was something like this;

"Hey fuck stick learn to fucking spell and form a proper fucking sentence you ass clown. What's the matter did you snort too much fucking coke, or were you two busy giving hobo's hand jobs behind a dumpster and had to type with one one. How about you wake the fuck you, read a book or two and stop being such a fucking oxygen thief"

And as for the soft cock ass pirates at Yahoo......FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF. How about you screen those who post questions that make them look even more fucking stupid then what they are and give me bonus points for pointing out the fact. How about you also drop the politically friendly, nobody can say shit to anyone who might cry and piss themselves fucking attitude. Sure this little bitch is probably 14 and wants to be all cool by thinking he's a gansta, but seriously fuck off. I'm still going to use Yahoo answers because I do get some good traffic from that site, but fuck me do they have to be so fucking sensitive.

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Autumnforest said...

Haha. You crack me up. I agree. I love to hear people say it like it is.

The Wolf said...

Thanks Autumnforest I aim to please. And that's exactly it what happened to being able to speak your mind.

Max Evel said...

Wolf, FUCK'EM !
Every fucking gay ass retard wants to be politically correct these days.
Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the retards , or the gays, but I do hate the gay ass retards.

Copyboy said...

I never even knew YA could dump people. BTW...if it makes you feel better wiki dumped me for the prom.

The Wolf said...

Exactly Max Evel fuck'em. I'm sorry but if some dip shit can't fucking spell or form a proper sentence he or she is a fucking moron and should be told so. I fucking hate this warm and fuzzy fellings crap. Like you I hate the gay ass retards.

Copyboy me neither, I wasn't dumped just deducted 10 whole points not that I'm going to lose any sleep over it but still it's fucking stupid. Probably a good thing wiki dumped you, I heard wiki has crabs.

Mad Jack said...

What a bunch of dumb asses. Deduct ten points? Why don't you Yahoo ass clown retard door knob sucking liberal scum buckets take that ten points, a jar of Vaseline and a bucket of sand and shove that ten points right where the sun don't shine. There's your ten fucking points, butt wipe.

The idiot with the bad grammar probably isn't some twelve year old pizza faced dork; he's likely 25 and this is as good as it's ever going to get for him. Now, just think about this clown in a voting booth for a minute or two.

I don't use Yahoo, by the way.

The Wolf said...

Mad Jack I'm impressed if I didn't now better I'd say you were almost as bitter as me. And your probably right, it's probably some 25 year old fat puke peice of shit who's most memorable part ran down the crack of his momma's ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress. He probably still lives with mom and stuff's his fat fucking pie hole full of hot pockets while jerking off to the elves on World of Warcraft.

I'm still going to use Yahoo answers just because for my website it does bring decent traffic. If I didn't have the website I'd never use it.

Mad Jack said...

Sure, why not? Just don't come crying to me when you start getting emails about +3 Plate Mail, Holy Avenger swords, Elves, Dwarfs, Goblins, Orcs and other strange stuff.

You know, it occurs to me that if you're going to lose 10 points the least you could have done was earned it. Shit, what you wrote doesn't even qualify as a real insult or flame. If you have his email, you could really start fucking with him and then post the whole series. That would be a hoot!

Not that I'd ever advocate that kind of thing... because, well, it's wrong to hate fat fucking ignorant chili slurping Calibans who can't for a cohesive sentence much less a creative thought.

Mad Jack said...

Oh, yeah, nice post. Keep it up.

The Wolf said...

Holy Avenger Swords those only work if your wizard is at level 32 and uses the book of Gildar to enhance the other charecters atributes, and can only be used when entering the Goblin kingdom to get past the giant bridge troll.

I totally agree my comment was pretty tame. I wish I was able to pull up the guy's question to show how much of a stupid fucktard this guy is but I think it was taken off as well. As for the email no luck there either, and trust me I looked.

I don't think it's wrong to hate fat fucking ignorant chili slurping Calibans.....whatever the fuck that is, it's just that society is full of limp dick assholes who cry when people call them a pooh pooh head.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against fucking gays either, but the way these fucks cram it in your face, we react in a hateful fucking manner. And yeah, Fuck Yahoo. Wreck'em all watch'em fall and sleep like a baby.


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