Sunday, January 30, 2011

NHL Guardians........What The Fuck ?

First off I love hockey it's a great fucking sport, hey I'm Canadian after all and hockey is in our blood. The only thing I don't like about hockey is a lot of the bullshit politics and crap that the NHL shits out on a plate and thinks its wonderful. There latest little attempt at mass marketing and making money is with the new NHL Guardians.

Now if you haven't heard of them this is what it boils down to. They got Stan Lee, you know the fucker who created characters such as Spider Man to come up with super hero's that represent every team in the NHL. Each team gets a character named after the team, that wears the colors of the team and has different attributes and all that shit. Think of it like The X-Men only a lot more gay.

Seriously I know this shit is to get kids in skates and interested in hockey, but I also know this is a cheap stunt at trying to squeeze more cash out of mommy and daddy so little Timmy can have some action cards, or a shirt or some shit like that. Knowing those fuckers I'd bet money your going to see either a cartoon or video game based around this.

If the NHL wants to get people in seats and attract people to hockey especially Americans then there are better fucking ways to go about it. Not to mention these "super heroes" are fucking lame. Like what the fuck are they supposed to defend against, old gum on seats, or that the stadiums shitter doesn't plug up. Or how about making sure the ketchup dispenser is full and in functioning order, that's pretty important shit......NOT.

Frankly if you were in need of a super hero who would you want to save your ass. Some guy called The Toronto Maple Leaf who looks like he's spewing brown vomit from hos fucking hands or Batman. Yeah I think the answer to that question is pretty fucking simple.

If you haven't seen what these charecters look like here they are.

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Max Evel said...

Wolf they have tried time ,and time again to keep Hockey in the states.
I loved watching it when we had a local team, but
it just never taken off like Baseball ,and Football.
Wished it would've grown, and giving it Marvel names is kinda weird.

Kage said...

i watched until they showed the superhero for my city's team, and then i had to turn it off. the whole thing kind of smacks of desperation, sadly.

and i'm pretty sure i saw a couple of my little ponies scampering around in the background.

The Wolf said...

Max it's very sad, when the Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes were playing for the cup a show called Ace of Cakes had higher ratings in the U.S. Things like having hockey "super hereos" signals to me a desperate attempt at getting some attention. I can't wait to see what cluster fuck they come up with to try to expand into Europe.

Kage it is very depressing, did you see the one for the Vancouver Canucks (that's my favorite team) The thing is a fucking half whale guy. It's fucking sad, I serioulsy wanted to cry. It dosen't help that the charecter looks like he's ready to jump off a fucking bridge and end it.

ChopperPapa said...

I don't watch hockey, don't understand it, but my son would go ape shit over these characters..

Kelly said...

I could only watch about a minute of the hockey/superhero video. It's pretty lame. You're right. It is an obvious lame attempt to get to mommy and daddy's pocket book through their kids. I've never been a big hockey fan, myself, but I've always wanted to catch a hockey in person. From what I've been told, there's a world of difference between watching a NHL game on TV and actually being there. The violence with the fighting and flying teeth getting knocked out would cheer me up a bit, probably, too.

I liked that Wolfman movie and the video you created. My favorite scenes were of him (Del Toro) strapped in that chair, breaking free and slaughtering all of his tormentors in the room. I laughed when that happened. I also liked the part where the decapitated head goes rolling down the steps. Beautiful. Kinda sad at the end though when he dies. I can understand why he wanted her (Emily Blunt) to kill him, though.

The Wolf said...

Your missing out ChopperPapa it does take some getting used to it's a great game.

Kelly yeah it's sad to say the least, I think it shows a serious desperation in the higher echelons of the NHL to get new fans. I think they should concentrate on the game and not this kind of crap. And your right going to a live NHL is an experience in iteself. But if you go, go to a Canadian city to really get into it. I got to see Canada vs Germany here in Vancouver for the Olympics and it was epic.

Glad you liked the video I can't take credit for it, I just found it on YouTube, I will have one of my own on here very soon though, hopefully before the end of the weekend.


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