Friday, January 21, 2011


When I posted my latest video I got a lovely spam comment from a site called Boycott American Women (if your just dying to see the link it's in the comments of my last post, you can't miss it it's fucking huge). Naturally I had to check this site out just to see what the fuck is going on, and after a very short look through found that it is complete fucking garbage like what I thought it would be.

Now I do think there is a growing gender gap between males and females in terms of schooling, and the stats are showing that young males are being let down by the school system, but that's a little off topic.

Anyways this site is packed full of angry whining little bitches who call themselves men going on about how American woman are lazy, bitch a lot, demand everything, angry, and ungrateful and that women from places such as Mexico or third world countries are better. Oh and lets not forget the radical feminist lesbian agenda to control and hate on all men because all men are dogs and scum and all manner of shit.....right???? WRONG!!!

Personally I find it fucking amusing that these guys bitch and whine and bash American women and yet don't look in the mirror to see what maybe their doing wrong. Did it ever occur to these limp cheese dicks, that perhaps playing 20 hours of World of Warcraft at a time and not even bothering to get their significant other some flowers isn't cool. Oh and they talk back, how dare the women folk talk back to the men, fuck me sideways. Perhaps they talk back because these ass clowns need to be because their too fucking stupid to figure it out the first time. Perhaps just perhaps if these so called men put some actual effort into it maybe they would be getting some instead of going online and crying like a fucking wimpy bitch.

Some were going off about how great women from other countries are because they don't talk back and do what they ask. Maybe that's because their cultures are stuck in the fucking stone age where women aren't even considered human fucking beings, and their quiet because they don't want to get beaten like how their mother was and is.

Personally I never liked door mats, I want someone with some spunk and who will call me on my shit when I fuck up. I want someone with a personality and an opinion and not afraid to speak their mind. As for these fucking douche bags who are stuck in the 1950's grow the fuck up, grow a fucking set, and if you don't like how things are then suck it the fuck up, fix it and soldier on.......fucking pussy's 

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Max Evel said...

Ah yes, Spamboogers.
We all get them, and they aren't even worth mentioning is the way I see it.

Kelly said...

Yeah, I got spammed by the same douche bag. He's been making his rounds to a lot of blogs, I noticed and leaving his stark raving stupid and mad diatribes. I couldn't wait to delete his comment off my comment box and report him. I didn't bother to go to his site because I knew what I'd likely find, and sure enough, from what you said here, that's what it amounted to- which is to say a site filled with bitter guys, lumping all women from a particular country into one group instead of acknowledging that these women are individuals. My guess is, is that these ass clowns have either been hurt at one time or another by a woman or can't get laid because they're whiny bitches and they're showing their pain and frustrations by taking part in this garbage.

Anonymous said...

You're the man...PERIOD!

And I fully a mother of a girl and two boys...the boys definitely tend to slip through the cracks where school is concerned.

Have a good one!

The Wolf said...

Max yeah there kinda like herpes

Kelly It's deffinitly a waste of time, and that's just it these so called men are bitter because they got dumped or cheated on or ignored by the girl they liked....well so fucking what cause we all have that dosen't mean their all evil.....sorta. Besides I can't boycott American women Lucy Liu is American

Boobies.....have I ever mentioned that I love the word boobies, it sounds so innocent yet naughty all in one. Anyways thanks, not sure if I qualify for being "The Man" I'm certianly no prize but I am smart enough to know why these ass clowns are bitter and it makes me laugh.

Greg said...

I got a spam from his site myself,didn't check his site out after reading your post glad i didn't. He needs to pull his head out of his ass.

First I was stationed in Phhillipines for six years, and my first wife was Filipino. The Filipino personaly is as varied as the American, and the women are generally strong women.

They've had a couple women Presidents, how many have we had?

People that are ignorant generally have few life experiences...

CB said...

Oh my darlin Wolfy... Will you marry me and make me the happiest woman alive???

I promos you won't regret it, I'll even wear those skimpy little outfits while I talk back to you!

The Wolf said...

Greg yeah the guy is am ignorant dick. I've met a few Filipino women myself and like you said they are as varied as American or Candian for that matter. We had a female prime minister once, but she was kind of a tool and was only in power for months.

CB sounds like a plan

Kage said...

yeah, that guy is really starting to piss me off. he's everywhere.

is there some way to cyber assassinate him or something? he's fucking annoying.

oh, and in a brief aside, i like your pussy video.

ChopperPapa said...

Obviously the morons fail to grasp that once they get their lovely foreign brides back to the states, how long do they think it will take before they bitch about the toilet seat being left up?


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