Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping Up With The Shit Turbines.........I Mean Kardashians....Nope I Mean Shit Turbines

As you well know if you've followed this blog of mine I FUCKING HATE REALITY T.V. It seems every sperm dumpster who thinks their all that and a bag of chips has a reality show. A couple days I saw another fucking televised travesty of visual diareah......Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Now don't get me wrong I think Kim Kardashian is fucking hot and wouldn't throw her out of bed for eating crackers, fuck she could eat a whole turkey fucking dinner and spill shit all over the place and I'd be down with that. And for the hell of it I'd give the old pork sword to the mom and her two sisters to, cause I roll like that (just to clarify I think she has a couple of underage sisters I think, I'm talking about the ones that LEGAL...I'm not into jail). But I have a question WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK DID THESE ASS CLOWNS DO TO GET FAMOUS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Up till like two years ago I never head of these fucking idiots. Mention the name Kardashian and I would probably assume you were talking about those annoying fucking aliens on Star Trek Deep Space 9 ( yeah I watched from time to time fuckers BUT I AM NO FUCKING TREKKER BITCHES, THIS DUDE IS ALL ABOUT THE WARS........STAR FUCKING WARS) So where the fuck did these people come from? Are they illegal aliens or perhaps some government top secret project to create the most useless humans alive? Is this a sign of the impending zombie apocalypse perhaps? Either way this reality bullshit must end right the fuck now.

Here's what I propose....we take all these Jersey Shore, spray tan, skinny bitch, windbag, fucking model, I'm as fake as fucking humanly possible types who have turned television into a shit show and fire their sorry plastic asses into the fucking sun.

And just to clarify I watched the show because I was half out of it from spending most of the night putting my website together ( in case you want to check it out) and was too fucking tired to reach the remote. I was practically passing out in my dinner. I was no way doing illegal things with farm animals and or midgets dressed as wrestlers........that's my story and I'm fucking sticking to it.

That is all

Random Hottie Of This Post

Yeah I think you know who this is

Random Video Of This Post


Max Evel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Max Evel said...

I'm sorry, I was staring at the random hottie.

Also I had to delete my last comment do to spelling errors form looking at the random hottie.

Now you were saying something about reality tv ?

CB said...

Wolfy!!! I'm fairly certain their father is some knd of big shit, then they have beautiful daughters so I'm sure it wasn't to hard a stretch from idea to reality!!! People say I look like the chubby sister (Chloe)... Hmm gorgeous but fat, they better be referring to my beauty!

Gnetch said...

LMAO at Maxy's comment!!

Well, personally, MTV should produce a reality show for me. "28 and not pregnant."

That will be a hit. I swear.

Kage said...

mmmmmmm. pork sword.


Kelly said...

Bruce Jenner, Olympic Gold Medalist, is the father of the Kardashian girls, CB. His image was plastered all over Wheaties cereal boxes back in the 1970's. Yes, I'm that old. lol.

Wolf, those Reality TV assholes bother me, too. They have no real talent and are nothing but the result of TV Network's cheap alternative to creating substantial and entertain shows with plotlines and interesting characters.

And could someone put a hit on that thing they call Snooki for me? The whiny bitch will sometimes pop up on a channel while I'm channel surfing with the remote and I find her personality and looks to be as cute as a cold, hard turd in the frozen tundra.

Yeah, I'd fuck Kim Kardashian, too. Might have to duct tape her mouth, though, so nothing stupid comes out of it.

The Wolf said...

Sorry Max it took me three hours to type a response, I had to constanty wipe all the drool of fmy keyboard after putting Kim's pic on here.

Your right CB he is a big in a giant turd with legs who looks like a clown

Gnetch I'm sure that show would win an Emmy for sure

Kage I aim to please

Kelly so that's what his name is.....meh never heard of him. I'd put a hit on that cow Snooki but I can't find enough dohnuts to lure her into a dumpster

ChopperPapa said...

Crap like this makes it on TV because we live in a society of pople who don't have their own life or the one they have is so miserable its much easier for them to watch someone else then fix their own.

Kim Kardashian is a waste of oxygen. If she had a single original thought it would perish from loneliness. She got famous by getting banged by some c-list rapper and the video of it went viral. She got $1.0M for that little lawsuit.

Her real father was part of OJ SImpson's law team and her mom is now married to Jenner.

I know all of this because I'm writing a post about her recent interview on some chick magazine whining about how she can't find a man. Well, let me see you're a whore, you are a media slut, you have no skills or intellect, and you're about 3 twinkies away from getting as fat as a mexican women once she gets married.

So, you tell me why you can't find a man.

For the record, I've never see that show, North Shore or any other show on Moron T. V. (MTV).

But I'm with you, reality tv blows.

The Wolf said...

Nicly put there ChopperPapa very well said, I knew she had some sex tape out in the universe but I didn't know it was with some shitty rapper. Too bad it's wasn't Flavor Flav and then it could have went on America's Funniest Home Videos. I'd love to see what Bob Saget would dub into that video.


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