Friday, December 31, 2010

Fuck You's And Thank You's Of 2010

Being that it's both Friday and the last day of 2010 I wanted to take some time and give a special Fuck You Friday to those ass clowns who went that extra mile this year in being a complete douche bag

Fuck You Kim Jong Il what the fuck is your problem you needle dick ass clown. Didn't mommy and daddy give you enough attention as a child. No instead you have to take your issues and start throwing artillery shells at South Korea. It's bad enough your own people are starving to death and living in primitive conditions but you have to fuck up innocent people across the border too. I hope you fucking get eaten alive by a goat shit head.

Fuck You to all those in charge and who put profit instead of safety over at BP when you had that massive fucking shit show in the Gulf. Wow simply wow your fucking tards, thank you so much for fucking up the planet just that much more, it's great to see fairy fucks like you don't give a shit if the air we breath is poisoned, if the water is undrinkable, or if we all fucking die as long as you can buy a fucking mansion and retarded expensive cars.

Fuck You to Stephen Harper the current prime minister of Canada. I never liked you, I don't fucking trust you, and your face looks like a sock filled with smashed pigs assholes. I don't have anything to say to you other then fuck off eh.

Fuck You Justin Beiber are you shitty me that you now have collectible trading cards. Really as if your sissy bitch antics, pathetic as fuck excuse for a mustache, and singing voice that sounds like a 10 year old girl caught in a vice isn't enough. Why the fuck can't you be like other annoying fucking so called "celebrities" and just go away, preferable take a one way fucking trip to the sun. And by the way what the fuck are you anyway? I mean seriously are you suppose to be male, female, or something in between because I'm confused.

Fuck You to all the ignorant pole smokers I had to deal with this year in Vancouver. You bunch of shit smears should all take turns seeing how many cars you can stop with your face.

Fuck You to YouTube for banning my video tribute to Zombie Strippers. What the fuck is with that bullshit. Seriously I have one fucking video that finally gets almost 15 thousand hits, and was steadily going up, but no you had to fucking can it because it was sexually suggestive........what the flaming fuck? You seriously ban my video yet I can watch the entire fucking movie tits ass and all, and my video that has no nudity gets the shaft. Whoever made that call deserves a punch in the face.

And now for something different

I want to take a second and say to everyone who reads, follows, and comments on this blog THANK YOU. You guys are the shit and fucking rock. Thank you for giving me a reason to keep this blog going when I've considered canning it so many times in the past. Thank you for allowing me to vent and put up with my slightly twisted sense of things. I wish everyone the best for 2011.

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Gnetch said...

Happy New Year, Wolfy!!

Kage said...

that zombie stripper video fucking rules!!!

i'm a stripper, can i be in the next one? lol

The Wolf said...

Thanks Gnetch Happy New Year to you too

Kage glad you liked the video, I'm still pissed YouTube banned it. And sure you can be in the next one.

Max Evel said...

Happy New Year !

Gucci Mama said...

Love you, Wolfey. Happy New Year!

klahanie said...

Hey Wolf,
And I'm hoping that this New Year will be more peaceful and positive for your good self.
I'll be over in May for three reasons. One, so you and I can sort out Vancouver. Two, find a way to fuck off Stephen Harper. Three, so I can be there when the Canucks win the Stanley Cup eh :-)
Take care, man.

CB said...

Pray tell Wolfy... what is a pole smoker? ;)

Love you darling!

The Wolf said...

CB you don't know what a pole smoker is??? Am I reading this right? It's kind of a nicer way of calling someone a cock sucker.

ChopperPapa said...

Happy New Year dude. Just Bieber is a complete prepubescent douche and i'm embarrassed that he is from my hometown. The kid literally grew up 5 miles from where I live today.

I think I'll go blow my brains out now.

Kelly said...

Hey there, dude. I know I'm comin late to the party for this post, due to personal family shit going down, but I just wanted to say Happy Belated New Year to ya. I hear ya about the Fuck You's to all the asswipes you mentioned. Especially Kim DONG 2 and BP (Big Pricks). May they all get reamed hard up the poop chute by a big stinger missile.

I hope you keep doing your thing on this blog. You got a good way, twisted way of looking at things and you say it all with humor and truth.

Btw, I think Justin Bieber is probably a hermaphrodite... or a eunuch. A lame ass no-talent, for sure. Take care, Wolf.

The Wolf said...

I feel your pain ChopperPapa Justin Beiber is indeed a douche.

No worries Kelly, I kinda think Beiber is one of those casturated choir boys the church used to have centuries ago, either that or the sex change operation was a complete success.....I think?


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