Thursday, March 25, 2010

WTF Is With YouTube

The other day I made a little video, it was a music video to one of my favourite movies of all time Mad Max (If you haven’t seen it it’s the first movie before The Road Warrior) Anyways the song I used was Highway To Hell by ACDC one of my favourite bands even though all their stuff sounds exactly the same as every other song they’ve done all 13 albums and counting worth. Naturally I decided to post the video on YouTube to share it and hopefully get some attention to my website The Razors Edge.

Now here is where it really pisses me off, after only 15 minutes after it was uploaded I get an email stating that there is copyright infringement on the video. I think to myself “Okay no biggie I have other stuff on here and people can still see it. So I go ahead and post it on my other blog ( Beyond The Wire ) and go off to doing what I normally do which is try to take over the world……well not exactly just thought that would sound more interesting then sitting on the computer and going to the gym.

Today while checking stuff out I went to my other blog to see if my video was working, it wasn’t. I was greeted with a little message saying the video has been banned worldwide, now I’m thinking to myself “C’est ca Fuck” that’s French for what the fuck.

Going onto YouTube I discovered that sure enough it’s been banned I can’t even view it on my channel page, now I’m really pissed. First I made another video to ACDC’s shoot to thrill, the only difference between the two songs is that one is song by the late great Bon Scott who was the original front man of ACDC and the other isn’t. The video to Shoot To Thrill has no copyright infringement and can be viewed by everyone and their dog while the other one can’t.

What in the name of Zeus’s butt hole is wrong with YouTube and their copyright infringement rules? Don’t they realize that if fans make these videos were actually helping them generating interest and possibly sales for these movies and bands? These fan made videos aren’t for profit, mine does display a link to my website but it’s not a clickable link and it’s in the end credits as a suggestion not in your face or popping up in your way, which is something that a lot of other users on their do.

And where does this copyright infringement end and original content begin anyways? Does this mean if I do a really shitty karaoke version of the same song that it’ll be banned because I was singing that song? What about the music video parodies that fans make of various videos to get a laugh, do those have to be banned because their using music that’s not theirs? And frankly isn’t the idea of these sites to share video’s of all manner of content with other people? I fail to understand why their logic if they have any.

Either way I promptly removed the video and switched it to Metacafe which is awesome, I had no problems downloading it, no problems with copyright crap, and no annoying emails telling me that they can ban my videos at a moments notice without any warning or provide any reason for it. My final thought

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