Friday, June 25, 2010

In The Navy

Last Sunday I had enough of the bullshit, the bullshit you ask is job searching. I've been in Vancouver for almost a year now, and in that amount of time only 3 companies of the hundreds I've applied to have called back. Of those three 1 pays just enough to do Jack and shit and Jack left town. They wouldn't even pay me enough to buy food, I would literally have to starve working for these bastards.............YEAH FUCK THAT SHIT. The second was some fly by night telemarketing scheme that I never even applied to, and the last was some trucking company that kept trying to lower the amount I would be earning. So yeah you can pretty much guess my reaction to these fucking outstanding opportunities "GO FUCK YOURSELF COCK JAWS".

Now I'm not a lazy person, nor will I ever be. But I refuse to work for peanuts when I could make more on welfare then at a particular job............and no I'm currently not on welfare or plan on being on it, I believe in working for a living not mooching off the government for my sorry ass. But seriously thought what the fuck?

I've talked to many out here in Vancouver about the job situation and pretty much everyone I've spoken to says the same thing, regardless of you're skill set you could wait six months to a year to hear from a company that you apply too......... are you fucking kidding me what crap is this. A company posts an ad online or in a paper that they need guys immediately for whatever type of work, and yet when I apply I hear nothing, no reply, no confirmation email, I never fucking applied. No instead they hold my resume along with however many others to review when they feel like it.

I also know it's not because my resume is crap, I've had a few look it over to be sure and they say it's very professional and well written. I also know that my skills and experience should make me an ideal choice for many different careers, yet I hear nothing. I've done everything from searching job sites online, asking around in person, job staffing or "head hunter" agencies and asking people I know if they've heard anything............and yet nothing. If this were Edmonton as much as I don't care for that city I would have had work ages ago, and well paying work at that.

So I think my frustration is pretty fucking understandable, so getting back to what I said at the top I said "Fuck it" So what is my plan you ask simple...................I re-applied to the military, the navy this time to be exact. The way I see it I'm not going to hold my breath for a company to call me back for some 9-5 bullshit job that might not even fuck that. No if I have to choose I choose to be working for people who are like minded like myself.

There is no guarantee that I'll get back in, but considering the fucking joke that job searching out here has been so far I stand a pretty good chance. Wish me luck.

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Kelly said...

Mmmm, yeah, all of that does fucking suck. Searching for jobs that simply are not there. And I hear ya about the fucking companies that put their want ads in the paper or online but, in reality, either aren't there or they're given to some family member and they don't bother to stop the ad or something. The Vancouver job situation (High unemployment-Low available jobs) is the same here. Very bad.

And Kate Beckinsale looks very creamy and lickable. Thanks. Now I must wank.

I wish you luck and I support your decision to go back into the military. You have to do what you have to do, in order to survive. That's what most people do... even the moochers in the world... but their way is wrong, of course, and is lacking in the self-respect dept. Anyway, I just hope that you keep on staying alive while you're in the service, if they let you come back. The world would really be a little bit more worse off if something fatal were to happen to ya, buddy.

The Wolf said...

Kelly I'm pretty sure they'll let me back in, I was honorably discharged which means I wasn't a shit disturber, I'm also in decent shape so I shouldn't have a problem doing the pyhsical or medical exam. As for bitting a bullet, I'm too fucking ugly and stubborn to get killed off, belive me fuckers have tried. I think it'll be a good go though, the navy seems to treat it's guys much better then those in the army.


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