Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Little Video For You

I was bored this weekend and had tonnes of time to kill. So I thought I would make a little video to one of my favorite movies, well not exactly one of my favorites. Frankly I think this movie is a rip off of The Road Warrior and Medieval Times, but it's brainless and it's a million times fucking better then Sense and Sensibility will ever be, and it won't leave you with the burning desire to vomit while tearing out you're eyes such as the Notebook will, war movie my ASS. ONE FUCKING PLANE DROPS ONE FUCKING BOMB THAT KILLS THE GUY'S BUDDY AND HE DIES LIKE A LITTLE BITCH, not to mention you NEVER get to  Racheal McAdams (Who's also a fellow Canadian) naked except for some camera angles that show you her back or her big toe.......FUCK I HATE THAT MOVIE.

So getting back on topic here's a little video I made to the movie Doomsday, the song is by the shock rock group Gwar and is called Meat Sandwich, enjoy.

Random Hottie Of This Post

Rachel McAdams

Gwar Meat Sandwich (Doomsday)


The Guy's Perspective said...

I just saw, "Book of Eli" last night. It was surprisingly soft and very slow. It seemed like much more could be done to make it slick as the preview.

The video was slick. Loved that song! Nasty and funky, just how it should be!

Crazy Brunette said...

I've never seen that one!

But she's fucking hot as hell right??????

The Wolf said...

@ The Guy's Perspective I saw it last week and I was a little disappointed with it. The preview made it out to be a lot more action packed then what it turned out to be. Still a good movie just not what I expected. Glad you like the video that was one of my favorite songs back in high school (god I'm old)

@ Crazy Brunette you havn't seen Doomsday? It's kinda like The Road Warrior but in Scotland instead of Australia, The Road Warrior is much better I think. As for Racheal McAdams......oh fucking right she's hot.

Kelly said...

If I'm ever forced tow watch "Sense and Stupidity" or whatever the hell it is or the lame-o flick, "Notebook" I'l try to bling myself. I hate shit like that. For me, "Doomsday", like you said (and really who couldn't tell by the trailers for it) was a very poor rip off the most excellent "Road Warrior". The first time I saw "Doomsday" was from renting it with high expectations. That, I found out, is the wrong way to watch this flick. For the second time around, it was a little better. Instead, I went into watching it (on HBO) thinking/knowing it to be more of a comedy than anything. Sure, there are a few good action shots but that goofy mohawk leader coming on stage with a woman's coat on, dancing and shit- just silly and sort of funny but... eh.

The guy being burned was brutal. Too bad they didn't toast marshmallows over him as he writhed in agony.

Rhona Mitra, the actress who played the female warrior is super tasty. Better than flesh smelling marshmallows, for sure. I like the way she wears her leather. Even better looking, to me, than R. Adams. Just my opinion.

Good news, everyone! I found something that makes my dick work again. Cialis. 3 cheers for my erect penis! Hip- Hip- Hooray. The wife was happy. I'm back in the saddle again.*

*starts to sing old country song

The Wolf said...

@ Kelly if you're ever forced to watch those movies I will mail you a spoon via Fed-ex cause that's what I would use. I've had to watch both those movies and the emotional scars will last forever.

As for Doomsday you can totally tell that whoever wrote the story and directed it were fans of a bunch of different movies, becuase this movie seems to be a "copy and paste" flick. I watched it last night just after I made the video, here are the movies that this movie copied.

The Road Warrior
28 Days Later
James Bond
King Arthur
Resident Evil 2
Escape From New York

And I'm sure there are others as well, those are just the ones that I noticed, still a good movie though........very family orientated me thinks.

Totally agree in regards to Rhona Mitra she is hot as hell that one, but have you ever noticed how her and Kate Beckinsale look a lot alike........I mean those two could pass for sisters. I do agree she is better looking then Racheal McAdams though I wouldn't turn either one of them down.

Glad to hear about the Cialis, yeah that stuff works really well. I bet the wife is very happy indeed.

Kelly said...

Yeah, Rhona and Kate could pass for sisters. I know you have likely seen "Underworld: Rise of The Lycans". My point is that one of the reasons the chief vampire, Victor, doted and favored Kate's vampire character so much was because she reminded him of his daughter... Rhona's character in "Lycans". I'm sure the producers, directors, agents and others involved in the Underworld franchise saw the resemblance of those two and thought it was a great idea for Rhona to play Victor's daughter for that reason. And they were correct.

Yep. I get my jollies stating the obvious but... just in case anyone hasn't seen any or all of the movies yet, I thought I'd offer my insight-- for them, really.


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