Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Morale Boost

The last couple of days I’ve been feeling a little down, just a lot of disappointment and bullshit related from things that are mostly beyond my control. So yesterday at a friend’s place ( I know scary I have a friend who would have thought ) I was feeling a little bored and had some time to kill. Now she has a T.V and I don’t, personally I hate the fucking things but I had nothing better to do. I turn it on and what pops up? The news, nope, reality bullshit T.V………fuck no I would have burned the fucking thing if it did. No what came on was JERRY FUCKING SPRINGER……………….are you fucking with my head? This is still on T.V?

The last time I watched Jerry Springer I was still in high school and still giggling over the fact that Geraldo, who described himself as a “Sexual Cowboy” kicked the shit out of a neo Nazi on T.V ( So why do Nazi skinheads wear read suspenders…….who the fuck cares their fucking idiots ), fuck the things that are floating in my brain…….it even amazes me sometimes, there may not be a cure for cancer in there, but fuck it I can remember dam near every movie, T.V show and anything else of little to no importance from 1990 to present FUCK!!!

So getting back on target I was pretty surprised to see Jerry Springer was still on the tube, naturally I was compelled to watch, for research purposes only I ensure you. The topic was none other then best friends who had slept with their friends boyfriends, I know exciting stuff isn’t it? Naturally the show was filled with the most upstanding and fine examples of humanity one will ever come across in their life……….uhhh yeah not even fucking close, was their not a trailer park they could fucking skulk back to, preferably just before a tornado hits it.

I mean seriously do they not fucking know how retarted they look, with their greasy hair, acne, and the general odour or pathetic glue bag that reeks from every pour of their body. I fucking swear it’s these turds that keep the aliens at bay, not because they feel threatened by us, but because their too busy laughing their slimy green asses off and shaking their many heads at us in disgust. The fact that this show has been on since about ‘95 you think these fuck sticks would have got the memo which reads a little something like this:

“Dear Mr, Miss Glue Bag

If you come on the Jerry Springer show, you will look like a white trash puke piece of shit. You will fight you’re cousin, sister, brother, or aunt who you are currently sleeping with for our amusement. If you’re horrendously fat you will probably loose you’re shirt and scare our audience. But please don’t let that stop you.


The Staff at the Jerry Springer show


Were all gonna laugh at you”

And yet here we are years later in the 21st century and these shit turbines are lining up begging to get on this show, for what it’s not they get anything. Yeah they get 15 minutes of T.V exposure then what? They crawl back to the swamp where they were spawned?

And it didn’t there because right after Jerry Springer was the Maury Povich show, you know the one where they do the DNA testing to see who’s the daddy……….Oh you better fucking believe that was the topic for yesterday too so you know I had to watch. And yeah you guessed it too, some fucking hoe bag who probably slept with more people then I’ve ever met in my life was confused about who her kids dad is. Here’s a little tid bit of advice……….KEEP YOU’RE FUCKING LEGS CLOSED OR USE PROTECTION YOU FUCKING MORON WE DON’T NEED IDIOTS CRAPPING OUT MORE IDIOTS.

So after watching these two shows I felt 100% better. I know that no matter how fucked up my life is or will be, I will never be on one of those shows…….I’m not that fucking stupid. Nor am I that fucking stupid to do the shit that got them on those shows. Fuck compared to them I’m a god dam superstar.

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klahanie said...

And over here in Britain they have the Jeremy Kyle Show. Same bullshit with different accents. I've heard a rumour that Jeremy will be having a U.S. version of his show. If it is true, the Yanks will lynch him...

The Wolf said...

I've seen that show, it's nuts. I think you're right about the lynching part if he has a show in the U.S

Gnetch said...

I used to TRY to watch Jerry Springer but I never got myself to finish even a single episode. I find him annoying. But I also found Jenny Jones annoying when her show was still airing. It's probably because their shows are stressful. I fucking hate stress.

The Wolf said...

Jenny Jones I don't remember that one, I'll have to look that up on YouTube. They are stressful but they also can make you feel better when you compare yourself to the losers that are on those types of shows. They really are fucking pathetic.

Kelly said...

"Bubble", The World's #1 Country Music Star. What a beautiful song, man. It included all the good things in life. Meat, booze and sluts. From the few shows (and movie) I've been able to see, I like that show. It exemplifies white trash, in the U.S., Canada and everywhere else in the world. Plus, it's funnier than hell, too. Unfortunately, I can't get the channel it's on. My sister can and tapes the shows for me every so often.

Jerry Springer, Maury and other shows of that ilk make me sick. The first few shows I watched of Springer, when it first aired in '95, were sort of funny because of the retarded people they had on and still have on. But,now, I find it's just pathetic. Maury is a disgrace, too. I don't watch either of these. These abusive, scummy idiots come on their shows to put on a show and get noticed because they are attention whores. The Springer company uses their mental illness and neediness and has them do their ugly thing to get the ratings and make money. It's a circle of sickness.

Good post, dude. My sermon is over. Now go in pieces. lol.

The Wolf said...

Yeah I think Bubbles sums up all the important things in life very well. That show is probably one of the few good shows to come out of the maritimes.

As for Jerry and Maury, if I hadn't been bored that day I would never have watched.One of the bodygurads from the Springer show had his own talk show for a bit as well, I saw an episode once when I was in was actually not too bad.

And I agree these types of shows are just bottom feeding crap, but they do illustrate a good point. And that is that people will do anything inculding disgrace themselves for a little bit of attention.........pretty sad really.

Crazy Brunette said...

Holy shit balls of fire!

Even though we do not agree on the whole texting mess... AT LEAST WE AGREE ON THE GODDAMN TV!!!

You are soooo goddamn lucky NOT to have one. I would be a happy bitch if we could throw these fuckers out the fucking window! We have SIX, count 'em up SIX of the fuckers! I HATE THEM!

The Wolf said...

Six T.V's holy fuck Batman. When I was married we had 3,but that was still too many. We had a bigscreen (56 inches I think) another big screen about the same size in the basement, and a smaller one in the office where both our computers were. All had cable as well, and 99 percent of the time most stations had crap on them. The only channels that usually had interesting stuff was the Food Network, History, Discovery channel, the news, and BNN (Buisness News Network), and even then it was slim that something good was on.

Now that I don't have one I don't miss it at all, I feel free in a way. I have more time to work out and I don't have that annoying power/soul sucking device near me. And besides if I want to watch something I can always do it online anyway.

The Invisible Seductress said...

First of all that chic is F'n hot...I play with the boys but you got to give credit where it is due...

My son changed the channel to Jerry Springer by accident whilst I was in the back cleaning,,uh I mean looking sexyified (cough), all of the sudden I hear the "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry" chant and he jumps in on it screaming in unison (he's 4) I change the channel he turns and looks at me and says "Mom, why did you turn it, every-a-body loves that Jerry!!!"

Oye....I agree with you on this one....WTF

The Wolf said...

Yeah there has to an expiration date for shows like that one. I saw a few old clips from YouTube of Jenny Jones, Geraldo, and Montel.........all I can say is....WOW THERE ARE A LOT OF TRASHY PEOPLE OUT THERE.

Mr Monkey said...

Very good post & loved the video. Ya got a new fan
Mr Monkey


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