Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Text Message Bullshit And A New Blog

I fucking hate text messaging, can you honestly tell me this is more effective then simply calling somebody. Sure this has some practical purposes, let's say you're being held hostage and sending a phone call would mean certain death. Or perhaps you're near the speakers of some concert and can't hear yourself think, those to me are legitimate uses for texting, other then that it's complete bullshit.

Call me old fashioned but if I'm going to use a phone or a cell it's going to be to call somebody (I know what a fucking concept actual human to human voice communication..scary shit I know). If I want to send a message to somebody using text I'll use an email.

Texting is also fucking rude, if you're own a date don't fucking text in the middle of a conversation. I swear if I ever go on a date and some chick breaks out the "Crackberry" or "I-Dope" I will fucking slap them in the face with the complimentary bread and ask the waiter or waitress to have the chef deep fry that fucking phone. I fucking hate the pointless stupid little messages with all the abbreviations and pointless bullshit. I have a phone that I purposely can't text with because if I want to talk I will fucking call or email you bastards. To spend the time to write out a little message you might as well push a little button and speed dial the fucker you want to talk to.

Now as annoying as assholes are on cell phones who shout to the whole world about how great they are when secretly their broke and can't get it up, there are those fuckers who are blindly staring into their phones while walking around like a bunch of zombies. These dumb fucks are too fucking stupid to look around to make sure their not going to run into other people, or in a few cases that I've seen walk into traffic totally oblivious that a car was about to turn them into a greasy smear on the road, as was the case with one hello kitty bitch. (I'll explain what a hello kitty bitch is in a future post)

Now on a completely unrelated topic if you didn't know myself and CB (Crazy Brunette for those who don't know...check out her site the link is to the right) have been conspiring to create a new joint blog. I'm fucking stoked to tell you this blog is now up and running, you can find it's link to the right. It's called "Two Foul Mouthed Fuckers". So go check it out.......... you know you want to.
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Crazy Brunette said...


I take texting over talking on the phone ANYDAY!!!!!

I can text:
When are you coming home fuckstick?

Rather than calling his cell phone 19 times before he answers... then proceeds to yell at me because I bothered him at work!!!!

AND dipshits that'd I'd rather NOT talk to but HAVE to, I TEXT!!!

The Wolf said...

Whatever floats you're boat CB, me I can't fucking stand it. I keep all the numbers of people I want to call on speed dial. I've had to many rude fuckers start texting in the middle of conversations or send me some pointless crap.

Michelle Pixie said...

I only text the hubs at work because of his dip-shit boss but otherwise I am with you send an email. I also hate the fucking phone so thank the fuck for caller id so I can screen!

The Wolf said...

I hear you Michelle texting is useful at times but it's gone way the fuck overboard and is sinking the fucking ship. I also love that up here in Canada (Not sure about the U.S and abraod) but if I get a text and don't have a plan for texting I still get charged 15 cents per text, even the fucking advertisment ones.

Kelly said...

I can't fucking stand the fuckers who text, run off the road or into someone while doing so and the constant interruption coming from a tester on my wife's phone. She does that shit, too and she's fuckin' 43 years old. Too old for that dim-witted younger generation dumb shit.

Anybody who texts during a date should get the phone shoved so fucking quick and hard up their goddamn asses that the fuckin' gadget plays it's idiotic tune while busting through the top of their skulls, hitting the ceiling, ricocheting against a wall and slamming deep between the texter's eyes, causing their brains to explode on impact!

But hey, that's just charming me speakin'. Actually doing this is a different story, unfortunately. I'd do it if it weren't for the jail time and shit. lol.

Anyhoo... I'm to report I love your new blog button. Just put it on my site. After this, I'll be checking out yours and CB's new site.

Your post was true and funny. The best of both worlds. Later.

klahanie said...

Gotta' agree with you on this. I fucking hate text messaging and you get some abbreviations like this 'R U O K ?' Well, on the rare occasion I have received a text such as that I reply, 'No, I'm not and I'll 'C U N L'
Actually cell phones, or as they call them over here in jolly old England, mobile phones, have created a whole new kind of rudeness.
I had this one fucker come and visit me and his cell phone rang. He proceeded to talk to the other person for 45 minutes. I went out for a stroll. When I came back he asked me why I had gone out. I told him that I thought he had come to visit me. Switch the fucking thing off!
Nice blog and so true. Take care and have a blast with Ashley on your new joint blog. I will probably need a joint just to read it.

The Wolf said...

@ Klahanie RUCK and CUNL fuck that is why I hate texting it's killing the art of using full sentences. Pretty soon everyone will only speak in addriviations. I totally agree that some people are so friggin rude with their cell phones it's ridiculous. A freind of mine did this to me when we went out for lunch one time. For ten minutes she texted away as our food got cold, I refuse to be rude and eat before anyone I'm with. When she was done she complained that the food was cold, I told her that if she hadn't seen a rude fucking cow she could have enjoyed her meal hot, I also made her pay the bill.

@ Kelly since moving to Vancouver I've almost been hit by about a dozen cars in less that a year, ALL WHILE ON FOOT AT CROSSWALKS AND ALL WHILE I HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY. It's also illegal to use a cell phone in you're car here unless it's on a hands free device like Blutooth which is another device I fucking hate. Every time I see some fucker pulling off rude shit with a cell phone I want to beat them with their damm phone. But I'm not bitter :)

Kelly said...

They've passed a law in our neighboring state about not talking on cell phones while driving. I think they're pushing for that same law here, I think. I hope. I've preached about the dangers of that on my own site. I share yours and Gary's opinions about them.

Later, dude.

Anonymous said...

You know what I can't stand? People who use "then" when they mean "than," and end a question with a period. How can I possibly respect your opinion. (See what I did there?)


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