Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pretentious Fucks

Okay I'm confused, now last time I checked I don't go out and act like a total perv or an asshole. I certainly don't go around in a trench coat and flash women and farm animals. And I certainly don't try to use lame cheesy pick up lines like "Don't turn this rape into a murder" or "You got a purdy mouth". So why the fuck is it that many of the women that I've run into in Vancouver have treated me like the anti-Christ?
This is what confuses me, I can be out doing whatever, such as taking my dogs out for a walk, getting groceries, or going for a run along the sea-wall, and at some point during this I either get dirty looks or in several cases get looked up and down and then get comments such as "Ewww" or "Ughhh as if"...........WHAT THE FUCK.

Did I do something that I'm not aware of? Do I stink or something, I don't fucking get it. I mind my own business, I don't bother people, and yet I get this bullshit treatment. I know that I'm not filthy fucking rich, and that I look like I've come in second place in a shovel fighting contest, but still I'm not being an asshole, so what the fuck gives? Is it because many people out here tend to lean towards being a selfish, money obsessed douche bag (I can't speak for the whole city but it seems that way in metro Vancouver) Is it because of the Hollywood influence with all the movies and shows that are shot out here where if you have a pimple you're considered fat and a diseased leper.

If that's the case, well I'm fucking sorry. I'm fucking sorry that I can't afford a Ferrari or other over priced sports car. I'm sorry that I don't own a giant fucking yacht that's parked out in the marina all year long and costs more to clean it's shitter then to buy a new SUV. I'm sorry that I don't have a fucking stock portfolio that you pay a broker or accountant to manage for you because you're too fucking stupid to do it yourself. And I'm sorry that my appearance isn't up to you're impossible to reach standards.

To those douche canoes out there who act like that GO FUCK YOURSELF AND PLAY IN TRAFFIC. You don't have to like me, shit yo don't to even acknowledge that I even exist, but you sure as fuck don't have the right to make shitty comments to me or when you think I can't hear you. I'm not perfect but at least I'm not a two faced pretentious asshole.
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klahanie said...

Hi Wolf,
As you may have worked out; I am from Vancouver. I grew up in Vancouver, went to school in Vancouver and worked in the 'Evergreen Playground'.
Now I can relate to stuck-up bitches. Got a lot of that at Sir Winston Churchill high school. A lot of the really good looking chicks would think it was a real effort to respond when all I was trying to do was be kind and friendly. I didn't have a lot of money in high school and I wasn't one of those rich fuckers who had mummy and daddy buy them a car just because they had graduated to grade 11 or 12. I was never part of a clique and never wanted to be.
Still, from what you have written, Vancouver may be getting worse. I think you bring up a good point about 'Hollywood North'. It seems like the pretentious, superficial piss flaps may just be on the increase there. I'll be over in October and sort em out.
Anyway, to hell with them. You're better than that. In an ideal world people should respect you for how good a person you are. Not how much money you've got in a bank account. Very sad.
Just wanted to wish you and my good friend, CB, all the very best with your new joint blog.
Take care dude. With respect, Gary.

middle child said...

I do find it curious that after posting what you did, you then show a picture of Jessica Biel. (gorgeous, money, young, etc.)
I mean, I think she's hot and totally enjoyed the picture. I'm just saying,....

The Wolf said...

@ Klahanie yeah I think Vancouver is getting worse in terms of it being superficial and fake. I've spent a lot of time here in the late 90's and early 00's and it wasn't as bad as it is now. I actually in a way regret moving out here, the coast has never been very kind to me (I grew up on the island). And since I don't have either money or looks I'm pretty much fucked out here.

@ Middle Child the pics are more tradition then anything else, there's no meaning or anything like that. I've put them up since the first post on this blog. I got the idea from a newspaper I used to read when I lived in Edmonton called the Sun which would have a "Sunshine" girl every day. The only time I won't post either a pic or video is when I cover subjects like in my post "To Hell And Back" which are of a very personal nature, the post above is more me venting my frustration for this type of crap.

As for the videos I put videos up that reflect my mood at the time.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Tell me how you REALLY feel!! Smiling...Most people suck and the rest are assholes...


Gnetch said...

I can see what you mean. Every time (like every fucking time) I am the newbie in a certain group, say a classroom or an office, I get a lot hate stares. I used to get those every first day of school when I was a student. Also when I'm the NEW employee. They say it's because I look like a bitch and/or a brat. But fuck those judgmental, pretentious assholes. We don't need them. We're awesome without them.

The Wolf said...

@ The Invisible Seductress yeah there are a lot of assholes out there, sadly I think there are more of them now then decent people.

@ Gnetch I never really got the newbie treatment other then in the military and school. It stopped at school when I started getting into a few fights and beat the shit out of some bullies. Totally hear you fuck them we don't need or want them.

Crazy Brunette said...

How did I miss this post???

I'm sure it's because you smell like cabbage!

Next time one of those bitches do that shit, tell them there's a Crazy Brunette in Kansas ready to whip their asses!

The still shot of that video is incredibly disturbing!!!!

The Wolf said...

You didn't miss the post CB I just put another up a little quicker then usual..........and I don't smell like cabbage fucker :)

Will do next time one of them does shit like that........whip their asses you say, can I watch ?

Yeah the still for the video is kinda disturbing, did you watch it? It's a good song but kinda creepy if you're not used to that sorta thing.

Kelly said...

The wimmenz treats you like this because they sense the PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL in you, Annakin Skywalker.


Soundz like you gots more than your fair share of ritzy titzy bitches up there. That's too bad. Come down here. We have trailer trash to pick from. Only the finest of low life vaginas here.

Personally, I think superficial women can be worse, at times, than the Jerry Springer low-lifers. I hate fake beyond almost anything else so I do feel your pain.

I liked that video. That was pure sweetness. lol.

Take care

The Wolf said...

@ Kelly yeah there diffenitly is a very high number of fake bitches up here. It's a real shame becuase in my opinion this is the most beautiful part of the country. I think it has to do with all the money that's floating around up here from all the coorporate types as well as the Hollywood influence. I mean this is where they filmed Battlestar Gallactica and the X-Files after all.

Glad you like the video I've always been a fan of Rammstein since I was in high school. It's the perfect music to tuck the kids into bed with or blow shit's all good


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