Sunday, June 27, 2010

50 Things That Make Me Shake My Head In Disgust

There are things I like, things I fucking hate, and then there are things that I see that just leave me shaking my head in disbelief. Here are 50 things that do just that................enjoy

1. Fat guys covered in hair who wear speedo's..........are you for fucking real this is by far one of the most disgusting things I've ever had to see

2. Diet cola, it's worse for you then regular cola, it tastes like stale piss with sugar and it doesn't even have fucking sugar.........what the fuck is the point

3. Non alcholoic beer, again why bother and just buy the real stuff. Seriously if you don't want alcohol buy some fucking apple juice and pretend to be drunk you fucking pussy.

4. Fat chicks who wear spandex, do you not know how ridiculous you look. It's like watching someone try to squeeze a watermelon into a zip lock bag.

5. Blue tooth as if cell phones don't piss me off enough

6. Cheesy pick up lines at bars, do you really think that women are actually impressed with this shit I'm frankly surprised that more of them don't get beaten with a beer bottle when you use these.

7. Pointless text messages, fuck I hate these

8. Socks and sandals, this just looks fucking gay no way around it

9. White guys who think their black guys, look in a fucking mirror dumb ass

10. People who ask questions to things they already know.......................somebody punch these fuckers in the face please.

11. Japanese animation, simply put what the fuck

12. Tourists who think a bright neon fucking pink fanny pack is cool or will hide their money

13. Tweens who like Miley Cyrus and all that other pop shit

14. Americans who think Canada is permanently covered in snow and ice and that we all own dog sled teams and know Jack or Bill from Thunder Bay.

15. Tofu

16. People who think David Hasselhoff is a talented singer

17. People who like the Twilight movies..........I fucking hate vampires that sparkle

18. Women who are 45 but try to act like there still 15

19. The fat fuck at McDonald's who orders 20 cheeseburgers and thinks that if he gets a diet coke he might loose weight.

20. Pride and Prejudice

21. People who hate bacon

22. Guys who think it's still 1950 and that women belong in the kitchen

23. So called educated fucks who use big words the rest of the word doesn't know to try to make themselves look more important.

24. People who spend most of their lives playing World Of Warcraft

25. People who spend more then what they earn and then are confused about why they have no fucking money.

26. Trekkies who insist on going out in public dressed as Klingons from Uranus

27. The word yogurt

28. Valley girls, ya know like totally..............SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLE !!!!!!!!!!

29. People who say "That's hot"

30. People who don't know who Clint Eastwood is............I mean really he's only one of the fucking greatest actors/directors in the fucking universe.

31. Those that think wrestling is real

32. Politicians when can't understand why people hate them.

33. People who wear socks up to their fucking knees when wearing shorts

34. Spam

35. Dogs that can fit in purses

36. People who fall for obvious stupid fucking scams

37. People who do the same fucking thing over and over but then bitch because their expecting something different to happen each time.........yeah their fucking morons.

38. People who stand in the middle of the fucking way but can't figure out why people get pissed off at them.

39. The government, enough said

40. People who use chewing tobacco, it's a fucking disgusting habit especially when they store there spit in a clear bottle like a fucking trophy. It looks like runny shit.

41. Tweeny chick flicks

42. People who tell boring stories for like 20 fucking minutes and don't realize that nobody is paying attention to them and would rather watch paint dry while masturbating with sandpaper.

43. People who actually listen to Ricky Martin

44. Smurfs

45. Guys who think blasting Millie Vanillie from a cassette deck in their Pinto will help them get laid.

46. Glitter

47. People who use the word buttocks instead of ass............c'mon your not going to hell for saying ass you fucks.

48. People who get lost while using a GPS even though it's programmed correctly

49. People who don't know when to shut the fuck up.

50. People who bitch about every fucking thing imaginable when they have no excuse to complain because their a spoiled little fuck.

So there's my little list, hope you enjoyed. And if you haven't made your way over to the other blog I co-write on (Two Foul Mouthed Fuckers just in case you forgot) there's a new post up, so check it out.

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Gnetch said...

6. Cheesy pick up lines at bars, do you really think that women are actually impressed with this shit I'm frankly surprised that more of them don't get beaten with a beer bottle when you use these. Totally! Do girls still buy that?
7. Pointless text messages, fuck I hate these
16. People who think David Hasselhoff is a talented singer
18. Women who are 45 but try to act like there still 15 a.k.a. my mutant supervisor
23. So called educated fucks who use big words the rest of the word doesn't know to try to make themselves look more important.This is the kind of people that I would love to punch in the mouth!!!
49. People who don't know when to shut the fuck up.

This is a fucking awesome list! Have you been reading my diary???

The Wolf said...

Glad you like the list Gnetch, as for your diary do you mean that little black and red book you keep in a show box under you're bed that holds all your secrets.................well mabye once :)

Kelly said...

Oh God, dude... I hate all of those things you talked about, too. But, I think you already knew that from my comments here and there and my own blog. Vancouver and the area I live in have lots in common. White kids that think they're black, for one. Text messagers. People who talk endlessly about the same old boring subjects that everyone else is blabbering about. And much much more.

Really, I think everyone, in general, has this strange mental defect of not being able to be themselves, think original thoughts or act in a way that goes against the pointlessly strict "rules" of society. It's a monkey see-monkey do society.

Yeah, lol, people who spend all of their time playing Warcraft or stay on their pc all day or really, just keep doing anything pointless all day long--- they have mental problems, too. I wonder if those types have lives or responsibilities. I'm not working and I still have many responsibilities and a full day. I don't know how these other fuckers can get away with doing basically nothing when it comes right down to it. Maybe they live in their parent's basements at the ages of thirty and above, mooching off mommy and daddy. What a (lack of) life! Well, I'm rambling again. Take care.

P.S. I'd very much enjoy reaming Emma Stone in every orifice.

The Wolf said...

@ Kelly I Don't know what it is but I think there must be something messed up with the water supply becuase there seems to be more stupid people doing stupid things now then in all recorded history.

Yeah Emma Stone is damm fine indeed

klahanie said...

Well I can so relate to your list. I have written about similar things in my own blogs. I remember one time in July in Vancouver. This American dude with snow skis on the roof of his car asked me where the snow and the mountains were. He reckoned it must be cold because he had seen the temperature was 25 degrees in Vancouver. He did not seem to realise that we were no longer using fahrenheit. One time I was on the ferry boat that used to sail under the Lions Gate bridge. This guy with a southern drawl said, "pretty good bridge considering its Canadian."
Great list. I tell you something that really pisses me off, overused expressions. Like 'you know?' No I don't fucking know. 'To be honest.' Does that mean that usually they aint being honest. 'At the end of the day'. At the end of the day, it's fucking midnight. 'You know what I'm sayin'?'

Crazy Brunette said...

Oh my GOD!! Who is that HOT bitch in your sidebar????

I totally LOVE cheesy pick-up lines!!!! The more stupid they are the better... If I'm drunk enough I may even go home with them for being so incredibly BALLSY using a dumbass pick up line!

The Wolf said...

@ Klahanie I say a car from Washington state yesterday with skis, it's fucking almost July and Seattle is just a couple hours away. There are lots of good Americans, but the stupid ones really do a good job of fucking up their reputation. I think the Olympics helped a lot in showing people that we don't eat seals and live in Igloos or logging camps.

@ CB are you staring at my pic again and getting all worked up, cause all I see if my pics and one of a woman who smells like cabbage.

Your the only one I've talked to who actually likes those cheesy lines such as "Nice shoes lets fuck" or "Hey your pants would look good on my floor". I always thought those guys who used those were just lame dorks looking to wear somebody's drink

Stephanie said...

hey wolf,
can you drop me a line at the club...i have a proposal for you ;o)

Gucci Mama said...

Goddammit, I wish you would have FUCKING TOLD ME about the hot pink fanny pack thing BEFORE I went to the bar hoping to get picked up by a guy who asked me if it hurt when I fell from heaven. It didn't happen. Now I wonder if I needed more glittery eye shadow or something because I will tell you, I fucking ROCK the fanny pack.

The Wolf said...

@ Gucci Mama you know I've thought long and hard about the postivies of having a bright neon pink fanny pack, and after extensive research I've concluded that there just a fucking eye sore. Of course I'm positive you would rock one, but me thinks you're going to need alot of fucking glittery eye stuff, and perhaps some skittles to make it work

Crazy Brunette said...

I can't help it... I'm easy!

ESPECIALLY the 'Nice shoes, let's fuck!'

We'd be in bed with in 20 minutes... or you know the bar bathroom...

The Wolf said...

@ CB wiat a minute did I read that right did you say easy and in 20 minutes...........WOO HOO. You said we'd, does this mean you have an evil twin? And the bar bathroom, ahhh the memories.


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