Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waste Of Time And Money

The other day I received a letter from WCB (Workers Compensation Board) for my finger. If you remember from a couple posts ago I mentioned that I lost about ¾ of my right pinky finger from a truck mirror. You’re probably thinking to yourself “Just how the fuck do you loose part of a finger from a truck mirror…….are you fucking retarted?” NO I AM NOT FUCKING SPECIAL, AND YES I KNOW WHERE MY FUCKING BASEBALL IS COCK JAWS. I lost the tip of that finger because it had nerve damage from a previous injury so when it was crushed I didn’t feel it, nor did I feel it when I tore it free and noticed the end was still stuck in the mirror. And how did it get crushed…..because I was looking away at the time when I was trying to swing it closed to the vehicle so it wouldn’t hit another mirror. Also it’s not a regular pick up type truck mirror it was a large plastic mirror on a garbage truck. It also made a nice crunchy sound when it happened, kinda like the sound of fresh popcorn in the microwave…….yummy image I know.

But that’s getting off topic a little bit.

So I get this letter from WCB saying they need updated medical information to process my claim to find out how much I’m entitled……IT’S ONLY BEEN THREE FUCKING YEARS, gotta love the speed at which government bureaucracy works it’s a beautiful thing. I call them up to find out what they need and the conversation goes like this:

1. They tell me to go to a medi center or family doctor to have it looked at to see if there’s any changes, okay I’ll by that that’s reasonable enough. I’m told that after this they will start to process the necessary paperwork to get things rolling……….about fucking time.

2. I’m then told that I’ll need to see a specialist to determine how much loss of mobility, sensitivity and stuff like that. Again that’s reasonable enough. But they want me to go back to either Edmonton or Calgary to do this.

I was a little confused and asked the woman on the phone “You know I live in Vancouver right?” Meanwhile I’m thinking to myself “How fucking hard is it to find a specialist here in this city, why the fuck do you want me to go back to Alberta?”

Her response was “Yes I know, but you still have to come back here for this. This is how we do this in Alberta.”. I tell her that I’m not going to pay to travel back to Alberta for a specialist to spend five minutes looking at a pinky finger. She tells me that WCB will cover the entire cost of the flight, cab fare, hotel, and food if needed for this. WOW WHAT A FUCKING COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I mean seriously how hard is it to get a local specialist to look at my finger and send a fax or an email back to Alberta to let them know what’s going on.

So I did a little rough estimation of just how much this will cost WCB to do this.

1. Flight approximately 150 each way

2. Cab fare at least 55 each way because the Edmonton international airport is located right in the middle of butt fuck nowhere and it takes 40 minutes to get to downtown from there if you’re doing 40 over the speed limit.

3. Hotel approximately 100 per night for a shitty hotel room with old stains on the sheets from hookers on meth.

4. Doctors appointment 50-150 depending on the type of doctor required to do this massively important examination which will go a little something like this:

“Can you move your finger?” Doctor

“Yup” Me

“Well okay then, were done here today” Doctor

So when added up it’s going to cost WCB about 600 bucks give or take and an entire day of my life that I could have used for something more valuable instead of travelling back and forth to Edmonton. That also doesn’t include the cab fare to the Vancouver airport which is probably close to another hundred bucks on top of that that I sure as shit am not going to pay. None of this would be really a problem if this was for a major injury, let’s say my whole arm was amputated. But no a fucking pinky finger, how fucking much does it cost for a fucking fax, what 5 cents, 10 for the fancy fucking paper. You know the type of paper the queen of Sweden uses to put her blow on so it doesn’t sink into the carpet and look like somebody dropped some foot powder all over the fucking place.

Now if they want to be wasteful with Albertan’s tax dollars for stupid little things like this then go nuts, get a fucking limo to pick me up at the airport with some expensive wine and some high priced escorts who are mine for the day. We could go to Best Buy and pick up some accessories for my Ipod. And then we could cruise the city laughing at all the fuckers with cracked windshields from all the rocks and pot holes on the road. Then we could finish the day by going to Denny’s and having some breakfast for dinner, and listen on the radio to some sports commentator who thinks the Edmonton Oilers (Hockey team in the NHL in case you don’t know) are going to win the Stanley cup next season even though the team was the worst in the league last season, and probably is going to suck big floppy donkey dick this season….CITY OF CHAMPIONS MY FUCKING ASS. Yes that's what they fucking put on their welcome signs by the way.

By the way did I mention that I fucking hate Edmonton?

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Rose McGowan

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middle child said...

Um,....can't you just send the 3/4 finger?

The Wolf said...

As much as I would like to, I cleaned up the mess before I went to the hospital. I didn't want the guy who drove that truck in the morning to be freaked out by a part of a finger stuck in the mirror looking at him.

Kelly said...

Wow. That's a fucked up way to lose part of a finger. But I think it would have been kind of funny to see the look on that trucker's face when he saw a finger part stuck in his mirror. The WCB up there sounds about as retarded as our SSA (Social Security Administration) down here. That want you to needlessly jump through hoops here, too. Unfortunately, though, we don't get compensated until the very end and it's only for some things.

Your fantasy day with the limo and escorts sounds like it would be a better time than what you're going to end up going through. Btw, I was kinda wondering how you were getting by without a job and all. I knew, from what you said about not getting any poontang, you weren't prostituting yourself to rich lil' old ladies in the neighborhood, so I thought... How in the fuck is this dude surviving? Now it makes sense.

Rose McGowan... Good Lord Almighty... How many sex fantasies have I had about her? I had a pretty good picture of her, naked, awhile back on my computer. I love a pretty girl with pale skin and a bit of red in her hair. I'm sure with her, it's artificially tinted, but I don't care. I know she's crazy for a fact because she was dating/banging Marilyn Manson for awhile.

Gnetch said...

They probably have a lot of money to waste. Only, they did not consider the fact that you don't want to waste your time for this just because that is how they do it in Alberta. That's fucked up.

The Wolf said...

@ Kelly yeah they make you go through a tonne of hoops before they finally decide you're deserving of compensation. Not nearly as bad as the military was for my pension. I had to go through two appeals becuase they refused to pay me anything. I also had to see 3 specialists, go to a hearing with a tribunal that was recorded and questioned on my knee injury if it was real or not. And have to deal with people on the phone who told me I shouldn't bother becuase my claim isin't good enough. Fuck them I have years of medical documents that prove otherwise and I eventually got what I deserved.

In case your wondering about the work thing, I spend a good deal of my day looking and am taking soem courses next week which should hopefully open a few doors for me.

@ Gnetch yeah I think they do, either way if I was an Albertan tax payer I'd be pissed off. I mean they have to cover everything including any wages I could loose from doing this. It could very quickly and easily become very expensive for them before they even decide how much compensation their willing to pay. It's pretty fucked up indeed.

Anonymous said...

OMG! That's insane! I'm so sorry....on a side note..Rose is HAWT!

The Wolf said...

@ J yeah it's pretty messed up, no need to apoligize. Yes Rose is hot indeed.


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