Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fuck You......errrrr Fawk You Friday....No Definitely Fuck You Friday

It’s Friday, (well it will be in a few hours after I write this post it will be) and it’s time for another Fawk You Friday. Now if you haven’t linked up got to BOOBIES BABIES AND A BLOG get you’re punk ass a button, link up and let the good times roll.

Now saying fawk or any other non swearing version of fuck just doesn’t feel right to me, after all I have standards to maintain here. I mean would you seriously take me fucking seriously if I used words like curses, or you’re a big dumb poopy head instead of fuck you, and you’re a shit turbine…………yeah me thinks not. So I’m going to tweak the rules just a tiny bit and use the proper word instead.

So now that we have that all cleared up here are my fuck you’s for the week.

FUCK YOU Lucky Charms you’re magically delicious my ass

FUCK YOU to the stuck up bitches in Vancouver who stick their noses up at me like I’m dirt because I don’t have enough money or look like Brad Pitt circa Interview With The Vampire. Get a clue bitches you’re just a gold digging whore and you’re not even that attractive anyway.

FUCK YOU To the creeper, who lives near my friend’s apartment on a higher floor and spies on her and her boyfriend, get your own fucking life asshole.

FUCK YOU Kim Jong Il, let’s be honest the U.S and South Korea can do whatever the fuck they want in South Korea and you can’t do shit about it. By the way you look like a fat midget transvestite….just thought you should know.

FUCK YOU Tourists who can’t move the fuck out of the center of the fucking sidewalk so others can walk past you. Yes you’re fat slow and old, THAT’S NO FUCKING EXCUSE.

FUCK YOU to recent release of all the shitty movies at Blockbuster for this week. Really you can’t bring something worth renting into the store, is it that hard.

FUCK YOU To the 18 year old perfectly healthy kid begging for change. Are you fucking kidding me, are you too good to work at McDonald’s. I don’t care what you’re excuse is, you can find a job even if it’s crappy pay and work yourself up to something better. Or better yet join the military if you can’t find work. Oh but wait that would be work then, and you’d rather be a mooch keeping the sidewalk warm with your lazy ass. Perhaps you could find a rewarding career giving blow jobs beside a dumpster for crack.

FUCK YOU To the guy in the black Audi yelling away on his cell phone while the top is down and you’re blasting boy band music. Try turning down the stereo and talk normally into you’re fucking phone. But wait isn’t using a cell phone and driving illegal in B.C, why yes it is. So stop fucking doing it ass tard.

FUCK YOU To the midgets who refuse to put the lotion on its skin……..yeah you know who you are you little bastard.

FUCK YOU To the fat bastard at White Spot for yelling at the waitress because you’re too fat to see your own dick. It’s not her fault you’re pathetic, she’s just doing her job asshole.

FUCK YOU To everybody who gives me the evil eye when my dogs have to pee outside. What you’ve never seen a dog take a piss before, it’s what they do outside fucker it’s called marking their territory. How bout next time I let them piss on you instead.

And last but not least and for no particular reason FUCK YOU Buck Rogers.

There I have said my peace and I have to admit I feel much better for doing so. Remember to go link up, the button is on my sidebar. Grab a button and link up.

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Just Me said...

I'm not a big Brad Pitt fan so you're good as far as I
m concerned. Stalkers and rude people should just get the fawk out of the way and be put away. I have no use for them either

Dazee Dreamer said...

Thank you so much for your fuck you's. They were great.

The Wolf said...

@ Just Me I agree, stalkers and creepers, are well just that fucking creepy. is their life so boring and meaningless that they have to watch others, it's really sad.

@ Dazee Dreamer glad you liked them.

Kelly said...

I like what you said about Kim Jong 2. He does look like a little transvestite midget. I hate him for how he treats his people, corruption and insanity. I think somebody should eliminate his crazy ass. As for gold digging bitches, it's always bothered me how some women will judge the value of a man by how much money he makes. Kinda like when a man judges the value of a woman by her looks. Too superficial, either way.

'FUCK YOU To the midgets who refuse to put the lotion on its skin'???? Hahahaha! Damn those midgets!

Great Godsmack song. Like the video, too.

Gnetch said...

Ha! I had to Google Kim Jong Il. Goodness!! He is creepy!

Didn't people learn anything? If they are rude to waitresses, their food will be served with spit and shit.

Good Fawk You Friday list!

The Wolf said...

@ Kelly I have a funny feeling that King Jong Il won't win the humanitarian of the year award, the guy is a joke. The only reason why he's in power is becuase the North Koreans are so brainwashed by his and his fathers bullshit.

As for superficial bitches and fuckers, yeah it's ridiculious. So were not all rich or the best looking, so fucking what that dosen't make anyone less then someone who has more money. Money dosen't mean shit it can come and go easily.....though I wish more of it would stay in my hand, at least a little longer.

@ Gnetch yeah he's pretty creepy, I'm sure he thinks he's the best looking guy in North Korea though...certanly the fattest. As for the fat asshole, I think he's the manager or some sort of supervisor. I saw him give a waitress shit becuase an order was a little slow. My question is what the fuck is wrong with that lazy ass that he can't grab some plates and serve the food to help out. Mind you if I was served lunch from some greasy fat fuck who was sweating on everything, I'd probably loose my appitite.

Kelly said...

Yeah, my sister just read a book about Kim Jong and how he has manipulated his people into thinking that the U.S. and their allies are the anti-christ or something. They even make t-shirts and other crap over there with anti-american slogans on them. And don't get me started on the bullshit propaganda he feeds them. Like I said, he's a good candidate for elimination. Anyone who breeds that much hate for a whole nation of people he don't know. Fuck him!

The Wolf said...

@ Kelly most of that hatred stems from the fact that North Korea is still technically at war, they only agreed to a cease fire in 1953ish. Becuase of that they were able to manipulate and brainwash the population into thinking that South Korea and it's allies were all devils who should be crushed and all that wonderful's all really fucked up and ridiculous.

Gnetch said...

Ugh. Reminds me of my supervisor when I was working in a fast food in college! Lazy, mean, fucked up, and stupid. Also, probably gay.

The Wolf said...

@ Gnetch sounds like a wonderful boss. I've had my share of those as well. I'm not sure shy they act that way, I think it's a combination that they know this is as much power their ever going to have and that most people treat them like the shit they are so they have to take it out on those below them to make them feel better. How much you want to bet he lives alone and cries himself to sleep because nobody loves him.........meh sucks to be him.

klahanie said...

A lot of fantastic fuck you's happening here. Those fuckers who block the sidewalk, so you have to risk your life and walk into the road, only to get splattered by an 18 wheeler, do my fucking head in. So fuck that, I reckon we should grab those sidewalk hogs and fling em into the raging pits of hell. Which, might actually be too good for them. And they aint just tourists. It is often old fart locals gossiping about how rude and inconsiderate the young folks are these days.
Have you considered applying for a job at the Vancouver Tourist Board? Probably not lol. Have a good weekend.

The Wolf said...

@ Klahanie I don't think the tourist board would approve of my ideas for tourists such as feeding the stupid ones to killer whales. I think they could cash in and make it a really enjoyable reality TV that I'd actually watch.


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