Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's New Video Time Kiddies

Okay people time once again for another little video brought to you by the fucker that is me, or as the French would say moi. This one is from one of my all time favorite movies The Terminator. The song is by ACDC and is called Big Gun, should be pretty easy to remember I would think. ACDC after all isn't known for overly complicated music. I also figure nothing goes as well together as an old school movie and some old school tunes

Hope you like it and let me know what you think. Also check out my other stuff on You Tube, there's a giant fucking You Tube button on the sidebar, if you can't find it you could be what they call "special". It's okay though I'm sure somebody will help you find you're baseball.

Random Hottie Of This Post

Maggie Q


Kelly said...

Howdy! Great video clip and song. The song you picked out perfectly suits the Terminator video clip. Lots of gun play. In the particular clip you put together, he was using guns more than his cyborg muscle. Good job. God, I loved that movie. I've probably seen it a thousand times. That clip reminds me of how good Linda Hamilton used to look.

Take care.

The Wolf said...

@ Kelly I think I've seen the Terminator more times then I can count, nothing beats good old school movies like this, as much as I like the other ones this one is still my favorite. Never was a big fan of Linda Hamilton, could be the hair I guess. Glad you liked the video. I'm going to try and do these once a week.

Kelly said...

Cool. Just want you to know I did subscribe to your vids on YouTube, eh, about a week ago, give or take a few days. But the last time I checked out your vids, something there made me think they didn't have me subscribed or something. ??? My username there is 735 hthn, if that helps. I don't know if something there lets you know who has subscribed or not.

The Wolf said...

Yeah You Tube can be funny that way, not just with subscribers but the videos themselves. I have one that I did to the movie Children of Men using the song Mad World but the video isin't allowed to be viewed in the U.S. One of my short ones isin't allowed in Korea (South), and half have some sort of copyright infraction but will still play everywhere.

bazza said...

Hiya Wolf, after dissing you on Kelly's blog I thought I'd come over and say hello!
For me it was one of those rare cases where I preferred the sequel. That is to say, I preferred Terminator Two to the original but the're both good movies.
ps: I like the random Hottie idea!

The Wolf said...

@ Bazza no worries about dissing me, I don't consider what you said in that content at all, I like it when people bring different opinions to the table and present it in an intelligent way.

The second Terminator is pretty good and I'm going to do one to that movie later on, mabye to some Guns and Roses or Metallica or something. Glad you like the hottie idea.


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