Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Religious Butt Fucks

First off I don't have a problem with people being religious. If you want to believe in God, Buddha, Allah, or the fucking lizard people who eat hamsters in a spaceship hiding behind the sun go fucking nuts I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. Do you're prayers, your chants, and sacrifice a goat for all I fucking care, just be respectful of others and don't push you're crap on me.

I'm not a very religious person, I do believe there are things out there beyond what we know or understand, I do believe there is a spirit world, and I do believe in good and evil, be it in people or something else. I believe in treating others with respect and trying to help people when you can. Apparently though this is not good enough for certain religious types I've ran into recently who think that my actions are going to get me a one way ticket on a jumbo jet bound for Hell. I'll probably end up with a really shitty seat, no in flight movie, and be stuck beside Hitler who's going to snore and pass out on my shoulder............fucking NAZI asshole that he is.

According to these fuckers because I don't believe in God or Jesus I'm a sinner and unclean........LAST TIME I CHECKED ASSHOLE I HAD A SHOWER.

This all started when a group of Jehovah's witnesses approached me on the street and tried to give me a brochure about their religion. I politely refused their cheap ass wipe pamphlet, at which point these fuckers thought they would have a long philosophical debate about religion with me. They asked me what I believed in, as if that's any of their fucking business, but being that they were at this point polite I thought what the fuck and told them my beliefs. There response was something like this " Well that's very interesting Mr. Wolf ....BUT YOU'RE WRONG" They then began to tell me at length about how I needed to accept the "true faith" or be dammed to Hell to burn for all eternity.

First off FUCK YOU who the fuck are you to tell me what to believe or not to believe you ignorant ass nuggets.

Second take you're ideas and shove them up you're ass so fucking far that it would take a team of engineers, and off shore oil well drillers to find it. There's a reason why nobody likes you and slams their doors in you're face when you show up to preach you're message...........it's because you think you're better then everyone else.

It's shit like this that makes me despise organized religion with a passion. It's not the religion itself I have a problem with, there are actually a lot of things written in religious books that are useful and can offer inspiration, it's the fucking ass clowns who get ahold of these books and start some bullshit ideology around them. They are so fucking closed minded because they think that God or whatever the fuck is only looking out for them and others like them................here's the joke assholes ALMOST ALL OF YOU BELIEVE IN THE SAME FUCKING GOD MORONS. Seriously take most religions and strip them of all ceremonies, customs and practices that make them different from each other and keep the core values and beliefs, and you have the same religion. And yet people still kill each other in the name of this bullshit because somebody's beliefs are a little different then someone else's. Wow this makes about as much sense as hating other people based on skin color, another fucking brilliant idea.

For all we know each and every fucking one of these assholes could be wrong, and yet one of these fuck sticks thinks that I'm going to Hell because I believe in something different then them. If there is a God or whatever the fuck out there I'm willing to bet he/she/it would rather have me use my brain and think and figure things out for myself then to be some mindless ignorant fucking drone who follows the herd and is just another cow........MOOOOO.

And on that happy note here is the random hottie of this post.

Of course if they had nun's that looked like this............well I might be forced to go to church once in awhile.

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Gucci Mama said...

You know, I have a pretty strong faith, but I absolutely cannot STAND when people do that kind of thing. I never talk about it unless someone asks me because that kind of pushy rudeness does nothing more than turn people off and that shouldn't be the goal.

In other news, I have an outfit like that, Wolfey, if you want to talk philosophy. ;)

The Wolf said...

@ Gucci Mama exactly if you belive in something then that is your opinion and it shouldn't be pushed on others. I don't go around the streets of Vancouver telling people "If you don't belive the way I do you're going to Hell". I don't really belive in all of that stuff but I respect the opinions of others.

If you have an outfit like that Gucci sign me up.

klahanie said...

Hey friend,
Totally agree with you on this one. The 'holier than thou' and 'ticket to heaven' brigade are often a bunch of hypocrites.
I too, respect folks religious beliefs. However, I don't want their beliefs shoved down my throat. They seem to feel obliged to spread the 'good word'.
Well screw that. I relate to people for who they are and how they are to me. No fucker is better than me because they are religious and I'm not. I've had a few Jehovah's Witnesses visit my place over here in England. They visit in pairs. I open the door and this really nice looking lady smiles at me and then the really ugly one pops her head in the door. The conversation ends real quick:-)
Have a good week and thank you kindly for commenting on my blog. That was very much appreciated.
Kind wishes, Gary

Christy said...

Amen Brother!

Max Evel said...

I have Jehovah's Witnesses relatives ,and they have gone around pissing me off over the years ...ever since I was a kid.
My family always had to compensate for their fucked up beliefs.
Here's a group that never believes in the Holidays , but they sure do show up for leftovers the next day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas .
There's more , but it pisses me off to even think about it dude.

They think they have a license from God to judge me, you ,and others.

It's a fucking cult !

McKenzie said...

I agree with Gucci!

-MissC* said...

Sounds like a bad experience. As a religious person I always hate it when groups act like how you've described. It reminds me of a quote:
I don't mind God. It's his fan club I have a problem with.

Something I have noticed lately is that when someone has a bad experience, the religious party claims they are Jehovah's Wittnesses. After all they do make easy scape goats! Some poor fool made the mistake of doing that at my door. Missquoting scripture and when I kindly called him out on it he claimed he was a JW. However, JW's don't believe in Hell. They also don't believe they go to Heaven. And, in 20 years of dealing with them, I have never had one get hostile and try to tell me thier religion is the only right one. They are actually trained not to do that.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there aren't JW's who don't get over zealous on occasion. I'm just saying I much more enjoy calling some idiot out on being a liar when they are trying to make another religious group look bad!! ;-)
Sorry you had such a bad experience!

Anonymous said...

Philosophy is great skin care product.

Gnetch said...

Totally agree with you. Rubbing religion on people's faces won't even help them get to heaven. Why don't they try actually doing what they preach?

Also, who told you to post that picture of mine??? :P

The Wolf said...

@ Klahanie no worries on leaving comments on you're blog you write some excellent stuff that give you a lot to think about. Yeah I totally don't understand these assholes. Like you I have no problems with religion as long as it's not forced on me. But yet if someone gets pissed off at them, then that person is a scumbag........FUCK THEM.

@ Christy thanks glad you agree :)

@ Max Evel I hear you on those bastards. A few years ago my great grandmother passed away, she was 102 when she died. Anyway these "missionaries" from the Jehovah witness church came by and visited her every day for about 2 or 3 months until she died. Now that I have no problem with and am glad she was able to talk to someone before she went. What bothered me was that these fucks tried to get her to give all her money to THEIR CHURCH instead of her own family. Then they show up at the funeral denounce the service as being "unethical in the eyes of God" and called us all sinners. Then they wondered why myself and 5 other members of my family "asked" them to leave my uncles home when the fat fucks decided to show up and stuff their faces on the food we paid for.

@ McKenzie yes Gucci is one smart cookie :)

@ Miss C no need to apologize and you're partialy right, it is from a bad experience, well several actually. The the comment where I responded to Max Evel is just one of dozens of bad experiences I've had. The other half is from the horrible things I've had to see and in some cases do in my life. I've seen too many things to have faith in God or religion.

As for others using J.W's as scape goats, I totally agree and wouldn't be suprised that they were something else, frankly there are so many different sects out there that it's hard to know one from another. As for those who belive in that like I've said up top I have no problem with it. If beliving in those things gives you the strength of charecter and the resolve to try to do good and be the best person you can be, more power to you.

@ Echo Phyber does it come in an easy to use bottle?

@ Gnetch that's you're pic.......damm? Okay when you come to stalk me come dressed like that :)

evil p0ptart said...

I hate that type of shit too. My step father used to preach to us kids out of the bible as a form of punishment. Now, you can say I'm agnostic and hate when people push their shit on me.

-MissC* said...


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Don't shove your religion down my throat and I won't shove my foot up your fat arse!

Annie D said...

I really only have 1 response when people tell me I am going to hell (which is pretty often) "See ya' there!" We had some JWs come to our house the other night, and they asked my husband if he knew God. He said, "yeah, his name is [Mr. AnnieD]". They just thanked him and left.

The Wolf said...

@ Evil Poptart that's just it these ass munchers don't realize how much their turning people off to what their trying to preach. No wonder people can't stand them anymore.

@ A Daft Scots Lass I couldn't have said it better myself, you don't ummmm have an indentical sister who happens to be single do you :)

@ Annie D well if we do end up in Hell, and I'm pretty sure if there's one I'm going to it I'll bring the beer and nachos

Anonymous said...

I have Jehovah Witnesses in my family and they are the batshit crazy. Once, when I was maybe ten, I spent the night at one of their houses and when they found out I watched Smurfs on TV, they kept me up all night long praying all over me because the little blue cartoon characters were evil. It sucked out loud.

They don't grow nuns that look like that. Trust me. I went to Catholic schools and they all either looked like Bea Arthur, or Bea Arthur.

The Wolf said...

@ Ratfacedgirl.com I thought Smurfs were evil, those little blue bastards and their dam dirty mushroom houses. Still that's fucking crazy that they did that, It's a fucking cartoon. I mean if you were watching something like hard core sheep porn then mabye, but a kids cartoon...they need to lighten the fuck up.

Nuns that look like Bea Arthur that should be a crime


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