Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Wonderful Experience At McDonald's

I tell you I could have a blog dedicated to all the shit and misadventures I have when I go to the McDonald's close to my place......THAT PLACE IS ROYALLY FUCKED UP.

Today I decided to get some breakfast from there, and since I haven't eaten their in awhile I thought I would treat myself to something. Now in my other posts about this particular McDonald's I've talked about fucked up customers who look like extras in a zombie movie, rude assholes who push and shove their way in order to get some fucking the way to those assholes IT'S JUST FUCKING FRENCH FRIES GET YOU'RE PANTIES UN BUNCHED AND WAIT IN FUCKING LINE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU'RE ASS EVEN THOUGH IT'S BIG ENOUGH TO HAVE IT'S OWN GRAVITATIONAL PULL........anyways getting back on topic here.

So I'm waiting in line and a couple people ahead of me are these two ass bags who look like they would enjoy an entertaining game of have you seen my baseball. One was leaning against the counter picking his nose and tapping his umbrella loudly on the floor, and his girlfriend, wife, first cousin, sister was doing fucked up ballerina twirls while placing an order all while stealing precious oxygen. And in case you are wondering no they didn't appear to have some sort of mental handicap other then being a complete fucking moron. If they were handicapped I wouldn't have written this post.

The guy behind the counter was getting frustrated because she couldn't make up her mind and her boyfriend (I assume he was her boyfriend because she kept calling him honey, or honey baby.....which would be really fucked up if they were brother and sister) couldn't make up their minds and kept changing the order after the guy punched it in. This meant he had to cancel the order and start from scratch, which gets REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING AFTER 4 OR 5 DOZEN FUCKING TIMES. Finally after about 5 minutes she picks something then turns to "Honey baby" and ask him what he wants as he has his finger shoved up his nose looking for nose gold to share with the townsfolk.

Instead of saying something clear like "I'll have the number whatever the fuck combo please" he fucking mumbles something that's so quiet and incoherent nobody can understand him....FOR TWO FUCKING MINUTES. Even his girlfriend couldn't understand a word he said until he finally got a little pissed off and spoke up.

After a minute or two their order arrives ready to go, now because fuck stick couldn't figure out just what exactly she wanted the order was fucked up...........BIG FUCKING SURPRISE ON THAT ONE. So what does nose miner do.... he starts grabbing bags, some of which are other peoples orders looking for his fucking pancakes or whatever the fuck he ordered, just what I'm sure everyone wanted fucking snotty hands touching everything and anything near his order (Thank fuck mine hadn't shown up yet)

He starts yelling at the one person behind the counter that he wants his whatever the item was and that it was suppose to be something else other than what was put in his bag. At this point even the two who were working behind the counter were swearing at each other and a massive lineup was forming as people tried to get breakfast before it switches over to their lunch menu. All of this could have been avoided if THEY HAD FIGURED OUT WHAT THE FUCK THEY WANTED BEFORE that really a hard concept to figure out? Is it so fucking hard to look at the menu board and ask yourself "Hmmmm what the fuck would I like to shove down my throat today? I know I'll have the number fucking whatever meal, with the side of greasy shit that I don't need to swallow because it'll slide down my throat.....and a diet cola"

But no instead they waste about 20 peoples time, cause a massive fight in front of the counter, get the staff yelling at each other (I'm sure the rest of their shift is going to be awesome after that) and contaminate 4 or 5 orders of food with snot covered fingers, I don't know about you but if somebody is picking their nose the last fucking thing I want is that hand to be anywhere near my food. I'm sorry but I am a little bit of a clean NAZI freak and I have to wonder when some asshole does that, what else have they done with their hands and have they washed them. Given the fact that they both smelt like vinegar, and dumpster in summer heat with a little bit of adult diaper for garnish, me thinks their hygiene standards are a bit low.

Fuck I need a drink

I decided to do something a little different on this post then my typical random hottie, and random video. I'm feeling the need to mix things up a little bit so I combined them into a little video of random hotties from previous posts. Let me know what you think and if you like it better I'll switch it up so that all the random hotties are short videos rather then a pic.


Dutchess said...

I had my own Micky D's issue today. I hate that fucking place. IF the fries didn't taste like the nectar of the Gods, I'd never have to go.

middle child said...

Actually, I like the regular random hotties thing. BTW - did you read Dutchess' McFondles blog today?

The Wolf said...

@ Dutchess yeah Micky D's seems to be fucking up royally today, I swear they put crack in their fries to make them so addictive. I'll have to read you're post right away.

@ Middle Child alright i'll keep it, I'm going to be trying some different things to change up the blog a little.

klahanie said...

I've had the great misfortune of similar situations at the McDonald's on SW Marine Drive and Cambie, a few years back. I was so impressed with the customers and the screwed-up service, I said 'fuck this' and strolled down to Wendy's (hot and juicy). At least I got a meal with actual hamburger. At least, I think it was hamburger...
This might surprise you, or maybe not. McDonald's in Britain are just as crap as the ones over there. Happy Meal? I don't think so.
Take care.

The Wolf said...

@ Klahanie that's not far from this one which is one Ronson street. Yeah I think Wendy's is a lot better food wise. I'm not suprised that McDonald's in Britiain is crap too, it's all mass produced low paying clone shit.....good times had by all.

Christy said...

I've worked in a McD's many years ago and I can tell you what was going through that guy's mind. And, trust me, it cannot be written here. Yes, it's that bad.

McKenzie said...

Man that would have driven me ape shit. I can't stand when people stand there twiddling their thumbs because they weren't bright enough to look at the board before it was their turn. I worked at Taco Bell for a while and had a lot of idiots like that come up to the counter.

Gnetch said...

When I want some greasy food, I just order. McDonald's here have online delivery service for lazy people like me!!! HAHA!

Move here. Stalk me instead.

I can't sponsor your stalkery, though! :)

The Wolf said...

@ Christy I can only guess. Yeah he was pissed, by the time I got my food and was out the door him and the other co-worker were having a shouting match, all becuase of one fucker who was too busy picking his nose to place an order.

@ McKenzie exactly, when I go into a fast food place or anywhere where I have to order something I don't go into the line right away unless there are a couple people in it already, I look at the menu and decide what I want BEFORE I go up. I really don't get what is so fucking hard about doing that, it just makes things easier for everyone.

@ Gnetch that sounds like a great idea...........the online delivery service and stalking you, not in that order though :) You don't need to sponser me as long as there is work pays well enough for me to move there I'll do it


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