Monday, August 9, 2010

Kick My Dog I Don't Think So

You ever have one of those days where it seems that the assholes of the world just want to fuck with you’re shit? Well today was one of those days for me. Now I have to admit the majority of the day went alright, I mean no goofy shit happened, no birds shit on me, and no assholes on a cell phone almost ran over me. However there was an ass clown who kicked my dog.

Yeah kicked my fucking dog……….you want me to do drill sergeant on you’re ass faster then a fat kid on a smartie, do something mean to my dog and see what happens.

Here’s how it went down:

Usually in the afternoon I like to take my dog for a quick walk before going home, my apartment doesn’t allow dogs so he stays with my ex until I can get a pet friendly place. I’m not even ten minutes from her place when I walk past some bitter middle aged ass fuck and his dumpy dorky looking wife (I think that was his wife). Anyways this guy is grouchy and bitching about who knows what, because he was swearing about something. As I’m walking past my dog catches the scent of something and gets closer to this asshole, who in turn boots my dog.

Now before you start to ask “Why didn’t you control you’re dog?’ he was on a four foot leash he moved only a few inches towards this guy. He’s also not a mean vicious looking animal, sure if he was a big 100 lb German Sheppard, or large breed dog like that I could understand the guy being startled and wanting that animal away from him. MY DOG IS 20 FUCKING POUNDS OF FLUFF FOR FUCK’S SAKE. He might be a foot and half tall if he stands on his back legs, AND HE AINT FUCKING VICIOUS. He’s a cross between a Shi Tzu, Cocker Spaniel, and Poodle, not exactly a Pit Bull for fuck’s sake.

When this turd kicked my dog he gave him a sharp boot that caused him to yelp, not loudly like he was started, but a low grunt yelp that I could tell hurt him. Needless to say I was fucking pissed off royally, I tried to keep my cool though I really did.

I calmly turned around looked this turd in the eye and asked him “Did you just kick my dog?”

Turd replied “Yeah I kicked you’re dog keep the little shit controlled, he’s out of control”

20 Fucking pounds is out of control?? What glue is this pussy bitch sniffing? I took a step closer and he tries to kick my dog a second time, this time as I’m watching him. Well………NOW I LOOSE MY SHIT. I get right in his face and yell at this turd not to fucking touch my dog. I go to point my finger in his face and he moves his face closer, this resulted in my finger scratching near his left eye and jabbing him in the eyeball which drew blood (not his eye but near it….the assholes eye is fine)

And guess what he does next?

He starts swearing and sissy kicking me like he’s a 5 year old girl trying not to get kooties, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME………YOU’RE LIKE 45 OR 50 YEARS OLD AND YOU KICK LIKE A BITCH, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?

I won’t lie I wanted to pound this shit’s face into the sidewalk and turn him into a greasy smear right in front of his wife and I wouldn’t loose a minute of sleep afterwards. I held back thought attempting to keep the higher ground, after all he was already bleeding from my finger of all fucking things I didn’t want to watch a grown man cry. I turn around to walk away in disgust, and guess what he does………HE KICKS ME IN THE ASS. Not only is this a cowardly move, but he kicks like a pussy bitch. I kicked harder when I was 5 then he did, he didn’t even get my jeans dirty.

I spin around and get right back in his face, something he wasn’t expecting. Also being about half a foot taller and much bigger then him this immediately scared him because he began to cower where he stood. I dared him to try to kick me again, he refused. I dared him three more times, each time that cowardly fuck back up, once almost tripping over his own feet. At this point his wife was saying shit in the background and a crowd had formed all yelling at me thinking I’m picking on some middle aged guy. Of course it’s easy for those fucks to yell at me because they don’t have a clue as to what’s going on, and only got interested because I was the loudest person out there.

I don’t fucking care how much money you have or how important YOU THINK YOU ARE you never……..NEVER kick somebody’s dog, not a harmless fluff ball like mine. All because he sniffed something near this assholes feet. Would it have been so fucking hard to say something like “Excuse me can you keep you’re dog away from me please.” Is that really so hard to do. Will his head burst into flames if he says something like that and tries to treat others with respect? If he had said something like that I would have had no problems with that at all, I would have even apologized for my dog’s actions. Instead he pissed off this ex army fucker who knows a thing or two about unarmed combat and has no problems with using those skills. AND I SURE AS HELL AM NOT GOING TO TAKE ANY SHIT FROM A PUSSY LITTLE PENCIL PUSHING BITCH. Even if he was a big guy my reaction would be the same, I don’t tolerate that kind of shit, not from anybody.

This is my dog, as you can see he's not exactly a vicious killer attack dog....he's a big fucking suck. Any asshole that wants to kick him has something wrong upstairs, and is going to be dealing with a very pissed off Wolf.

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Gucci Mama said...

Oh, Wolfey, if I wasn't head over heels in love with you before, now I've seen a picture of your dog there is no turning back. I am yours for life, thank you please. What a cute little thing. What's his (her?) name?

I love how you taught that fucktard some manners. What a douche. I cannot imagine kicking a dog. Especially such a precious little ball of fluff.

The Wolf said...

His name is Bear, he's pretty awsome. I've normally had big dogs so he's the smallest I've ever owned but by far has the best temprament and most spunk of any I've had.

Douche is right, I've ran into dozens of people along the sea wall and they love this little guy. I don't know what his problem is but if I see him again and he tries some crap like that again. I won't be as nice as what I was with him today.

Gucci Mama said...

Bear! I totally squealed a little bit when I read that. He is so damn cute. I want to squish him. Who wouldn't love him?

I would have loved to have witnessed your exchange with the Douche. Just saying.

Max Evel said...

Who the hell kicks a little dog ?
Seriously dude, I'm a old fart ,and I wouldn't kick a little dog.
I would probably break someones face if they kicked my little dog.
What an asshole !
I had a dog that looked like yours a few years back, and a Boxer,and a Saint Bernard.
The ex got them all .
That Bitch ! ...LOL !

Dazee Dreamer said...

That is just fucking wrong. I'd be putting a sign out in front of that muthers house, thats for sure. "Beward of pussy man"

The Wolf said...

@ Max Evel that fucker is damm lucky my dog wasn't hurt since he kicks like a bitch, I mean seriously what grown man kicks someone especially when their back is turned to them. I barly had control over myself when he pulled that crap, I was starting to see red. Sounds like you're ex was a bitch for taking them alright.

@ Dazee Dreamer I wish I knew where that fucker lived, my guess is he's one of the rich assholes who live in one of the condos near the seawall. I got the impression he is or was some sort of buisness asshole who spends his days looking down on anyone who dosen't make six figures and drives a BMW. Unfortunatly we have lots of them here in Vancouver, but this is the first one that I've nearly beat the fuck out of for something like this.

Max Evel said...

Oh well, she got to pick up their shit....but yeah,
kicking small animals is bullshit.
I had a dude kick me in the butt once when I was a senior high school, and then run. I got him later ,and broke his face, and it was good !
Sure, I had to go to 2 Saturday schools, but it was worth it.
Oh the joy of looking at that dudes bloody face in the principals office. I probably wouldn't have gotten so pissed , but the prick kicked me in front of my girlfriend.
Oh yes, memories.

Gnetch said...

I'm not a big fan of any pets but your dog is so cute!!! I can't imagine him being kicked by some random douchebag! What the fuck was that dude's problem anyway?

klahanie said...

Hey dude,
Well this posting really pissed me off. Anyone who kicks a dog has got some serious issues. And to kick your cute dog just beggars fucking belief. A real tough guy act and I bet his misses was right impressed with her hubbys act of bravery against that 'little monster' of a dog you have.
I got a Jack Russell and no fucker here would ever get away with kicking her.
Take care and my dog Penny has looked at your dog and licked my goddam computer screen:-)

The Wolf said...

@ Max I could never understand why a guy would kick another guy in the ass, it's the biggest pussy move out there. I would have more respect for a dude who bitch slapped and pulled hair then to kick me in the ass. Glad you broke his face, I bet that was very satisfying indeed.

@ Gnetch it must be an Asian thing becuase most of the Asian women in this city don't like dogs even a 20 pound fluff ball like mine, some are even scared of him. As for the douchbag's problem I think right now his problem is a sore eye and nightmares of me beating the fuck out of him if I ever see him again.

@ Klahanie I totally agree, who the fuck kicks a dog their defensless for fuck's sake. to me it's basically the equivalent of kicking a two or three year old kid. His wife was squacking off in the background I'm not sure about what when everything happened but she was on his side. I don't belive in hitting women but that bitch made me want to break that rule. I especially love how when he was sitting down he was all big and tough but he coward away when I got in his face and went drill seargent on his pussy ass

-MissC* said...

Holy shit! I go off if someone even bad mouths my little dog! You have way more self control that I would!
I found you over on Gucci's blog. Just droppin by to introduce myself and let ya know I'm a new follower.

The Wolf said...

@ MissC thanks for stopping by and checkng it out. If I knew you were coming I would have cleaned up the place and made the creepy guy with the lolipops and trenchcoat leave.

As for my self control with that fucker I was barley keeping it under control. If the guy didn't shut when he did I think I would have thrown him into the ocean, which at that time is at low tide so he would have bounced off the rocks before falling in


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