Friday, August 6, 2010

And Now Another Edition Of Fuck You Friday

So here we are it's another Friday night, and the world is all fucking magical and elves are dancing and singing.....yeah fuck that shit I want napalm dropped on those little bastards from a fighter jet. It's been a busy week for this wolf, courses all manner of shit, some good, some bad, some well just meh. But I know I couldn't leave all my loyal STALKERS followers (all 2 of you) alone and scared, so here is another post to keep you going.

So here we go:

Fuck you to the fucking seagull who thought my head would be an excellent target to shit on. I was covered all over the place with bird shit that look like moldy milk and half chewed. Thanks you fucking shit hawk I really love being covered in you're fucking ass droppings. If you EVER land where I can catch you I'll hold you down and shit on you to give you a taste of what it feels like you feathered fuck.

Fuck you to the fat American family from the middle of nowhere Alabama who thought me being covered in shit was funny. 10 more feet ass wipes....10 more feet and you your fat cow of a wife, and you're little shit 14 year old offspring would be wearing it. By the way those ice cream bars that were dripping down your shirts arn't going to make you skinny.

Fuck you to the creepy weirdo on the mountain bike who started to sing to me about how you and you're brother have a million dollars in the bank. Let's get it clear asshole 1. I doubt your a millionaire 2. You smelled like piss and cheap booze 3. If you had a million dollars I don't give a rat's ass 4. Leave me the fuck alone.

Fuck you to the asshole who ran a red light and almost ran me over. Get you're head out of you're ass numb nuts. You missed me by an inch and you yell at me you shit stain, and you're confused why I wanted to punch you in the face..............good job dumb ass.

Fuck you to the three stuck up bitches who couldn't move one fucking foot over so I could get past them when I went for my last run. I know you saw me coming, I know you heard me say "Excuse me please", and you knew I had no fucking place to go but along the edge. But no you didn't move over so I had to otherwise I would have plowed right into you're stupid asses. In doing so I twisted my knee. Have you ever had a knee injury bitches, it's not fun.........I hope you get herpes.

Fuck you HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) which the province just brought in. My last grocery bill went up 20 bucks. I hope you plan on doing something useful with the money like...............anything but hookers and blow you crooked greedy shits.

And last but not least Fuck you to google keywords, are you fucking serious that people use the term "DON'T TURN THIS RAPE INTO A MURDER" to find my blog, or how bout "VANCOUVER GAY ESCORTS" what the fuck kind of game are you playing with me Google? Do I have to smack a search engine?

So that sums it up for this weeks Fuck you Friday, and now go make me a sandwich.

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Sir Tom Eagerly said...

I say old boy, do I detect a little bit of anger in your tone? I'm rather good at that sort of sensitive analysis you know! I'm not sure how I got here, had a drop too much whisky to be candid. Probably connected through one of my other blogging pals.
Chin up old boy!
As we say in the UK, "keep your pecker up". I think it means something different in the US!

The Wolf said...

Well Sir Tom Eagerly you are right, I was a little pissed when I wrote this post. It's been kind of a frustrating week, needless to say I'm glad it's the weeekend.

Max Evel said...

I applaud a good fuck you on a Friday,
and fuck you to all fat people !

I know, that was kind of mean for me to say...
but fuck'em !

Gucci Mama said...

I love your angry diatribes, Wolfey. As long as I'm never on the wrong side of them. ;)

Dazee Dreamer said...

I say next time just run into those 3 girls asses!!!!! Let them hurt their fucking knees.

Kelly said...

Really, you must cease wearing that seagull poop target on the top of your head. It sounds like you're back in your usual angry ranting mood. Bad for you. Funny reading for the rest of us. Glad to see you're back, though, somewhat frazzled by the recent happenings in your life but ready to tear someone a new one anyway.

Hold down the fort while I'm away and check out my last post (for a while) when you get the chance. Seeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaa.

klahanie said...

Well Wolf,
Yet another interesting list of fucked up stuff. Let me tell ya, and I have ranted about birds, (the flying kind), in my blog. Birds and their evil allies, the pussycats, are out to make your life, my life and anyone who gets in their way, a sheer misery.
Hope you enjoyed your more expensive sandwich.
Here's wishing you have a weekend in Vancouver that is joyous and wonderful, beyond your wildest dreams...

The Wolf said...

@ Max Evel I couldn't have said it better myself.

@ Ahh Gucci just like CB I know you want me no matter what I say :) I could rant about Chinese food and you'd drool over me. Don't worry it's all good.

@ Kelly yeah the shit storm never ceases in my little corner of the world. Oh well at least I'm not fucking bored.

@ Klahanie yes birds and pussies (both kinds) are the devil. Both can bring us much joy in our lives, cat's for example catch rodents for us, and the other kind of pussy.....well I don't think I need to descrbe the good things that can come from that. But still they are evil.........fuckers

The Urban Cowboy said...

I'll say with 90% certainty that all three already have herpes, 100% that at least one already does.

Gnetch said...

I'm baaaaack!!!!

I love this list. But really? Those birds shit on you? Should we shoot them?

And you know, that dude who told you he's rich? He's probably like a mental patient who escaped from the facility. You should call the hospital and tell them one of their patients are running around on a bike, telling everyone he's rich and all.

The Wolf said...

@ The Urban Cowboy, yeah you're probably right......I certanly hope they do if they act thaqt way.

@ Gnetch yes we can shoot them for sure, that would be fun given the fact they shit on everything and everyone. It's been twice now in just over a year.....those fuckers are gonna pay. As for the mental millionare, good chance he could be. My guess is that after doing meth for some time he's brain just kinda shut down on him.


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