Monday, August 30, 2010

For You're Viewing Pleasure

One of the things I like to do when I have spare time is watch porn make videos that I post on YouTube, it's turned into a hobby I guess. I don't know why I started getting into doing this but I enjoy doing it..........almost as much as dancing to techno in a crotchless lobster suit stuff. So here are my two latest ones for you fuckers to enjoy, because I'm all about sharing.

The first one is from the movie The Book Of Eli, the song is If You Tolerate This by Manic Street Preachers. Now if you haven't seen this movie...go fucking rent it or buy it or prostitute yourself out on a street corner offering hand jobs behind a dumpster to get it. Simply put it's a wicked movie, and one of my favorite of the whole post apocalypse genre.

The second and my newest one is to Mad Max 1 and Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior to the song Black And Blue by Brand New Sin (Yeah I was going with a theme doing stuff about the post apocalypse) Now if you haven't seen any of the Mad Max movies you probably need a good ole fashioned bitch slap, you know the kind that pimps use on their hoes when they don't fucking pony up all the money they made.......fucking holdouts. Anyway here's the video.

Anyways hope you enjoy them and I'll make some more soon. If you have any ideas for ones leave me a comment or send me an email ( ) if you want to see my other ones on YouTube CLICK HERE and no I fucking won't do one to Pride And Prejudice unless they do a movie version of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, or the Twilight movies because I think there......well ummm GAY!!!! Sparkly fucking vampires my ass, there suppose to fucking explode like in From Dusk Till Dawn.......bastards.

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Jamie Chung


Gnetch said...

YouTube and me are not BFFs so it took me like an hour to finish watching those videos. And I must say, those are badass.

The Wolf said...

Glad you liked them Gnetch, sorry to hear YouTube is being a pain in the ass to you. I'll track down the people responsible for that and kick them in the balls for ya

Gnetch said...

I've been wanting to change my DSL because this is damn slow! But then I'd remember that this is my brother's PC. So fuck him. I won't. :D

The Wolf said...

Ah so much love for family Gnetch I feel the same way about mine

Max Evel said...

Yeah man when did vampires become so damn gay ?
What the fuck is up with that shit ?
Dusk till Dawn ,and Blade are the only movies that really did them some justice in the last few years.

The Wolf said...

I totally forgot about Blade that was a wicked movie, John Carpenters Vampires was pretty good too. Not the second one with Bon Jovi though that was just crap

Gucci Mama said...

Very intriguing videos, Wolfey. Bravo!

The Wolf said...

Glad you like it Gucci

Anonymous said...

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