Friday, August 20, 2010

Time To Re-Fuckulate The Warp Drive.....It's Fuck You Friday Time

Today's edition of Fuck You Friday is brought to you by the letter F, as in Fuckstick, Fuckwad, and French toast

The Number 5 as in how many people I currently want to punch in the face at this very second

And The Colonel's own Kentucky Fried Chicken, because it's finger licking good

Also remember to get you're ass over to CB's blog for her newly renamed Blog Stalk Friday and Jena at Boobies, Babies and a Blog for her Fawk You Friday extravaganza, both their links are located on the side in case you're scratching you're head and asking yourself  "How do I get there?" you have no fucking excuse.

Now we shall begin:

FUCK YOU to the little crotch monkey's on the ferry earlier this week. Seriously it's 8 at fucking night and you're running around like little bastards on crack shouting and jumping all over the fucking place like the entire fucking ferry is you're personnel playground. If you were my kids (Thank fucking Zeus you're not) you would be sitting quietly in a chair reading a book, because if you got out of line I would probably feed you to the whales. And really is it necessary to slam into the bulk heads above people who are trying to sleep from having to drive all day.....LIKE I WAS YOU BASTARD.

FUCK YOU to the so called parents of these little crotch monkey's WHERE THE FUCK WHERE YOU AND WHY IN THE NAME OF FUCK WHERE YOU NOT DISCIPLINING YOU'RE FUCKING CHILDREN. Do you seriously think that the 150 other people on the boat really enjoyed listening to your kids scream for an hour and a half ferry ride? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say no I and they were not fucking amused by you're lack of parenting skills because you were too busy stuffing you're fat ass in the cafeteria with fries and gravy. GET A GRIP ON YOU'RE FUCKING KIDS ASSHOLE

This one doesn't involve me but I think it's still valid

FUCK YOU to the dumb blond to busy sending a text to look to see if the light has changed before you step out into the sidewalk. That brilliant move almost got you hit by a car you stupid bitch, and then you swear and give him the finger.....WOW YOU'RE FUCKING DUMB. Get you're head out of you're ass woman the light was green, and green means he had the right of way, it also means keep your ass on the sidewalk (It was a very nice ass by the way but your still an idiot) Seriously though how fucking important was this text you were sending anyway, did it involve government secrets.......I highly fucking doubt it.

FUCK YOU to the jack ass who almost backed into my car yesterday, are you fucking stupid ass clown. When you back up you look over both sides in case a guy like me is behind you because I thought you were turning into Safeway not ding some bullshit half ass U-turn.

FUCK YOU to the bag of donkey shit who can't figure out that when the intersection is full and the light is green doesn't mean that you drive you're fucking car into the middle of the fucking mess. Do you know what happens when you and other cock jawed ass lickers pull that crap.........THE WHOLE FUCKING INTERSECTION GETS BLOCKED UP, THIS MEANS YOU'RE SORRY ASS IS GOING NOWHERE FAST. On a completely different note... you're BMW is a piece of shit.

So there it is kiddies this weeks FUCK YOU FRIDAY.

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Gnetch said...

I love that you always have a list of FYF!!! If ever I try to do this, I might send fuck yous to the same people over and over again. And that includes The Dev and Mutant!!!

And re-fuckulate is an awesome word!

Gucci Mama said...

Wolfey, seriously, "re-fuckulate" is the most fabulous word of all time. I love everything about it. Run away with me and whisper it in my ear a thousand times a day.

The Wolf said...

@ Gnetch what can I say there are a lot of people who seem to like to piss me off

@ Gucci Mama I wish I could take credit for creating that word but I got it stuck in my head from an episode of The Trailor Park Boys....that show is fucking fabulous

Max Evel said...

I like new words used with the F word !

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Love that song!

McKenzie said...

Your posts are hilarious. Re-fuckulate is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I refuckulated my carbinator and landing on juniper.

The Wolf said...

@ Max Evel yes learning new uses for the word fuck is always fun.....especially for the children.

@ A Daft Scots Lass yeah Metallica kinda went out on a limb when they did Load and Reload back in the late 90's this is my favorite song of those two albums

@ McKenzie glad you liked it I am to please

@ Echo Phyber I see you saw that episode of Trailor Park Boys too, that show is fucking awsome

klahanie said...

Those morons who wont control their screaming monster kids do my fucking head in. These would be the same type who let their kids run wild in supermarkets and restaurants. A fucktaboulous posting as per usual. Try and have a good weekend....


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