Wednesday, May 5, 2010

As The French Would Say This Is Tres Gay

First off that’s French for very gay in case you don’t know any French (I’m Canadian so I know both languages in case you’re wondering)

Now to the objective, and that is what exactly is gay? The answer bullshit radical feminism. Today I was over reading a post at one of my favourite blogs Psycho Carnival; check it out it’s some good shit (It's listed on the links section of my blog to the right) The post was on different feminist codes relating to various aspects of men and women.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for the equal treatment of women, I think they should earn the same as men, and get the respect they deserve, that’s a no brainier. What makes my fucking blood boil however is that generally a lot of this comes at the mistreatment of men. Let’s forget the past for a moment, cause let’s face it women back then got the shaft in more then way in those days, and focus on the present. We are supposed to live in the 21st fucking century. Are we not suppose to be a point where it doesn’t matter about sex, race, or religion, were all suppose to be on the same level playing field more or less………apparently not. For obvious reasons religion will never be equal, probably won’t happen in our lifetime either. So why the fuck is it okay to bash men so much and get away with it. If the shoe was on the other foot we men would be called loser, wife beater, rapist, pig, and a whole shit load of other names.

There would be rallies and protests, and marches in the street. Commercials like the one V-8 uses where the woman repeatedly smacks the man in the head would be banned as being discriminatory, or that it would advertise that it’s okay to hit women. So why the fuck is it okay for it to happen to men? When the fuck did equal treatment get flushed down the shitter and men bashing begin?

Frankly I’m fucking fed up with this double standard bullshit; it’s flat out fucking ridiculous. Let’s face it guys in a world like today’s we can’t get a break. If we hold the door open for a woman to let her go first we get called a chauvinistic pig, if we don’t an ignorant selfish asshole. So what are we suppose to do, hold the door open and punch you in the face, I’m confused and my head hurts.

And what about the whole objectifying women and treating them like meat thing. We get in shit for looking at porn, going to see strippers, and having pictures of (Insert hot celebrity, model actress, whatever here) on our computers. Yet women are just as much horn dogs as men, sometimes even worse, but that’s okay…..what the fuck?

I think I need a drink :)

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Kelly said...

Ahhh... Your most excellent post yet that I have read so far on this truth-telling blog. And not just because you mentioned my little nick on the net, either. wink. ;-) Thanks for saying it's one of your faves. I promise not to send you a turd as a gift for Christmas this year like I do the rest of my regulars. That's right. You're all getting turds! Fresh and piping hot.

I shall try to comment on everything you've said here in the most direct and shortest way possible... although, suffice to say, I agree with everything you've said on the topic.

Radical feminism is not only radical but they have taken being Political Correctness to absurd levels. And it was already absurd, in some cases, as it was. How do you keep somebody (like a man) from saying what they feel at the time? Easy... You do it by making it seem that if the man says anything at all against the other gender (women) that he is automatically assumed to be a worthless, abusive, child molesting, rapist that never listens to his wive or girlfriend. In fact, I -dare- fucking say that some of these radical fucks with golden, blessed mother earth-goddess twats were most likely treated by maybe one or two bad boyfriends and, in turn, do the "man-hating glee club thing" to somehow get back at them (us)for hurt feelings.

Now.... I'm on a fuckin' roll! And when I'm on a fuckin' roll, you best get the shit out of my way!!

Well, I was going to take it step by fuckin' step with what you wrote but I'm all tired out now with my fit of complete rage... so now, sadly, I need a drink. Take my word for it. I read your truth-telling post.

Take care, dude.

Crazy Brunette said...

I don't know if you read my comment on Kelly's page... I reeeeally don't feel like re-writing it! I'm a lazy bitch that way...

I agree with you. Even though I could really give a shit about strippers and hot girls...

Hey have at it, go let some hot blond chick with fake tits get you off baby... Does that mean I get a night alone??? HA!

No really, I mean if your secure and you trust someone, it shouldn't matter if they're going to a strip club, or a baseball game... Watch porn, jerk off... do what you gotta do.

As long as you hold my fucking door open and carry my bags, then I'm good to go.

I'm probably going to open a huge shit can of worms but I could give a shit... You post was a bit more in depth that Kelly's. Teh thing is, its like this with everything.

Not just the fucking V-8 commercial. What about black History Month, or the goddamn Iranian parade thing traipsing up and down my street once a year! IF I wanted to do that and chant about how 'WHITE' I was, fuck I'd be thrown in goddamn jail. And just like you have no problem with feminism, I have no problem with other cultures. I DO however have a problem with how I am discriminated against because I'm fucking white rather than some other pigment.

Now I need some fucking Xanex!

Oh and to be tooootally WRONG and anti-feminist...

That chick is tooooo fucking HOT!

The Wolf said...

@ Kelly awesome no turds for x-mas I got a shit load last year all green and greenish brown........some even had corn. Yeah the feminism thing is getting right out of hand. I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to get shot at for belching and occasionally scratching my ass. I guess there’s not much we guys can do but stand tall, take no shit or prisoners and ride out the storm

Tired yeah I don’t blame you it’s things like this that drain the shit out of me

@ Crazy Brunette wooohooo another person commenting I feel like I won the Oscar for something, not the lame best coffee maker award but something important like best use of toilet paper perhaps.

I’m honestly not big into strippers myself not ever since living in Alberta for the last ten years and seeing drunken asshole oil workers throw coins at them, yeah their taking their clothes off and spreading their legs for the whole world to see, but their still fucking human beings.

I totally agree if both people are secure and trust each other then who gives a fuck. As for doors being open and holding bags, that’s the first thing that being married taught me was that as a guy I better fuck do that or else I look like a tool.

I hear you with it being with everything as well I see it all the time here in Vancouver, personally I like to see stuff about other cultures, countries and whatever, but why the fuck should I be made to feel guilty or ashamed for being white, it’s total bullshit.


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