Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taking Care Of Business

Today I feel the need to take care of some housecleaning so to speak. And since this might be my last post before I get into my new place, which will function as my command post for when I take over the fucking world I think this is the prefect time to do so.

For the first order of business I feel I need to give a special shout out to two very cool, very kick ass, and two fucking outstanding blogs that if you don’t check out after this post then you should invest some cash in a blue hockey helmet and go look for you’re baseball. I mean c’mon we all know the internet is for porn but that’s no excuse to not check these two blogs out.

The two blogs in question are One Crazy Brunette Chick and Psycho Carnival, and like I said earlier if you don’t take some time and check out these two blogs, well you might be shall we say a LITTLE SLOW because if you’re willing to pass up checking out these two blogs then you need you’re fucking head examined. You might also need a boot to the ass and you’re lunch money stolen, that and if you don’t their all going to laugh at you. There links are posted to the right of this post in the links section, in my bog-roll, and there buttons are both in the middle right of the column so that should pretty much eliminate any fucking excuse not to. Take it from me these blogs will make you a smarter more balanced human being……okay well not exactly but you get the picture THEIR FUCKING AWSOME

The next article on the list is that I am fucking stoked to announce that there is going to be a new blog on the scene. This blog will be a collaboration of two of the greatest fucking minds in the fucking universe myself and CB (Crazy Brunette for short in case you didn’t know). This blog isn’t finished just yet, I know you’ll have to stick to cold showers for a little bit but trust me on this the wait will be worth it, just like banging the prom queen, or seeing you‘re friends hot mom naked for the first time. Of course once the blog goes live I’ll be sure to have the link posted here so you can see just how fucking awesome it will be. The new blog is called TWO FOUL MOUTHED FUCKERS, for some additional info CB has a post up on her blog, so now you have another excuse to visit the two blogs I mentioned.

As I mentioned above this will either be my last or second last post until I’m settled into my new place, which will give me a shit load of more personal freedom and space to do what the fuck I want, and being a slightly bitter and sometimes anti-social fucker such as myself having my own space that I don’t have to share with a roommate is always a bonus. So I should be back up and operational by Tuesday if all goes well. Of course that’s if all goes well, and knowing how things usually turn out that means that God is going to have a field day on my ass and fuck my shit up royally. You remember that movie American History X when Edward Norton is in the shower and gets raped by that big fucking Nazi. Well kiddies that big fucking Nazi is God and I’m Edward Norton about to get the shaft (literally)………of course that would be the worst case scenario. Hopefully all goes smooth as fucking silk, and I’ll be back up in no time.

Random Hottie Of This Post

Charisma Carpenter

Random Video Of This Post


Kelly said...

Thanks for the big shout out, dude. Hopefully you'll get settled in with your new place, alrighty. Hopefully you will not get raped in the ass by a Nazi dude while moving your shit. Just take your time with it. I know from experience that it's a pain in the keister moving your crap from one place to another.

Yes, tis true. Y'all are fuckin' "helmut-wearing-slow-in-the head" if you're not checkin' out any of our sites... CB's, The Wolf's many site's (don't know how he keeps up with 'em!-I have trouble with just the one) and my own, to be tootin' my own horn. When I say tootin'... I might mean farting out of my ass or something. Who knows?

Yep, looking forward to the bizzaro, humorous conglomoration (not spelled right, I know) of two crazed minds to make the awesome blog of "Two Foul Mouthed Fuckers". Hopefully I'll be allowed to make a small contribution to the bloggy insanity from only time to a very few times. Although being the fine, respectable, sophisticated and well mannered gentleman I am, I'm not sure if I could be foul mouthed. :-) Anyway, I left this suggestion to CB, as well. No pressure.

Your pic of Charisma Carpenter has just caused me to spurt man goo all over my monitor. That's okay. I'll just have my cats lap it up. I didn't feed them earlier today. Take care!

The Wolf said...

You should be careful with that "man goo" or as I prefer to call it "cock snot" that stuff can fuck up shit faster then you can say herpes. Oh well at least you're taking care of you're cats.....sorta. Oh here's another little tib bit of info that might be of interest to you. She posed for Playboy back in 05. I say the pics and I must say I'm a better man for it.

Yeah I got no prob with you adding some stuff to the new blog, it's all good. I can't wait to get some posts up on there.

Fortunatly for the move I don't have a lot of stuff to move so it shouldn't take long. And the logistics are all in place, but you know how shit can happen when everything is good to go. Knowing my luck the fucking truck will collide with a school bus full of nuns and orphans and explode into a giant fucking mushroom cloud, taking everything I own with it, you know thats the sorta thing that happins in my world. Oh well at least I'm never bored.

Take care

Crazy Brunette said...

Well then lets fucking decide what post were doing first so after you get the sand out of your man-gina we can get this shit rolling baby!

I heart your face!

The Wolf said...

Sand out of my mangina......I didn't know you cared so much. I'll send you an email with the one that I think we should do first then we can crank this shit out :)

Kelly said...

"Mangina" Heh hehehheh.


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