Thursday, May 6, 2010

When The Fuck Will Reality TV Die

Okay so it’s been just about a decade since the mother of all reality TV shows Survivor crapped out of somebody’s mind and onto the old radiation king. At first it was a unique and original idea, shit I even enjoyed it, being ex-army and all, I wondered what it would be like to be on the show and see if I have what it takes to last and perhaps win.

But that was in 2001 and the world and myself are much different now. Today every single fucking channel has not just one but dozens of variants of the same theme. Shows like America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and The Apprentice are just a couple of them. You can’t turn on the TV anymore without getting bombarded by some shit show about a bunch of average Joe’s trying to win big by degrading themselves, or eating bugs, or hitting on each other, or whatever form of ridiculous bullshit they invent to get ratings. I mean what the fuck is going to be next, who can catch herpes the fastest, or perhaps who is willing to shit themselves for a thousand bucks.

And the problem is getting worse not better. Every year there are more and more of these bullshit shows being crapped out and force fed down our throats. Don’t believe me open up you’re TV guide or go to your channel display and you’ll see dozens of reality shows playing all week long on every station, you can’t escape it. Even the National Geographic channel famous for showing topless African women (And God bless them for doing so) had not just one but several reality shows, and though they were interesting they were still there.

So what the fuck happened to good old fashioned creative talent making a show that is actually interesting instead of focusing on a bunch of bimbo’s who want to be famous and dumb jocks with about as much fucking brains as a turd festering in the sun? I would literally kill for a well made documentary about…..well fuck anything, it could even be a documentary about old people fucking and it would be a welcome change to this reality show bullshit marathon.

When is this going to end? Perhaps never obviously people are watching these shows because they keep making them faster then you can say “Holy fist fuck Batman” so the money must be good. As for me I’m going to ride out this storm reading books and possibly give myself a frontal lobotomy.

Cheers :)

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Kelly said...

I would like to shit myself for a dollar. Pennies accepted.

There. Mission accomplished. Ahhhh.

The truth of the matter is, from what I gather, these UNreality shows are cheaper to make. Since no writers or actors are needed (so no extra paychecks are handed out) -that means a less expensive show. Unfortunately, these no talent, regular folks are directed by directors to say and act on certain things as if they were real actors and it is all really happening. This results in them saying/doing stuff on cue that can be easily seen through for what it is.

All in all, it amounts to a slow boring death if you ever sit through one of these things.

Of course, everyone will debase or degrade themselves one way or another in a reality game show. In a way, I liked the show Fear Factor (where they ate Ostrich testes and sucked off goat nipples) when it was on because it continuously proved my theory on the disease of Greed we have today. Plus, occasionally, they hurt themselves. But not enough to be really entertaining. If only I could have made the shit they had to go through to win. Now that would be fun!

But I agree... It's getting worse with each passing year for this shit.

And yeah, I'd rather be reading a book or surfing the net or blogging or wankin' off to Tricia Helfer up above.

Crazy Brunette said...

I may VERY well end up becoming a lesbian if you keep posting hot, half naked chicks...

UGH! I KNOW RIGHT!!! I never liked Survivor, I watched American Idol... THE FIRST SEASON, I enjoyed the FIRST fucking FEW Bachelors... But, I do love Dancing with the Stars. Tough shit, life sucks...

They have really good shows on 'FX'.

But, like you... I'd much rather read, I have to listen to fucking Nick Jr and Maggie and the goddamn Ferocious Beast ALL fucking day... I'm DONE with the TV by the time I can watch what I want to.

The Wolf said...

There were only two reality shows I ever really got into both were on the National Geograpic channel one was by a bunc of retired SAS (Special Air Service or british special forces for those not familiar with army stuff) and they taught ordinary people how to be commandos. There was no prize money and the contestents were beat to shit. The other taught ordinary people the fine art of being a spy, doing things like video surveilance and espiange in a foreign country which was pretty cool stuff indeed.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know who sits at the top of the TV Networks, but they must be brain dead to allow such programing. It has to be about money, 'cause there is no other explanation. It certainly isn't entertainment! They must sell a hell of a lot of commercials but they lost most viewers I know when they began this reality TV crap. They are surely destined to be the next bankrupt business who will be looking for government bail outs! If you’re out there Mr. Programmer, please take note and defend yourselves if you can.


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