Friday, May 21, 2010

An Email

The other day my roommate gets an email from a friend of hers. It’s one of those pass it along to 15 people and spread the word kind of shit. But instead of one of those “Spread this email to 45 friends and you’re dick won’t fall off” type of email (Okay that’s an exaggeration, obviously if I got an email telling me my dick will fall off if I don’t do this I’m going to take it pretty fucking seriously). This email instead had a rather important message, it was about the Holocaust. I don't have the link by the way, my roomate has yet to send it to me so I can't post it for you to see.

Apparently in jolly ole England they have stopped teaching about this subject because many have found this offensive, and many also don’t believe it even happened (From the email this said it was mostly the countries Muslim population, though I can’t be sure of that to 100% certainty) But regardless of who finds the subject offensive WHAT THE FUCK, AND WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. World War 2 was the greatest slaughter of human life to probably have ever happened in history, the Holocaust was just a part of the bloodbath but one that should never be forgotten. Not just because 6 million Jews were butchered, but because an estimated 10 million Russians, and another 20 million Catholics, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Political dissidents, and anyone else who said fuck you Hitler was gassed, shot, starved and experimented on and a whole shit load of other wonderful things were done to them.

At the end of the war general Eisenhower purposely took as many pictures as possible and even went so far as to make as many Germans as possible see the camps and bodies, and even help bury the dead, why did he do this? To drive the point home so that this never happens again and that it would be remembered. The same can’t be said about the millions of Russians who were executed by Stalin during his time in power, or the untold millions of Chinese who were killed by the Japanese during the war which some estimates place as high as 60 million.

I don’t care what fucking religion you believe in, what your race, sex, or sexual orientation is, or what you do for a living in this world we should all fucking know about these events. You have to remember that people like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and other dictators were not born into power but acquired it by skill, luck and the misfortune of their countries. Given the right opportunity people like these can become leaders, and at that point it’s a little too fucking late.

So to those who say this kind of stuff shouldn’t be taught in schools, or that’s its irrelevant or offensive, get a fucking clue and read a book. This kind of shit will only happen because we were ignorant and unaware of the clues. And to those that say the Holocaust never happened you are fucking idiots and need to have you’re heads examined.

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Crazy Brunette said...

You have got to be dicking me in the ass!

I can NOT fucking believe this shit!!!! They don't believe it happened???? They don't believe that Hitler's psychotic tirades were responsible for the WWII slaughter house????

These people need to be tied up and beaten the fuck out of!!! The reason WE NEED TO KNOW and LEARN about history is so history DOES NOT MOTHER FUCKING REPEAT ITSELF!


I've decided to become a lesbian... thanks to you and all your sexy bitches... You're breaking the news the hubby.

The Wolf said...

I know it fucking leaves me baffled that their are people out there who belive this never happened, one of them is the current president of Iran whatever the fuck his name is. It's not like the moon landing which has come under fire for supposidly being stagged. You can't stage millions of eyewitness testimonies, confessions from the Nazi's themselves, and hours of video and thoudands of pictures and signed documents. And even if all those documents and people gave false evidence what about those that died in the camps, do they honestly think that over 20 million people just vanished or were relocated, or never existed. You can't deny proof on that scale and these people are seriously fucked in the head to deny this ever happend.

As for you becoming a lesbian I somehow don't think you're hubby would mind you bringing home attractive women, just a hunch :)

Kelly said...

I've heard of this before. There are far too many retarded folks (no offense to retards) who would rather turn a blind eye from the truth, even going so far as to rewrite history so that it is more convenient or more palatable to their tastes. The human race has been this way for a very long time and I don't see it changing much. As a faithful follower and lover of the truth, I feel people should be exposed to whatever ugliness has happened in our violent history or is happening presently. For those idiots who said the holocaust did not happen, they are really insulting and slapping the faces of the survivors and their families of those concentration camps. It's very disturbing. And it's very human, unfortunately.

The truth must be embraced and learned from. It's just that simple.

The Wolf said...

I couldn't have said it better Kelly, if we fail to learn and understand why these things have happened in the past then we are doomed to repeat them


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